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Slipping To September

New month, new school year! This year I gave the kids the option to “chose” their school year… We get asked this question A LOT through the years and the kids never really know how to answer it. We don’t align to a specific grade and in Trinity’s case, I didn’t register her OFFICIALLY until she was 7 but she has been schooling much longer. (this saves us on testing until it is required by state law) I gave Echo Kindergarten and Trinity chose Grade 3. The boys, they got creative.20160902_092005

20160902_092531Emanuel went with Grade Dinosaur. Gavin  decided on Grade Minecraft. Zander went all out with Grade Mom is the Best Teacher. (mild suck up action there).20160902_092300

20160902_09193420160902_092505I even wrote my own “grade” level.img_20160901_145635

img_20160901_145914img_20160901_145728Poor Echo continued to get eaten alive by the mosquitoes.20160902_094206_burst03

I went all out and tried blue hair… it faded a bit too quickly for my tastes but was fun for the short time it lasted.20160917_161906


Note Echo's temporary blue streak thanks to hair chalk.

Note Echo’s temporary blue streak thanks to hair chalk.


September was also the month of our Uncle Ted and Uncle Sean visit. Ted was here 1 week and Sean 2. It was amazing to have 3 of my boys together for the span of time. So much fun.20160904_194456

With Cookie the new Fat Sheep

With Cookie the new Fat Sheep

img_20160902_225119img_20160903_224059We also did Renaissance Festival with the boys and Shandai and Ravyn (no kids of course). Costumes for those who wanted etc etc. I will post the many many images and share the fun in a future post.20160904_150726_hdr

We ate out at our favourite Indian place.img_20160907_205323

Sean took Ken and myself out for a super fancy dinner as well!

Fancy outfit... ignore the bathroom

Fancy outfit… ignore the bathroom

Super pretty room

Super pretty room

Played with the Uncles.20160911_143258

20160911_20052920160917_110934img_20160905_13504520160903_180525Worked out hard.img_20160905_125054

Learned as much as we could.img_20160913_120225

img_20160913_140312img_20160914_160251img_20160907_144836I snuck in my craft time whenever possible.img_20160908_225318

At the pool

At the pool

img_20160909_151616I think we all had fun walking outside to the park.20160930_135721

20160930_141108There was a robot kit to make with the uncles.20160910_135835


20160910_14381720160910_145139And Sean even taught Echo how to play WoW (World of Warcraft) which I hadn’t seen in AGES.img_20160916_140158


Don’t forget swimming.20160918_180441


And the most unusual students.img_20160914_121812

As well as some amazing sunsets.img_20160923_194653

20160915_191530New school year, new start! We made the most of it with lots of fun, workbooks and working together. Keep an eye peeled for an overflow blog post. There are just too many pictures to share!20160911_143236




Gifts from Ethiopia!

Gifts from Ethiopia!



Happy 33rd!

JUNE 24th/25th!!

As of June 24th yours truly is 33 years old! And loving it! Now how did I celebrate it… Well back in town with Karyn and all… lunch with dear friends! My very first Dim Sum! We originally planned for Indian food but our favourite restaurant does not do Sunday lunch. Echo was totally on board, Trinity not so much. We were very firmly told that she wanted Fruit Loops and yogurt. In fact, we started our day with Fruit Loops!


I felt so special with the friends who turned out for lunch… Lauralee, Victoria and Kristen rounded out our gathering. It wasn’t too busy at  the restaurant and we didn’t have to wait long once we made our selection. It all tasted delicious and was a brand new thing for me. 

Pre Dim Sum gaming

And more

Birthday girl!

So good!

Echo approved!

How better to finish off our celebration than to head over to Kristen and Fydo’s for handmade cake courtesy of Victoria!!! Total yum with some amazing visiting and squiggle time for Echo and Trinity. We do miss visiting with these lovely people so the chance to sit and relax with them was AMAZING. I felt so spoiled! It was great to give the girls time to reconnect with some very special Aunties AND see Uncle Fydo, of course! Thank you so much ladies!

My cake

Happy Birthday to ME!

Cutting the cake

After saying good bye to everyone we had a quick stop off at Karyn’s to collect our over night items and then head back to Grandma’s. Of course we had to stop off for a slurpee first before leaving town. The drive went pretty well, but it always does when we travel with Karyn. Back to the reality of a 5 child family… though I am not quite sure I really was missed! Apparently life can be more fun without Mommy and her rules and school books. BUT I got hugs! 

My present from Kristen and Fydo! THANKS!

Life was a little topsy turvy with the kids running wild and a new dog visiting (Whoopsie and only on a temporary basis). And of course there was the inevitable boy mess in the basement making us settling in near impossible and instant mean mommy appear. So a bit of a let down BUT home we went. Monday was a difficult day… the boys were NOT ready for back to school stuff… and the girls were still settling in. 


Ken did set up work so that we could all FINALLY go see the Viking ship. AND get pictures taken with the kids IN IT! Very cool… check out the lake and the swans… and generally photograph the family and the stuff around us. That always is a pick me up for me! I do love my camera! 

Gavin and Zander


Miss T

And Baby

With Daddy

The Centre


Mini me?

In the afternoon we did have a visitor – one of the boys’ friends Kenneth who lives next door to mom’s old house came over to play and took the boys and Trinity down the road to the nearby park. He biked over and was more than willing to be in charge of the crew and take them out to play. 

Fun in the backyard

That was about all we had going for us on Monday… Except… my belated birthday ice cream cake thanks to Sharon!!! I felt soooo spoiled!!!!


and... a LAKE