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Ghost a la Mode

I have lucked out with a string of amazing stories lately and Sue Ann Jaffarian’s Ghost a la Mode was no exception. This first book in the Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery series and I honestly hope it is far from the last! You start the story with Emma Whitecastle, a woman in her early 40’s going through a lengthy divorce from her famous (but not so nice) talk show (cheating) husband. They have a daughter (Kelly) and lives with her parents. Cue in Tracy, the best friend whose friendship had been renewed with her leaving of her husband. 

Together the two of them head to a seance (on Tracy’s insistence), cue the clairvoyant Milo who has a message for Emma from a great great great grandmother… Granny Apples known as Ish. What does this spitfire ghost need from Emma, not much, just vindication that she did NOT murder her husband as she was hanged for! Add in that Emma’s mother has had contact with Ish before and the mystery is on! 

You join Emma on a sojourn to find out about her roots, to help Ish and to find out what this new talent of not only HEARING but SEEING ghosts means for her. Visit the real town Julian, California with Emma and meet the characters that live there (not so real), ghost and living. I don’t want to give away too much, but there is some romance, lots of action, history, and of course a spunky lady on a mission.

I am definitely going to read the next books in the series! There are few things that I truly love about this book – ONE she doesn’t hide things from the police… granted it is not easy and she does come off a bit crazy to them BUT she is true to herself and TWO yes there is murder but there is NOT huge amounts of gore. The ghosts are varied, the people hilarious and the story absolutely fabulous! Check it out!

Ghost a la Mode