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Family Fun Day!

March 24-26

The 23rd ended with a lovely birthday call to my dad catching us up and just generally reminding me of how much of a Daddy’s Girl I always have been and always WILL be. Half a country closer is not close enough but it is nice!

Warm fuzzies gave way to MORE snow! Come on Mother Nature!!! Can we please have that spring now??101_6557

So instead we worked on enjoying not only what we did on the weekend…101_6558

But new art to draw thanks to Art For Kids (link on right)…101_6559

And afternoon snacks. With our regular schoolwork and some together time, not a horrible start to a new week.101_6560

Our Tuesday was quiet and full of written work. We are trying to write more stories, reflect more… talk about things more… and of course continue reading together, alone, to each other. Cooperation is something we are really working on, an patience of course.

Wednesday was a special day – FAMILY FUN DAY! Which meant first doing our basics (spelling, math, reading) and then moving onto games.101_6562

101_6563Emanuel, Trinity and Echo got creative and found all the little hats they could find and the Easter Egg Bunny that they got last year from Gammie and cornered me to take pictures of a bunny hat fashion show! It may not have been hugely educational but it WAS highly adorable!

The willing (?) model

The willing (?) model

101_6570101_6568101_6565101_6567101_6566101_6569101_6574101_6573With the bunny done showing off its amazing runway skills it was time to head out for the FUN portion of our day – a trip out to Sam’s Club. The kids LOVE going there… samples, wandering the aisles, talking prices (the twins are starting to catch some of the prices as deals or expensive).1911826_10152315251561151_1646132086_n

We rounded off our day with a great Freecycle find – a toy chest for Echo and Trinity’s dress up and doll clothes. It needs a little work but that is what a good weekend is for!10001506_10152315112311151_1792976729_n

I figured it was also a great time to bake a box cake. After all kids who are freshly over a cold and have been working hard on their schoolwork need a  good snack, right?1981844_10152315842191151_1355485129_n

We are all feeling much better this week! And now the countdown is on to Uncle James’ birthday and HIS birthday call. I miss my brother and his family!!!101_6561

And So We Go

Now back to reality and daily life… Sunday afternoon into the evening had all of us Reinsch-Johnsons relaxing and napping. Myself with a wet cloth over my eyes was the first to succumb. Thankfully that rest plus some eye drops have helped. But the rest of my not so little family ended up in the middle of the livingroom in a huddle with the tv on. It was actually rather nice to wake up to a group cuddle


Sunday evening Ken finally was able to make good on his promise to play a boardgame with the kids. Thank goodness I labeled those buckets! This is Carcassonneone of Ken’s favourites. But they play the VERY basic way. Just roads and cities for points.

Gaming together

Monday was back to schooling and amazingly enough ANOTHER pen pal letter to respond to… this one from their cousin up in Canada Jimmie. He even sent each of the girls a colouring sheet. So first thing we do – respond! We got the letter Saturday I do believe and Monday the response was in the box and ready to go!!!! So much fun!

Colouring her colouring page

We have our workbooks now and printouts for welcoming us all back to school. I have decided our official first day back with be NEXT Monday, when we have the first of the week to ourselves… I don’t know that we will get too high in the activity until later in the month but I am excited to have the kids started thinking and learning more consistently. We have some things from this summer to finish up and I am working on ideas to start. I just wish we lived closer to a dollar store!!! Poster paper is expensive elsewhere.

In the meantime here is Gavin out being creative

Of course we had to spend some time outside. The day was beautiful and I am constantly sorting and organizing what we DO have… I would like to start the boys on scrapbooking again but that is not really possible until all the stuff in the house is sorted neatly to make room for those buckets to come in temporarily. I think in the next blog entry or so I will outline our loose goals that I have so far. I really can’t plan too far ahead a lot depends on working further with what we DO have at hand until Ken is employed again.

Miss Trinity and my original Cabbage Patch doll!

Speaking of employment, there has been lots of emails and action in that respect. Ken is working hard every day to contact, apply and network. I have to say thank you to everyone who is helping us network and get Ken’s resumes out and and about. 

OK has nothing to do with the above statement.. but CUTE (the clothes on that doll are from my very first baby doll… sadly can’t find doll but this one fits the clothes!!)

In the afternoon I spent more time cleaning and organizing and left the boys and Trinity to watch educational tv. There is only so much I can do with the kids with the stuff in total disarray. At least we found BOTH of Gavin’s painting/art sets and such. Sadly one bucket of toys we THOUGHT we saved (a really neat set that made a castle and stuff) was not set aside like we had thought but managed to get misplaced into the sale piles. A little disappointing but as we had not mentioned the possibility to the boys they are not upset by it. This downsize has been a real eye opener. I think that I will amass more items with much more forward thinking from now on. 

We did perk up the girls’ evening with some splendid PINK mashed potatoes thanks to Nana!

Pink potatoes

Now today was quiet and slow but we managed brilliantly to get things done. I have some links to share next educational blog entry but we worked on our Welcome Back to School banner… and of course drew some MORE pictures (easy filler for a day when everything else feels blah) that then we talked about and wrote descriptions for for our Minnesota file. The best drawings, in my opinion, we accomplished OUTSIDE though. After lunch when the kids ALL went outside we brought our journal books and the boys all drew pictures of the squirrel we see constantly outside. The copying of my words is getting better and better and come mid September I hope to have them writing their own sentences without much help from myself or Ken.

Drawing outside

The result

Impromptu storytime with a book out of one of the last boxes

For Trinity and Emanuel the big excitement was a special craft just for them! This one was off of Education.com (a favourite site). Creating an ocean in a bottle. You can find the instructions HERE. We are debating trying other oils and doing one without oil… and we did change out glass with a plastic container that was already here. Oh and the glue gun for the time being. I think I will seal the OUTSIDE of the lid as if I put glue on and then tried to screw the top on the seal would not be as good! But again Trinity and Emanuel, so pleased!!! And now they have their own waves while Nana and Baba are gone to the ocean! 



In the meantime we are debating what next week’s project will be… I would like to have a fun craft a week for the younger kids in the family… so something a little more complex that they HAVE TO do with me or their daddy or another adult. After all, all of our PAST crafts are gone and a lot of our supplies given to other people in our move so if we do this we have an excuse to add to our stash.

All Gavin needs is some Legos!

With joining a local chapter of Freecycle on my to do list for the week and trying to get all the pertinent information for homeschooling in Minnesota it certainly feels like I have a full plate! I am just glad that we are traditional homeschoolers, so much flexibility with my rather fluctuating learners. BUT we are feeling forward movement and planning and the kids are happy… THAT is what counts!!

Baby in a tree

Ending the Week

Life is going rather slowly still as I am sure you have all noticed from previous blog entries… Although for Ken it is go go go. I honestly do not know how he does it some days and am so proud of him. On top of the contracts he has he is also bidding on new ones (that is ALWAYS on going), hunting for a van (we were VERY frustrated when last night the one individual neglected to narrow down a time Ken could come test drive and contacted the next two on the list), keeping tabs on our new rental (who in turn contacted us on Monday) and looking at OTHER rental options (we really can’t limbo much longer) all this while being daddy and husband. He really is amazing. 

I have been personally dealing with the medical… Echo’s shots appointment for this month has been cancelled (chicken pox ANYTHING and baby aspirin = BAD) and a notation has been made on her file as to WHY her immunizations are delayed as well as her cardiology appointment confirmed. We have decided to postpone the ever healthy Trinity’s yearly check up until after this lovely patch of upset and all has been and gone. The same for planning Ken’s upcoming vasectomy (seriously we want to even THINK about a voluntary surgery right now? NOT). 

I have done some searching through the items we HAVE brought with us and was pleased to find that I DID bring the sneakers with us, it is about time to pack the boots back up in the bag! Add to the collection the Easter sandals and we are doing rather well. I also brought summer hats and the spring coats so the boys should be just fine at my brother’s.

Spring time

Emanuel's best bubble

Karyn and I had an epic adventure yesterday hunting for beer for Ken on our grocery/shopping for Trinity trip. It took 3 different liquor stores to find the specific brand he wanted IN BOTTLES. This was after we ran into Michaels 15 min before close to get cupcake duct tape AND closed the petfood store in our search for a big enough ball for Prickie Pie the hedgehog to run around in. 


The entire evening was rather epic really… we started off with Walmart to shop for our Trinity (not telling what we got her just yet). They have t-shirts (plain ones) for just 4.00 in her size now! She has just grown out of the 3.00 size! Then it was off to two different locations in town… one for a prize I won on Facebook from RumpArounds… an awesome wet bag!!!

Wet bag!!!

And the other an awesome Freecycle find – some computer games that are educational for the boys… including Oregon Trail (seriously I played this in school… though this is the 5th edition) and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago? (did anyone else watch the tv show??)… YAY.

Then to the mall for supper (McD’s) and Dollarama (chocolate for Ken)…. then to Karyn’s to give the kitty his insulin and print off a few items I needed for Farmer Boy… of course that led to groceries, duct tape and the awesome beer hunt. All in all I had a lot of fun and it was KID FREE fun at that! 

Epic beer

Today was back to kids kids kids… though Trinity’s brothers were nice enough to make her her very own crown! 

What a crown!

Today was the chapter in Farmer Boy where the teacher has to deal with the big boys. I didn’t explain too much about the whipping that ensued but we did talk about WHY they were in trouble and what you should do to NOT be in trouble. I am hoping some of that imprints so that they think twice about the whining and fighting me over lessons. 

I can share the bows I finished earlier this week as well, I cannot wait for my clips and ribbon to get here! 

I do love the silver

This one is a gift

Another simple black

Bitty but pretty

Hopefully this weekend we can focus on some more fun time together. Ken and the kids had a run in at bedtime and that totally soured the evening. They are so frustrated right now, and with good reason… but we need them to continue to respect the adults and follow rules and instructions. 

A girl and her puppy