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A Very Happy 8th Birthday to Miss Trinity

Hard to believe she is 8 already… And definitely her own girl as well. When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday this year she had a rather conclusive list:

  1. Go to the YMCA to swim with JUST mom and Echo… so Daddy drops us off and LEAVES.
  2. Opening presents with her brothers.
  3. Dinner at Culver’s with the whole family.
  4. Cake or cupcakes with Aunty Darcy and her boys (that last one will have to wait until a weekend of course).

The pool was basically empty (on the non lane side) except for us and after a minor blip of having forgotten out goggles and toy bag and having to call Daddy to drop them off we had a blast. I had to get the iPad out and email Ken to wait an extra half hour and come get us later.IMAG2906DSCN1521

DSCN1522DSCN1524I even packed a snack bag for the girls and myself. Echo angled successfully for an additional treat at the vending machines… I swear they ALWAYS go for the most irresponsible choice, though at the YMCA really the worst snack you can get is the rice krispie square.DSCN1529

We had a lovely stack of presents for Trinity to open, including a few items for the others. We had lovely parcels sent all the way from Canada and Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie, the items I made for Calli from our family AND a selection from Gammie all the way from Texas! Add to that yesterday’s FaceTime call from Nana and Baba and a phone call from Grandma in Canada after dinner and I think we did a good job covering the gift wish list.IMAG2910

IMAG2913IMAG2917IMAG2925Our afternoon had some minor classroom work, after all Mommy is a teacher at heart now, but for the most part we played on the new DS2D and hung out together in the bedroom.DSCN1540

Supper was at Culver’s, though Ken was kicking himself… WEDNESDAYS right now (apparently) are 2.00 kids meals… oops. Well we still spent less than you would eating out as a couple at a sit down restaurant and EVERYONE was full!IMG_20160426_163422

IMG_20160426_170042Cake will have to wait as we ended the day full up. BUT here are some more pictures from when I was playing with the camera of the girls. Happy Birthday darling Trinity.DSCN1532

In her new purple dress with her koala bag.

In her new purple dress with her koala bag.



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Remembering August Through Images…

…because man do I barely remember the details! August is a special month with Miss Echo’s birthday and the tail end of summer vacation for “others”. As usual we did NOT have a full on summer vacation. I find that when we take a large chunk of time fully off our learning we lose too much without the repetition. So instead I do a lighter schedule with many more days off for fun in the sun.IMAG0477

So, let’s see if I can match some words to the images! Well, first off… beginning of the month means Home Depot craft. I really hope if any of you have kids ages 5-12 you have them going to this… it is free and totally worth it. August was the last month of just the 4 kids going. I wanted to wait until Echo actually WAS 5. Anyway, August was chalkboards.DSCN0840

We had a bit of a harvest in the garden in August… rather humble these beginnings.DSCN0841

Of course we continued swimming. The instructors and lifeguards at out local YMCA are the best. We are so spoiled by Nana and Baba and their continuing gift of the membership. We could live there!

DSCN0842Of course August, sunshine, Minnesota… lakes… so we had to continue our beach trips. We went a couple times and lucked out with Renee and the boys joining us! DSCN0859


We found plenty of time for Wild Kratts episodes. I don’t know that we will EVER tire of this, though I REALLY need to get a table of contents listing the critters we have covered since we tend to watch them out of order. DSCN0852



… well you get the idea… I am sure there will be a couple others in the overflow blog entry!

We spent a lot of time in the yard in the sunshine (or in my case in the shade). I don’t know what we would do without an inflatable pool, some toys and my sewing. Together time can be so perfect even on a shoestring budget!DSCN0854



The girls even joined me at Caribou for coffee while Ken had a meet up there. Coffee time means the boys get their computer time (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY GASP) and the girls get a special occasion… all while covering an appointment for Ken. Win win.DSCN0857


We did still find time for regular school of course, AND adding Miss Echo more and more. It is exciting and a wee bit overwhelming to have a full classroom.

Book Report!

Book Report!


We also helped a poor little bird who was stuck on the trailer in the front yard… the kids and I had to tip it up so the poor thing would hop out the back and join its frantic momma.DSCN0874


We came across a stick insect.DSCN0918

And of course, importantly, celebrated a birthday! HERE Number 5!

Teddy from Aunty Holly and family

Teddy from Aunty Holly and family


Gavin found time to have Aunty Renee teach him how to crochet. Apparently right handed Gavin was frustrated with left handed Mommy.DSCN0951

I managed some time with the bride to be Shandai at her house. Which of course was crafting time and, almost more importantly, KITTY time!DSCN0966


Add to all this… a guest! CANADIAN and everything. Jeff Davey came down for his yearly visit. It is always lovely to have company from home. And doubly so for Ken to have someone who understands him so well!DSCN0960

it was a good month. And, as I got started writing this, surprisingly more memorable than I expected! DSCN0948

Happy 5th Birthday Miss Echo

There is no such think as unlucky Friday the 13th for this family. After all, in 2010 in the early morning of Friday, August 13th we welcomed Miss Echo into our family. And life has never been the same!DSCN0904

The baby of the family has officially hit a milestone. 5 is the age when she can start going to Home Depot for the monthly wood working craft (Just not September as we double booked ourselves that Saturday! oops!), she is of age to really join our classroom… and according to her – big enough to no longer have her cone in a cup at McDonald’s (the jury is out on that one when mommy had to eat a portion of her birthday cone in order to save the birthday outfit).IMAG0536

IMAG0537Anyway, the birthday DAY… Daddy spoiled her with birthday tiny toast (french toast cut into small pieces).IMAG0505

Grandma called all the way from Canada!IMAG0503

Miss Echo had her photos taken (with Trinity) at the flower garden outside the library.DSCN0896

DSCN0892IMAG0513While there she ALSO had her first present (from Gammie)… a unicorn… which brought a HUGE smile!IMAG0518

IMAG0523IMAG0532IMAG0524-COLLAGEWe had her actual birthday party on the Sunday following with Aunty Judy, Uncle Jim and Cousin Robbie. She helped pick out her own colours (blue) and her own cake (Olaf!) on her birthday when we were out running errands. Small and intimate and perfect. Though the poor thing took TWO MINUTES to blow her candles out… she kept blowing up. I was sure she would hyperventilate and pass out into her cake.IMAG0559

DSCN0905DSCN0916Talk about excitement, family, presents…DSCN0900

IMAG0560IMAG0567AND a battery for her inherited Barbie Car! Thanks Nana and Baba…IMG_20150816_140423

Definitely a 5th birthday to remember for Miss Echo. Now for the extra pictures to enjoy… Note the amazing batgirl bear from Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie! IMAG0507





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