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Much Anticipated Yearly Aunty Karyn Visit!

Seriously, VERY anticipated, we love having Karyn on her once a year pilgrimage to visit our family. This year she drove down which always makes her arrival more of a surprise.

This year she chose to come down in August. Her timing was pretty perfect. The right week to see Trinity and Emanuel test for belt levels in Karate, to see Echo’s dance recital (solo act version), see off Ken and the boys before their first 5K run AND celebrate an early birthday for Echo. Yup, we kept her busy!20180810_123550

We had all sorts of fun. Karyn is one of the very few who has now met our Momo in person. They got along swimmingly.IMG_20180804_214050_258

Then in a last minute plan we went out to meet the Schwartz family at a splash park. We sent the twins and dads out to play Pokemon. It was a little on the cool side, but fun was had.IMG_20180805_220306_162

Bedtime stories were read with Aunty of course.IMG_20180805_220228_325

And Karyn and I ducked off to check out a larger quilting and yarn shop and then on the way home stop at a series of outlets where we enjoyed Five Guys.IMG_20180807_215711_361

We took our favourite walk to the Catholic Church.IMG_20180807_215853_035

And took her to our favourite beach. That was just Karyn and my supervision on that one. We managed it!20180808_103243



Then over to the Schwartz family’s for dinner and Mystro time.IMG_20180808_231459_425

Karyn and I snuck off a second time for a marathon shop at Mall of America. Ken has still not accepted the flowered Dr. Martins I bought at an absolute steal. Never could afford a pair as a teenager.20180807_125043

Friday was our early birthday fun. A trip to the zoo no less. Birthday girls’ choice. Karyn is working on becoming an amazing photographer.20180810_102653







Then a nice long dinner adults only after the dance recital. And the week was over.20180810_163036

Hugs at dawn on Saturday and a tearful good bye and the visit was over in the blink of an eye! She came bearing snacks and gifts from her previous travels but the best part was just the time we got with her. Never enough, but so very precious and well loved. Can’t wait until next year!!!20180811_073005


And here is the overflow of awesome!20180808_103234










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Happy 7th Birthday Trinity

Well well, I had not posted this ON time, but I shall post it now… April 26 – Trinity turned 7! Where has the time gone? For her birthday, ON her birthDATE Trinity requested to spend it at Aunty Shandai’s creating pretty things for her wedding.IMG_20150426_130346

So Ken dropped us off at Shandai’s and we spent the day quietly there. With the inclusion of a new friend – the daughter of one of the other members of the wedding party.IMG_2771

Before that Aunty Renee took us on a girls’ day out fun day… we enjoyed Charming Charlie’s (HERE) where we tried on all sorts of fun accessories. Nana had given each of the girls 5.00 which was put to great use.IMAG2263

Aunty Renee had each of them pick out a pretty headband to purchase as well!

You can see Trinity's headband in this one

You can see Trinity’s headband in this one

We are at 5 Guys where we quickly realized burgers and hot dogs were way more than the girls needed… rather all they wanted was some fries and PEANUTS! Tons of free peanuts!IMAG2257

We ended our time out with decadent cupcakes! Talk about a perfect girls’ day out! Thanks Aunty Renee!!IMAG2269

Trinity assured me it was the BEST birthday month EVER! So I think we did well. But really, where has the time gone??IMG_2772

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