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You do NOT want to know how old these resource posts are!! EEP! But we did love every minute of our dino journey. Sadly I was not on the ball and pre-loading a cute kid pic for this one. BUT I hope the info comes in handy! 

The “shovel lizard” Lystrosaurus came to our attention strictly by looks! It straddles the reptile and mammal (like) groups with its unusual characteristics. This VERY successful animal was found all over the world. A herbivore, it was found in the early Triassic period with concentration of fossils in Southern Africa, Asia and interestingly enough… Antarctica! The size of a pig, it is stout and short… ran on four legs and quite the comical looking creature. You can also see this dinosaur on the iPad app Fantastic Dinosaurs HD.

Our video is called Walking With Monsters: Clumsy Lystrosaurus posted by Hritzness.

And for our links… for such a prolific dinosaur we really had a limited number!

  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • KidsDinos.com (which has the era for the dinosaur at a slightly odd place) HERE
  • Prehistoric Wildlife HERE
  • Animal a Day HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • And our colouring page from Super Coloring HERE


Sorry there is no image for this one… Just links etc. But one more long due post is up and running! Enjoy the random dinosaur facts in July! 

Emanuel does enjoy the unusual dinosaurs. I went onto Fantastic Dinosaurs HD, the iPad app and picked out one of the weirder Triassic critters. The Prestosuchus is neither a dinosaur or a crocodile but something called an archosaur. Found in Brazil, it had very powerful legs and was thought to be a fast runner. A carnivore, it was quite the scary looking creature.

Our video for the day was Dino Moments Prestosuchus WMV. I will warn you there is a screen shown from 45-56 seconds of the individual (Stephen Pearl’s) website link and such that I did NOT peruse. What interested us was the images from the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit.

And now for our link list…

  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Dinosaurs.wikia HERE
  • The Forgotten Archosaurs HERE
  • ReptileEvolution.com HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Our colouring page came from deviantArt, but a new artist for us… SommoDracorex. You can find the image we used HERE and the artist’s page HERE.


Gotta continue that Chinese dinosaur trend for our special 4 day stint… here is #3 – the Dilong dinosaur. Another for our Dinosaur app, as I mentioned previously, I found ALL our Chinese dinosaurs on this app first. Some of these are definitely a little more obscure than previous ones so the information is a little more scarce. However, we DID find a video! Embedding it has been disabled by the host on youTube but you can find it HERE.

The Dilong was found in the early Cretaceous period in China. It was a smaller carnivore and is considered to be a type of tyrannosaur, though centuries prior to the T Rex. Even more amazing, there is evidence that this dinosaur had feathers! The American Museum of Natural History has an article regarding this find HERE. It’s name means Emperor Dragon. Amazingly enough it is a fairly recent find with it first being discovered in 2004!

Dinosaurs.about.com had a fact page HERE about the Dilong. Prehistoric Wildlife has a lengthy article HERE. Cool Dino Facts Wikia has a rather interesting artist’s rendition of our dinosaur HERE. Of course there is a lengthy and thorough piece on Wiki HERE. Our colouring page is actually off of an artist’s series on deviantArt HERE. EWilloughby did a terrific job of giving us a whole scene that Emanuel really enjoyed colouring! Good luck and if you come across more resources for this rather interesting dinosaur please send them my way!

Emanuel is pointing at the Dilong