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Onto More Fun

August 3-6

We have started our August with a very busy weekend. From a historical site to a rather amazing park. With friends along to share in the fun – Renee, Christopher and their 3 sons. they had been to this park before… it is a great combination of play set with a small splash pad area. We had a bit of a drive to get there and it was a rather popular place but we even managed to snag a table… in the shade!101_8934

We got there and the kids just scattered.101_8923 101_8924 101_8927

We brought some treats to munch on and there was a water fountain to sip from. It was an amazing time!101_8936

After that we headed back to town and the Schwartz’s for dinner. Although the kids had to enjoy the slip and slide first.101_8938 101_8942 101_8946

Since it is creeping up on Echo’s FOURTH birthday we brought a cake and Chris and Renee had a special present just for our almost birthday girl.101_8950 101_8952 101_8957 101_8960

Echo is absolutely in love with Jeffrey as well. (but then again, who isn’t???)101_8949

Monday and Tuesday was back to school (half days). We have been working on our pen pal work, tracing picture using tracing paper… all sorts of fun stuff! So appreciative of Gammie sending us the Mixels.101_8962 101_8963 101_8966 101_8964 101_8965

But on Tuesday we emptied out Ken and myself’s bedroom (with lots of kids’ help). We had seen Nana and Baba off on their Florida Adventure┬áto take more of Joe and Faithe’s things down and help them settle in (the left a few days later than the family but took longer driving stretches). I figured it was as good a time as any to sort out our bedroom. We do keep getting more stuff (not a huge surprise after getting rid of 3/4 of what we owned before we moved south). Final tally – most everything collected is used and useful! Just like I intended!101_8967

With the sun holding and Daddy needing to do some garage sorting the kids spent a lot of the afternoon in the sun… or in the girls’ case in the shade of an umbrella.101_8968 101_8969

We found a critter.101_8971

And plucked from the garden.101_8975

And then continued the trend on Wednesday (looking back now and writing this in September when the weather just blinked and went fall I am SERIOUSLY missing these warm sunny days!!!).101_8976 101_8984

Sometimes you need to run before you learn!101_8974 101_8973 101_8983

And then go right back out again!!!!101_8986 101_8984

Enjoy the picture overflow!101_8928 101_8929 101_8932 101_8933 101_8956

A Life Begun

July 20

How do you spend the first day of a new life in the states? Well, it seems that there is time for some shopping (TARGET!!!) as well as some fun with the kids. Gotta start the day off with a good solid breakfast cooked by Baba… which means yours ┬átruly got poached eggs on toast cooked to perfection!!!!

Cousins together for breakfast

And then the task of getting all 7 kids dressed and motivated for a day of play around the house. After all that driving we figured AT HOME was where the kids would most want to be. So, time for a tea party with REAL tea in the sun room!!!

High Tea

Echo did her own exploring, checking out what doors she COULD open… things she could get into… this is her first time EVER being here. The last time we were in Minnesota was 3 years ago when Trinity was only 1!

Stretching for the doors

The kids busy about the house it was the perfect opportunity for us to sneak out just Ken and myself for two purposes – one my first trip to Target (yay!) and the other, to see about replacing some of our now sold/given away/stored toys… GARAGE SALE! I lucked out on both sides… for the garage sale – a couple Hello Kitty clothing articles for Trinity and some barbies, a baby doll and something called squinkies. A great start and well under 20.00 spent.

A few Barbies etc for Miss T. Though I do need to get her a toy box.

And what Trinity considers the find of a lifetime right now – a purple Hello Kitty dress!

It twirls beautifully!

Target was another success with a relatively fresh soft pretzel and soda to boot (Coke though, grrr this place is VERY Coke heavy…). So why the soda and treat? Well it was quite the wait while we sorted out our CELL PHONE!! YAY!! We are connected. Though only for texting internationally… no calls so I have not been hunting people down to give it out that we normally do not text. My inlaw’s homeline is our main line for calls… so if you need that please send me a message.


Wish such great successes and a bit of permanency under our belt that was it for the day… well until Cory got here for a visit. He is Gavin’s godfather and a dear friend of Ken’s. He hung out until after the kids finished their movie (How to Train Your Dragon) and caught up as well as reminded Ken of his new weekly event – gaming at Cory’s house every Wednesday evening. Life is surely moving on!!

Movie time

With Cory

The settling in process is going to take a little time but I think we are up to the challenge. We have to slowly start back into our homeschooling, thankfully I was able to bring our review workbooks and of course Farmer Boy… I anticipate complaints but it will all work out eventually!