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Just June

Well there is really no JUST about it… February and June are two of our busiest months. (February) June has our anniversary (16th), Father’s Day, my birthday, my stepmom’s birthday, our two god daughter’s birthdays and of course first day of SUMMER! Yup, lots of mailing and doing and enjoying in the month of June. And don’t forget a welcome visit from TWO of our Canadian friends! You can read more about Karyn and Lauralee’s visit HERE.imag001520160621_161014_hdr

We had all sorts of fun in June – We played Legos at Mall of America.20160618_122751



Of course we did the monthly Home Depot project with Father’s Day as the theme.img_20160604_115142

Spent the majority of our weekday morning at the YMCA enjoying ClubY for the 4 older kids, daycare for Miss Echo (and on Friday’s Little Lotus Yoga) and working out for mom. Plus swimming and an hour of quiet mom time all wrapped up in a 2 mile walk each way.

These are shirts they did up in club.

These are shirts they did up in club.

It was well worth our effort. The kids had a blast playing games, meeting friends, doing stuff without me. Echo was the darling of daycare with her 2 hours a day. And me, well I got on the treadmill, swam with my baby AND had an hour of time that was my own to sew, read, socialize and just be without the kids hanging off of me.

Trinity even managed to find time to get her PINK wristband.

Trinity even managed to find time to get her PINK wristband.

Mommy hour!

Mommy hour!

Gavin worked his buns off on the shawl he entered in the County Fair in July.img_20160622_102422

And while Zander tried to join the run club, he was the only sign up and did not make the minimum count. So off he went to TRACK AND FIELD. Where we quickly learned he is a distance runner and NOT a speed demon.received_10154315595781151

I have to share the amazing yarn Ken picked up for my birthday. A portion of the proceeds went to help the people affected by the wildfires in Alberta. AND it is gorgeous… win win!img_20160629_144758

We snuck in some learning, but for the most part June was a month of outside time.img_20160620_143203

img_20160622_134802Getting to know our YMCA better and take full advantage of our membership. I was never so glad as to be able to walk 2 miles with 5 kids as I was this June. There was whining and trudging but we had so much fun when we got the the YMCA and felt so much healthier by the end of it. AMAZING.img_20160621_114153

New noodles

New noodles


I played around with hair colours too.img_20160616_210718

The one thing that stands out when I think of June is just how much we smiled. So important and simple… we had a month full of joy.img_20160621_133928







Happy Father’s Day

June is a super busy month for this family. The 16th marked our 15th wedding anniversary… the 19th Father’s Day and the 24th my birthday. Not to mention the birthdays of 2 god children and my step mother all in the same month. Lots to celebrate. And this weekend we celebrated all things Daddy. Sunday started off as Ken wanted – sleeping in… then we had a leisurely time of showers, coffee and what have you before Ken and I went out without kids for a 45 min errand run. A snack, and then a bit of necessity shopping – stuff for dinner, cough syrup for the hacking minions, shampoo for newly purple hair (nope, not Ken’s). We also gave him his present: a duotang full of poetry, notes and art, as well as a paper airplane and some Star Wars themed cards made at ClubY. All that is missing is the photo we are going to get printed out from today and paste to the front of it. Nothing as fancy as the books I used to make him when we first married… but it is a start to getting the kids involved in that straight from the heart handmade process.IMG_20160619_142338

After more relaxing we headed off to the YMCA which was darn near a ghost town and spent a couple hours in the pool… waterslide was on for some… we brought the beach ball… AND Trinity got her pink wristband which allows her access to ALL of the pool! I don’t know who was more proud Trinity or Ken.IMG_20160619_160920

20160619_153017I admit it, once we got home and sorted out… because I have to sort our swim gear for the next day and the YMCA trip anyway… I hid in the bedroom to stitch and read while Ken and the kids (loudly) lived it up gaming in the basement.

Add in supper at home with the family and all in all, I think it was a good day.IMG_20160619_160949

Happy Father’s Day dear! We love you!!!20160619_113309_HDR