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Hunting for Dragons at the Science Center

Sometimes you just need the right exhibit to spur you onto getting that long suggested membership. The temporary Mythical Creatures display at the Science Center was the big draw for us, and well worth it.20170223_151713

We actually made an attempt to go the day before only to realize the museum closed early that day. But our second day choice was just perfect. It wasn’t busy, though parking was scarce due to hockey games nearby. We used my homeschool status for a discount and were ready to go and enjoy over an hour of educational fun.20170223_144900

While the mythical creatures were the main draw we did enjoy some of the other permanent displays this visit. We definitely need to come back and see more of those. Thankfully with the membership it is just a matter of choosing a day when Ken can take a half day.20170223_145519

20170223_150651I have a mountain of pictures to share so will do so. Though first – we hadn’t realized you could do this, but the large astronaut in the center of the building allows you to put your face in the helmet! So some of the kids did!20170223_145335

20170223_14522620170223_145129And of course… if there is dinosaurs we MUST examine them closely.20170223_15561120170223_15570320170223_15583720170223_15573220170223_155639

BUT I know you are all waiting for the big draw – sit back and enjoy the mythical (and some not so mythical) creatures! First off… DRAGON!IMG_20170223_164302_881


And Kraken!IMAG0657

Now all Mermaids were beautiful… though one was.IMG_20170223_164457_065



And here is the creature some think inspired a lot of these... the manatee.

And here is the creature some think inspired a lot of these… the manatee.

The Unicorn was another favourite.20170223_152455


Here is Echo with a replica horn. Some felt the narwhal was the inspiration for the unicorn's single horn.

Here is Echo with a replica horn. Some felt the narwhal was the inspiration for the unicorn’s single horn.

And then there were some animals that were actually a REAL thing…IMG_20170223_164524


Or the confusion that came from finding the remains of something.

This skull confused a lot of people making them think it was from a cyclops... it is actually a pygmy elephant skull!

This skull confused a lot of people making them think it was from a cyclops… it is actually a pygmy elephant skull!

There were multiple types of dragons.

Sir George slaying the dragon.

Sir George slaying the dragon.

But my personal favourite is the Asian dragons.IMG_20170223_165709_568


But enough of my chatter… enjoy the last few images!IMG_20170223_234926_585










Approving of April

Annnnnd on we go. April… Well of course April is Trinity’s birthday – 8 this year! You can read all about her special celebrations HERE. She is growing up so quickly… they all are!dscn15211

dscn15241imag2905We made if over to the Novaks in April as well. I swear I take more pictures of pets than kids when we are there though. Snoopy the cat is way too much fun to photograph.dscn15421

dscn15471img_20160430_204737I think we would live at the YMCA. I know we BASICALLY did over the summer. (oooh spoilers) I figure if we are to be gifted a membership by Nana and Baba we better make it worth their money! So lots and lots of pool fun over our spring this year.dscn15041

We are also getting in a lot of together time, often on my bed. Which is just fine. Planning school, crocheting, hanging out together. It is so special. dscn15401

Of course we made it to the Home Depot free Saturday. img_20160402_112251

And spent some lovely time with Nana and Baba during their time up from Florida.img_20160404_215029

The big kids even had a field trip to a radio station!imag2812

And best of all – fun trip to the zoo with our new homeschool buds!!! You can read all about it HEREimag2949

imag2939April was a mix of warm and cool weather but with so much fun going on I don’t think anyone minded. imag2840


Pirates (of a sort), History and Splashing Around

April 14-16

Is there a better way to start a week of school than with a series of drawings thanks to Art for Kids (link on right)? I know I am repetitive but CHECK THEM OUT. Their instructions are wonderful!

They really do work for all ages!

They really do work for all ages!

We also had an Easter story to enjoy.101_6914

With out basic school day out of the way the sunshine called us outside. Time to break out the Big Wheel and bikes and the funky skateboards.101_6916

101_6917101_6915101_6921Ken and his dad tried the recipe I found off Facebook for an adult popsicle called a Dirty Pirate. You can find the recipe HERE thanks to Jackie Fo and Tablespoon.101_6923

Tuesday marked our second trip back to the Minnesota History Center (MHC). This time we had a longer span of time to enjoy and a plan to go to all the places we had not seen on our previous visit. All on our new family pass to the historical places in Minnesota.101_6926

101_6927101_6928There was lots to see and we were able to time our travels around the areas away from the school groups that were also there. I took the twins in for the Tornado demonstration. It was louder and a bit scarier than I thought it would be but they now REALLY know what to do in case of a tornado.101_6930

101_6933We spent the most time in the house that is set up so you can walk through and get a taste of each family that lived in that house from when it was built until more recent time when it was put up in the center.101_6949


Creepy eyes on these ones!

Creepy eyes on these ones!

The kids especially enjoyed the “backyard”.101_6957

101_6961The afternoon was quiet but Gavin did sneak out to work on his skateboarding skills while Echo worked with some flashcards.101_6983

101_6982With a wonderful field trip under out belt I think everyone was upset to see that winter had snuck back in with more snow!

From this...

From this…

To this in the night!

To this in the night!

With a day indoors we once again attempted our yarn wrapped eggs craft… there HAS to be a trick we don’t know about… our results simply are not right!101_6990

101_6991With Nana and Baba back I was able to join Ken and see all 3 boys in their swimming lessons! So much fun!!! This is Emanuel’s first lessons and the twins’ second. It is so exciting to see them work on this milestone all on their own.101_6997