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Hounded… a Book Review

From a light Australian romance to a humourous and super interesting first in a chronicles book about an extremely (try 2,100 years) long lived Druid in modern day USA. This book is full of wonderful characters, action, humour, paranormal, magic, did I mention humour, because I really LOVED that part of this book.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne is the first in The Iron Druid Chronicles and most certainly will NOT be the last one I read in this series. From the main character (and our narrator and view point the whole story through) the Druid Atticus O’Sullivan (at least that is the name he goes by now) to his dog Oberon (who is beyond a hoot and a half) to his werewolf and vampire legal team… oh I could just go on and on… a human widow (Irish and long lived) who made me laugh from the first meeting on… gods that you are not sure if you should love or hate… OH and everyone hates Thor… I mean EVERYONE! (not the same as movie Thor, apparently the different versions/incarnations of the gods etc exist in different places… belief/power/etc determines that)

All for the want of a sword… that is that everyone has a different opinion as to whether or not Atticus should keep hold of the one he has. With old adversaries blending with new and those on his side at times even questionable, Atticus is constantly sharing a bit of his past here, a thought there, a joke always and his love for his pet Oberon… eternal.

I don’t know that I can sing the praises of this story loudly enough. There is lively discussion about various deities… a lovely bit of a history lesson, characters that seem so real you feel like you just need to get to the place and meet them for yourself. Granted, there is some sexuality (goddesses are traditionally quite naked it seems and so many of the pantheons are full of sex and gore), definitely a bit of gore (for really a Celtic Druid with an insanely important sword… duh), but so much humour and such a well told story! I cannot wait to get my hands on the second one! hounded-9781441870001-lg

And We Soldier On

For all resource links please check out the entry “Saint Patrick’s Day Resources“.

March 11-12

The Bodhran was our first instrument to cover this year. We are reusing the videos from our previous year with just as much enjoyment. So I am going to re-embed them in the entry of course! (they will also be in the resource entry)

Today we saw daddy off to the office and are running solo. Thankfully we had our St. Patrick’s Day themed book of the day – St. Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons. And started working on our poem for Friday.

Book of the day

We started work on our leprechaun trap… a great way to learn the rainbow since we changed out plain sticks (which were actually MORE expensive???) with coloured ones!

Working on our box

The twins painted our 3 heart shapes to make our shamrock for the lid.

Green paint and the twins

Our second instrument covered was the Uilleann Pipes…

We played some simple but fun St. Patrick’s Day themed board games that you can find on Education.com. (link on side bar)

Gaming together

Trinity made her Trinity teaching shamrock (yes yes her and Emanuel with their religious names confusion… O Come O Come Emmanuel was a horrible song for a small child who kept saying BUT I AM HERE).

Our Trinity representing the Holy Trinity with a fun craft

And Echo proved how much she HAS grown with her new proficiency with getting into the fridge and asserting her wish to have what SHE wanted WHEN she wanted it!

Hot dogs???

We even squeaked in a Wild Kratts episode on the Tasmanian Devil.

Tasmanian Devil

Our Tuesday started us on the Irish/Celtic Harp….

and the Tin Whistle.

Just like last year the sound of the tin whistle is a siren call… a siren call to DANCE!

Trinity and I used a JoAnn’s kit and made a pretty St. Patrick’s Day themed headband.


So pretty and festive

And of course we continued the work on our leprechaun trap… think it will tempt one well enough???

Finishing the lid

Our book for today was Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola. St. Patrick has quite a few interesting legends connected to him. We have 6 we wrote about but we did not include the one where he prayed and a man turned into a FOX or where horses were lost and his hand glowed showing the way! Seriously, there is a lot of interesting things connected to the patron saint of Ireland!

With our book about the Saint

Echo napped through the tin whistle so she had a Bubble Guppies dancing moment.

Get down

And dance

We also made our monthly mini poster for the ‘fridge. March! What do you think of when you think of MARCH?


Girls in pretty dresses simply must be photographed!

So pretty.. this is a dress I added a sash to over a year ago to alter to fit our skinny minny… and now it actually fits… better

My girls together

And for us… a “romantic” dinner and a movie… well some anime…


With it being spring break around here the boys ALSO got some time with the neighbours in the snow!

So much snow

St Patrick has been interesting and the weather cooperating… not bad not bad!

All smiles

Yup it is Tuesday

Today we watched some videos with Irish dancing. I definitely have to share them both. Trinity also coloured an Irish Dancer today. You can find her on Education.com right HERE

We finished assembling some simple games – the Currclick Irish themed matching game (seriously check out their site and search St. Patrick’s Day… this is the freebie, link on right side of my blog), and then another from Education.com – a math activity – Pots of Gold. Not overly difficult addition and subtraction but a good revision and a chance for the boys to teach their brother.

Filling the pots with gold

We did our “smelly shamrock” craft today… pretty simple – you need either to print out the shamrocks on green paper or do what we did and have a template (great practice with cutting shapes), some green jell-o (I used jell-o brand, I wonder if the no name brand would smell as good… white glue and paint brushes. You can find the instructions HERE. We will have to see how smelly they are tomorrow, but we have plenty of jell-o powder to make more. 

Applying the glue

We coloured some simple Celtic knots, Our favourite UK site has some great St. Patrick’s Day printables. You can find some HERE.

With Emanuel and Trinity's knots

It was library today so Karyn, myself and Trinity and Emanuel made the trip to the downtown branch. Karyn alerted me to the fact that there is a substantial teen rated manga section in the upper levels… so I now have some reading to do! I still want to PURCHASE the back Gin Tama volumes but for now I can catch up and enjoy them, temporarily. AND the first 3 of Mushi-shi… YAY. 

Craft time


We have a couple crafts to get working on over the next few days… I just need to find the time to make one of them myself first. I am hoping that we can just keep on having bits of fun through out the next two weeks and still find progression occurring… I have a few more books from the library to read tomorrow and of course more videos to watch. And that WIP to come back to… I promise more pictures are to come! 

A moment of quiet play before Baby Sister of Doom attacked!