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Wedding Flirts!

The sequel to Beach Flirts! has officially been read… Wedding Flirts! Another series of gems! Though one of the women’s reasons for avoiding/missing out on love was a little frustrating (she had a disease in remission and so ran since her life COULD be shorter… not cool). As usual Lisa Scott has shared with us a series of lovely contemporary romances all tied together… this time a series of weddings. We have a couple familiar faces and connections from the previous book and of finally see insight into the minds and loves of the wedding photographer and the ever a bridesmaid blogger.

There are some truly outrageous plans being made for weddings, people with their hearts all over the map and loves that you just can’t help but cheer on. Each romance in this anthology CAN stand alone, but you don’t get the full story if you miss out on Beach Flirts! Check out my review on Fairy Tale Flirts! to find the links of all the others I have read by her. 

Lisa Scott writes the perfect little gems for a rainy afternoon or a quick perk up after a long day! WeddingFlirtsCollectionVol05

Fairy Tale Flirts!

Who doesn’t love a good contemporary spin on classic fairy tales? Especially when they are all tied together with common threads and elements?? Be it an exclusive brand of shoes (Jiminy, like the cricket maybe?) or a massively gorgeous apartment building (Grimm Apartments)… each of these tales has a taste of fairy tales, romance, humour and of course characters you love to love, complete with evil stepsisters and stepmothers and all!

Once again Lisa Scott has hit the spot for me with her bite sized contemporary romances. I am hard pressed to say which in this anthology is my favourite. Is it the rather bright and cynical Rose with her red hood or the adorable Cyndi with her borrowed “glass” slippers? Maybe Belle the carpenter or Shawna (Snow) White with the 7 children to nanny? Or Goldie with her unfettered lifestyle (was her coffee just right after 3 tries??)?

As with all of the Flirt series, Fairy Tale Flirts! is a wonderful series of 5 individual stories about 5 different couples. Of course they are all linked together but still you can read them one at a time or all at once and still enjoy. You can read my other reviews on her works HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. After all it all started with a pair of magical slippers… this time!FairyTaleFlirtsCollectionVol04

Beach Flirts!

Here I am back to the Lisa Scott gems. Beach Flirts is another anthology of wonderful and refreshing short stories. In this series half the fun was figuring out how the stories tied together… be it knowing someone from a previous, a lost shoe…. or even helping cause the next scenario…. they are all wonderful, engaging, hilarious and best of all …. ROMANTIC!

Of course, as the name suggests, Beach Flirts are all romances that occur on or around the beach. This leaves us open to beach parties, bikinis, swimming and other fun in the sun. Each of the installments are full of interesting people, silly situations and end with a heartfelt love you absolutely cheered along the whole way. 

As is common with the Lisa Scott books (you can read my other reviews HERE, HERE. HERE, and HERE), I really don’t have a favourite coupling, each one quickly becomes my new favourite as I read along. And the final story ties everyone together with a terrific bang ending. I don’t want to spill too much of the story but there are all sorts of loves… at first sight, unrequited (only to become more), broken (waiting to be fixed)… and it all begins with a family holiday at the beach. 

Again I cannot suggest these books enough… if you want bite sized romantic fun that is contemporary in nature this is so for you!!! Cover_beach_flirts