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Happy America Day

That is what the kids all called July 4th this year after celebrating Canada Day, after all if it is called CANADA Day in Canada… then doesn’t it make perfect sense?IMG_20160704_125240

We didn’t try nearly so hard with this national holiday since we were in the middle of the country actually celebrating it. We did still put up our paper chain (red, white and blue) and our flag banner. The kids figured the rest of the area covered the necessary flags and then some.20160704_110555

For our morning activities Ken and I left the kids at home to do something independent (see what I did there…) on the day… and we took ourselves off to the YMCA which was busier than we expected. After a good go on the treadmill it was back home to crack out some chores and then… veg.

If you can believe it I took a few hours and crocheted and relaxed on a LONG WEEKEND? The horror! Of course pictures were taken, and we had the mosquito bites to prove it! (Gavin is in the white and Zander the red)20160704_110641

20160704_11074220160704_11083720160704_110925_Burst01Our super special July 4th treat was to head over to our homeschool friends’ house for the very first time for some of the most amazing ribs ever, pie and cupcakes totally keeping with the theme. Not to mention a playdate that kept the kids pretty well occupied constantly. It is so lovely when a family meshes with yours so well that age doesn’t matter or gender among the kids they just all work it out and are happy and excited to see each other.IMAG0028

We didn’t even make it to fireworks, they ate like crazy, played non stop… we drove them home and into bed they went. It was the better choice, Echo is really not handling mosquito bites well. They seem to chase her with a runny nose and fever half the time and swelling. Not fun. So outside for fireworks in the dark after all the moisture, not a good choice.

Just amazing homemade deserts AND ribs that were to die for!

Just amazing homemade deserts AND ribs that were to die for!

IMAG0025We took our photographs and found some joy in the day. That was all I really wanted and all I could ask for. So happy Independence Day to everyone… I hope it was a grand one!



And... my ONE photo in a USA shirt!

And… my ONE photo in a USA shirt!

The Lull Between Holidays

July 2-3

I have to say, having the reason to celebrate BOTH Canada Day AND Independence Day has made our July much more interesting. Of course since one is July 1st and the other the 4th we DO have two days in between. This year was unusual as everyone (including Joe, Faithe, Gabbi and Zachary with Nana and Baba) was going camping starting on the 3rd… Except me and the girls (Mosquito allergy) and Ken (leaving the morning of the 4th after his appointments). This marks one of the VERY few civic holidays that Ken and myself would not celebrate together. As I mentioned in a previous July 4th entry HERE, we 3 girls did manage a fun time without our boys. But we did miss them!

Anyway… the 2nd and 3rd… We started with a half day of school. Mainly reflections on what it means to each of the twins to be Canadian…101_8160 101_8161

And pictures of things that represent Canada to Trinity and Emanuel.101_8158 101_8159

The boys are very serious about improving their reading. The twins are thick into chapter books and Emanuel is struggling less and less.101_8162

The kids got their newest souvenir from Nana and Baba’s travels… animal puzzles!101_8163

And then it was time for cousins and playing.101_8165 101_8166

They are set to move to Florida at the end of July. Quite the big move and a wee bit unexpected so I made sure to grab early July 4th group photos. I even dressed the kids up in their colours. I couldn’t let a holiday go by without that! (I posted an image or two from this photo shoot HERE.)101_8169 101_8173 101_8175

Especially without a group shot of the kids. Every year we do it!101_8170

On the 3rd we saw off everyone BUT Daddy, but really snuck out before the chaos and met up with Renee, Nathan, Evan, Jeffrey and Renee’s sister Karen (you will remember her from the amazing June wedding Ken was in HERE).101_8185 101_8184

This is a pretty amazing series of parks. There is a play park, then a splash pad (not a park, just a cement pad with water spraying out) and then the manicured and lifeguard included beach!101_8187 101_8186 101_8188

Ken was odd man out as usual but the kids had a blast, and it was so fun to get to see the sisters together. Now that Ken is healthier and working on becoming the healthy and HAPPY man we always knew he could be he is the first out the door to allow for the possibility of us expanding our social life. Karen and Renee are such a welcome addition to the list of people I have locally to hang out with. I feel so lucky that they include us on outings and time with the kids! (Karen is an amazing math teacher as well! And so interesting to talk to about possible school ideas… something I have been missing here in Minnesota what with all my librarian friends up north!!)101_8193

101_8207 101_8210The girls didn’t even miss their wayward brothers and even made up for the lack of boys by playing with Nathan and Evan.101_8208 101_8190 101_8191

I was amazed at the absolute confidence Miss Echo showed. We didn’t have to convince her into the water or even follow her around!101_8214 101_8195 101_8189

Of course we brought lunch!101_8217

After our playdate it was off to Joann’s to spend the amazing gift card my sister in law Holly sent me for my birthday. She sent it with the direction to “buy yarn” so I went all out random.  And since it was clearance time spent way less than expected!!101_8222 101_8223

With just the two girls and then Daddy gone to appointments was our afternoon and evening ever QUIET!!! So weird, not only having just girls but only 2!!!! But a nice break before the next special day!101_8220 101_8221

Enjoy the beach filled overflow!101_8215 101_8216 101_8218 101_8199