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When life gets sunny and busy …. we walked two miles to the YMCA and two miles BACK HOME after spending 3 hours at various activities this past Tuesday… I run to my backlog… and it is time to get these dinos out! Enjoy! Sorry there isn’t a picture at the end but the resources are there for the using!


Emanuel has turned his focus from the land to the water… there are some absolutely nightmare inspiring critters from the time of the dinosaurs that lived  in the oceans! This short-necked plesiosaur had 4 flippers to propel itself through the water. Found in the Cretaceous period this marine reptile had a long and narrow jaw lined with sharp teeth. Nicknamed Dolly, the Dolichorhynchops is found all over North America. While they look like reptiles there are some resources that state they are definitely dinosaurs.

We have TWO videos this time… Sea Monsters 3 from National Geographic.

And Sea Monsters A Prehistoric Adventure 2007 from PrehistoricWorld2013.

And now for our links, there are a few articles I am including that we did not read through, but they may be interested for the older dinosaur fanatic! Enjoy!

  • National Geographic HERE
  • National Geographic images HERE
  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • KidsDigDinos.com HERE
  • Prehistoric Wildlife HERE
  • Dinosaur Facts HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Ezine Articles HERE
  • Everything Dinosaur HERE
  • And our colouring page is from Mesozoica Arts’ Flickr page HERE


I was so shocked and embarrassed to see that we had not yet covered the very popular and familiar Stegosaurus! This herbivore has quite the memorable visual with its large plates and barbs on its tail… and the beak mouth without any teeth. Found in the Jurassic Period with an unusually small brain the actual reason behind the plates along its back has been long discussed (And is talked about in an episode of Dino Dan. There are actually multiple episodes that deal with this dinosaur on the Canadian/American show).

We had two videos. The I’m a Dinosaur video and then a series from the Discovery channel that you can view HERE.

There are plenty of links regarding this very popular dinosaur but here are the ones we used, let’s go with a list…

  1. EnchantedLearning HERE
  2. Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  3. Kidsdigdinos.com HERE
  4. Kids-Dinosaurs.com HERE
  5. Jurassic Times HERE
  6. Science Kids HERE
  7. We did not have time to get into this much BUT I felt I should share Stegosaurus.org HERE
  8. Wiki HERE
  9. Our colouring page another of Zakafreakarama on deviantArt HERE, be sure to check out his personal page HERE.

And there you are, a nice selection to get you going in your dinosaur adventures!



the intelligent dinosaur! In fact, it is believed this large brained (with imprints of the brain left on the fossilized skulls) dinosaur was the smartest ever with evidence of the brain beginning to fold (the more folds the more advanced). One of our videos even considered that had the dinosaurs not been wiped out this Cretaceous era carnivore could have evolved to the level of human intelligence. As is, they believe that the Troodon could have been as intelligent as the modern bird. A huge difference from the other small brained, large headed dinosaurs of lesser intelligence.

We actually had a 3 part video series to watch. I will post them all in order here. The Troodon makes for good video…

I found this dinosaur by looking through the list of the I’m a Dinosaur videos on youTube so of course I will post it here!

And now for the links of interest. There are TWO National Geographic ones, the main page HERE and the Kid’s HERE. Jurassic Park Wiki has a rather spooky picture and some information HERE. EnchantedLearning has a helpful fact sheet HERE. For 10 facts of interest on the Troodon check out Dinosaurs.about.com HERE. Test your knowledge with a question on Kidsdigdinos.com HERE. Charts and maps on Kidsdinos.com HERE. Of course Wiki has their article HERE, and  you can find our colouring page on Education.com HERE.

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