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A Week of Seasonal Fun

December 9-13

Mondays, as we get closer to Christmas and further along in Advent get more and more red and green and festive. This year I am doing a combination of secular and religious worksheets, books and shows. So much colouring!101_5459

Our storytime has continued as well. The boys are reading (Emanuel included) to each other and myself whatever they want but TRINITY’s books are all Christmas and all fun!101_5460

All week actually

All week actually


Movies too

Movies too

We also did our yearly page from Activity Village – What we like about Christmas!101_5461

And later in the day – special cookie making time with Daddy!! Mommy and Daddy had an anime date with a new/old Facebook friend, his daughters and another couple. So of course I wanted to bring one of our homemade goodies… SUGAR  COOKIES!101_5462

101_5464I just realized I got my timeline wrong – on the last entry (HERE) I said we DECORATED the tree… when in actuality we ASSEMBLED the tree and flared out the branches. TODAY we put our Canadian ornaments out on display and it was so much fun!!!!!101_5468

101_5473101_5475Of course on Tuesday it was time to see Santa… something you can relive HERE.101_5485

Wednesday we reflected on our visit with Santa in our journals.101_5552

The boys also reflected on what Christmas means to them in this Activity Village printable (link for their site on right, just look up Christmas… they have TONS!).101_5551

We also made a wreath (hands) and bow (Echo’s feet) with the kids.101_5554

101_5555The kids worked with Daddy on the NEXT step of cookie making – making the icing.101_5559

101_5562And Nana found Trinity a great deal on a VERY appropriate winter jacket that allows us to hand Echo down Trinity’s old purple one (loose but usable).101_5561

Of course we had to keep making cards as well. Mommy hands off!101_5557

We ended the work week with more worksheets…101_5564


We even had a workbook completion!101_5567

One week closer to Christmas!!! And don’t forget anime night at a dear Facebook friends’ place on the 13th. It was so fun to meet Keith in person! 101_5482

From Thanksgiving Right Into Advent

November 29-December 1

Well, here in the US Thanksgiving is on a Thursday… so confusing. Why not a Friday or a Monday? While it is not a government holiday the Friday after IS a holiday for many places. And of course it is BLACK FRIDAY… a huge shopping day when a lot of deals are there for the grabbing. Ken and I did minimal shopping with a quick trip out to our local and honestly not so busy (comparison wise) Target. Yesterday’s post of the lovely Christmas matching dresses (HERE) was one of our finds as was a couple gifts on the kids’ Christmas list that were must have and long requested and on sale!

We did our minimum of basic schooling  before the cousins arrived for a weekend visit. Of course we put the willing and somewhat willing hands to work making more little hats to go on the Christmas tree. Nana sure can motivate!

On Friday

On Friday

And again on Saturday

And again on Saturday

Echo snuck her time on the computer playing Minecraft… though I am not sure how far she made it, she did enjoy it!101_5388

On Saturday the girls enjoyed a cozy tea party.101_5390

Echo dressed up for the part in one of her favourite “blue dress” dresses.

Bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel

Bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel

The weather held out long enough for the kids to spend some time in the backyard. Coats are now a definite necessity!101_5395

We started December with the whole family heading to church. There was no Sunday School as it was Thanksgiving weekend. It was not a full service but we enjoyed it. Sitting in the back with crayons and paper and attempting to be patient is always a bit of a struggle but I think we didn’t do too badly.101_5398

101_5401101_5402They had a fair for Advent the day before and there were special treat bags for the kids left over so they gave them out at the end of the service. We had 5 very excited kids when that happened!photo (83)

101_5406With it being the beginning of Advent we started our calendars counting down. We have THREE! Trinity’s is a Santa face where you fill in the beard with cotton balls.101_5407

The girls got their Christmas vibe on with some pretty picture making. I love stickers and buy up the 1.00 books whenever I come across them!

Super fuzzy sorry!

Super fuzzy sorry!

And that was that. We are done with Thanksgiving (resource and book work to follow) and onto Advent and the days to Christmas are ticking by!!! Where has the time and the year gone?????101_5405