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Happy Birthday Anthony!!!

April 4-6

Now onto the weekend of fun and friends. First our Friday… Miss Trinity finished her dot-to-dot workbook… she is now becoming quite the pro at counting from 1-50!101_6645

Emanuel got a book on his birthday on how to draw dinosaurs. So to get a wee bit back into dinosaurs after our relative dry spell he has started a large paper picture using the book. I plan to start posting our back dinos and start new ones soon.101_6646

We had all 5 of our fish coloured, named and ready to take back to the consignment store on our way to the Novak’s.101_6648

With the fresh dump of “blizzard” snow I kicked the twins out to play and wear themselves out. Apparently it was PERFECT sticky snow but the kids were quick to tell me that they were DONE with winter and would love to go to a lake RIGHT NOW. From near nothing to waist height in one evening. UGH101_6649

101_6650With another chapter of Treasure Island under our belt and illustrated (I am still not reading ahead… and the kids are still NOT impressed by this fact) we were ready to get out the door… run a few minor errands and go to the Novak’s house.101_6651

Darcy once again outdid herself with the cake… this one themed zombies. He actually had a second cake that we ate that night (this photographed one was eaten the next day at his friends’ party).101_6653

101_6654101_6666The kids had a blast playing.101_6664

101_6677And Anthony loved his ninja. I do love to include a handmade item even if we are giving our now TWELVE year old godson a gift certificate.101_6672101_6674

101_6668After presents Ken and Anthony spent the evening building his new weight bench. I am so glad that we are here for all these firsts and activities. He is growing up so fast!101_6675

1455954_10152334781436151_1000839389133888754_n10155367_10152334826086151_6584521324151641785_nAfter a busy day we were up bright and early again for Home Depot Saturday. This time Ken left with 4 kids and came back with 6! We inherited Alex and Aidan Novak for an overnight sleepover so Anthony could have his birthday party solo. The kids were so excited. They had been DYING to have a sleepover.101_6679

So that was the beginning of 2 days of wild kid fun. Alex and I sat and crafted quietly at times (he brought his bracelet loom and I brought out ours to add to his supply).101_6690

101_6691Or they ran outside and burned off that energy.1505646_10152336261946151_8759166147477205366_n


Second day melt off

Second day melt off

Meals were a blast.

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

101_6698And that evening we had TWO Ice Age movies with popcorn. 5 boys in one bedroom at bedtime and another day of fun to follow.101_6694

We skipped Sunday School in favour of special playtime.101_6683

101_6688Instead of dropping them off or having Darcy to a run by pick up we had them over for slow cooker lasagna and homemade chocolate chip cookies Sunday evening. Apparently Andrew had fun at his friends staying up all night and Anthony had a great birthday. So all 4 Novak boys were well pleased with our two asking to come again! Talk about a wonderful weekend.101_6701

Making cookies

Making cookies



Add to that dying my hair a bright and fun garnet with Ken’s help and I am one happy Mommy.10001469_10152338154231151_1888122887357081812_n

10009820_10152338586556151_1409064422771431814_nSleepovers, birthdays and shopping as a family. With some schoolwork thrown in… not bad not bad.101_6652



Christmas Countdown With the Novaks

December 20-22

Our last weekend before Christmas had us with one more day of “real” school. AND seeing that Saturday was the first day of winter, a return of more snow and some cooler temperatures.

In our Gammie packages there was a craft kit so how better to end the last full week before Christmas than to get to work making Santas? And when we ran out of beards… elves.101_5615

More books of course.101_5608

We greatly enjoyed our read by Gammie story!101_5616

And then Ken and Nana executed Trinity and my idea of a box puppet house. Activity Village (link on right) put up a previous Advent’s printable Christmas people pages and so we printed those out and put them on popsicle sticks for our puppets. Supplemented by any finger puppets we found laying around.101_5617

101_5619Ken had registered the kids for a special Christmas Home Depot craft – snowmen made out of paving stones. VERY cute!!!101_5618

20131221_114148Sunday was the last scheduled Sunday School session until after the New Year. Miss Trinity wore last year’s finery and looked absolutely adorable. Our family and only a handful more kids were there but they had a blast. And came home with chocolate for all.101_5623

101_5625101_5666We rounded off our morning with cookie making and decorating! So many sweets in the house right now!101_5626

101_5628There was a reason for the last minute icing. Our afternoon/evening Sunday was our Novak/Reinsch-Johnson Christmas gathering over at the Novak’s. Talk about excitement and chaos… it was PERFECT! We had supper and snacks (oh the variety of snacks including our cookies) and games and visiting. Definitely an amazing way to spend Christmas with friends who are so much more than just friends. Chosen family!101_5629

101_5631101_5636101_5643We were there super late and drove home in somewhat nasty weather with kids who were full of Christmas cheer and exhaustion. Now enjoy the rest of the party pictures!!!

Christmas colouring

Christmas colouring

More present opening

More present opening

Alex the musician

Alex the musician



Godson and I

Godson and I

Action hair

Action hair

Fishing for words

Fishing for words


Hanging out

Hanging out


A room of artists

A room of artists



The first 3 were made by me, I am not sure where Aidan's is (I think he keeps it in his room) but I have cross stitched stockings for all the Novak boys.

The first 3 were made by me, I am not sure where Aidan’s is (I think he keeps it in his room) but I have cross stitched stockings for all the Novak boys.

Slipping into Spring

Spring seems to require adorable moments… so of course they MUST be recorded!

Gaming with the Novaks

All these game options

Darling sleeping Lily

Mommy snuggles

Working on up to breastfeeding


Art by Echo

I love this dress mainly for the hat!

And then the pictures keep on going…

This reminds me of a portrait I studied in school

These two are so cute together

Hanging out with Baba

I am trying new settings… this church came out all golden… I rather like it!

Shhhh almost time to start

Aidan and Echo

The boys of the hour

During the stripping of the alter

I love the many faces of Anthony

Proud parents

With our boy!

With glasses on boo

Andrew all in white