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Emanuel really loves those omnivores. The Mongolian Oviraptor has had a bum rap for a potential omnivore. Originally found on a nest of eggs, Paleontologists actually miss understood what they found and thought this ostrich like dinosaur was an egg nabber! Further study actually discovered that the eggs this dinosaur was found on top of were not the eggs of a different dinosaur but proof that the Oviraptor was a rather protective parent. This Cretaceous dinosaur had a sharp, toothless beak and may have been covered with feathers.

Our video for this one can be found on the Discovery website HERE. We had a second video from the National History Museum with a Dr. Paul Barrett that you can watch on their site HERE.

And now for our link list!

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Not so much a dinosaur as a marine reptile, Elasmosaurus is all that and more. Found in the late Cretaceous period, this “thin plated” lizard had 4 fins instead of legs and had a long, thin neck and short tail. Feeding on fish in the ocean this monster was found in what is now Wyoming, USA. There is some that think this animal may have given birth to live young. With good eyesight it would have been quite the predator.

Our video came from the series Dinosaur Train. Nana has an Amazon Prime account so we were able to watch for free. But you can purchase it and the whole series on Amazon HERE.

Watching together

And then of course, our link list… it is getting harder and harder to find common dinosaurs that have a selection of videos. Time to delve into the increasingly obscure.

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Enter the Familiar Triceratops!!

Seriously a COMMONLY KNOWN dinosaur is a LOVELY change! So much information to sift through to find the fun and interesting tips to share with our dino fiend Emanuel. So let’s get right down to it… Videos first! We chose two out of the tons there are online, first a tribute video with a nice selection of Triceratops images. Some fanciful others renditions and even some choice skeletons (did you know there are MULTIPLE variations depending on the skulls?? Cuz there are!)

And then a very informative video done by DinosaurDays. I am going to have to look into their actual site and see what they have on other dinosaurs of interest past and present.

There are many images on google. We chose THIS ONE for our picture to colour. And THIS fact sheet to put in our dinosaur folder. EnchantedLearning came through with THIS skeleton. I love how they gave names to all the bones, and really showed off the 3 horns and head frill (seriously a GREAT name for a piece of bone FRILL). The ScienceKids site has a great fact list HERE. And KidsDigDinos has a great child drawn illustration of a Triceratops HERE. Don’t forget Wiki for the total technical HERE. Emanuel loved the more story, chatty format of the dinosaurs.org site HERE. We always look to kidsdinos to find a map to show WHERE those bones were found HERE.

So add another herbivore to our list of dinos. The description of their lifestyle (herding, plant eating) reminded me a lot of other current mammals. After all it is even thought that they may have, in time of danger formed a circle with the weak and babies in the middle and horns pointing out. What an interesting dinosaur!! Check out the videos and links the next time you want to know more about this Cretaceous era dinosaur! Next up – Deinychus! Wish me luck, we found this one in our new dinosaur book – The Last Dinosaurs