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August 16-17

We entered the weekend with a hello and a good bye… first on Friday while we frolicked in the sunshine in the yard as much as we could…101_9259 101_9258 101_9261 101_9262 101_9264

And of course a little harvesting of the garden.101_9260

Ken went to the airport and after having lunch out brought home his friend JEFF all the way from Alberta, Canada. Ken worked for Jeff (and Darryl) way back when the twins were tiny and they have been friends ever since. He now works for Apple in their Canadian office though he does travel often down to California. We lucked out and he had holidays he had to use up and a break in projects AND trips even further south. What a total pick me up for Ken. I think he had been missing his friends back home more than he let on. And Jeff is great with kids!!

The guys were quick to settle down in our room where they could game in peace. Happy boys!101_9267

On Sunday we packed up the kids and Jeff and took him to see our favourite (though slightly chilly with the heat of summer fading) beach. Double bonus – Renee and Christopher were able to join us with their 3 boys. Our best beach buddies and a good friend from Canada on a day when the beach was NOT full of people… awesome!101_9270 101_9273 101_9274 101_9277 101_9278 101_9279 101_9269

I do not have high hopes for school progress the following week but Ken and Jeff have plans to power through cleaning in the sub basement and sort sort sort. Ken has dreams of a computer room down there and they finally look attainable! Sunday also marks the beginning of Nana and Baba’s first longer trip to Mexico in ages. Friends and family and fun… awesome!101_9271

Truth or Date (Better Date Than Never Book #2)

Short romances can be the absolute perfect rainy afternoon cure. Truth or Date, the second in Susan Hatler’s Better Date Than Never series is a great contemporary romance. The main character, Gina has ended her relationship of 10 unproductive, marriage-less years with George only to find herself 4 months later STILL living in the same apartment in the spare bedroom. Time with her girlfriends while preparing for Ellen’s wedding wakes her up to the fact that she needs to move out and move on.

Enter two men into Gina’s hopeful romantic life… Chris, the co worker who is moving on from the company after years there and Ethan, a man that Kristen, fellow bridesmaid set her up with. I don’t want to go too much more in depth as this IS a short story, but the romance is interesting, the characters entertaining and the pace terrific for such a short story.

I found myself easily rooting for Gina to make the right decision and curious about Ellen’s story (book 1 apparently). Truth or Date with its ongoing game of truth or dare as a common theme among the characters is a sweet romance for a quiet afternoon.

Truth or Date

Truth or Date

A Very Merry Canadian Christmas

Is  what I am told our loved ones had this year! And I lucked out, friends and family were willing to share their pictures!

My brother, my nephew and my Uncle together after Christmas building toys… thanks Holly!

The Bleau kids ready to open their presents on Christmas Day… So cute, thanks Sharon!

Jeff, Sean, Tedd and Darryl on New Years! Good memories of times like this! Thanks Sharon!

Though not pictured, Karyn sent me this picture from her time in Saskatchewan… this is her mom, her sister inlaw and her nephews!!! Oh and a puppy!

And a close up of the puppy, thanks Karyn

The parents to be Kristen and Fydo! Baby is due imminently

Not a picture but equally cool! Here is the video of Ted’s very own Christmas tree… very cool!

I really missed my time with our oldest god daughter and her family. Emanuel was also rather sad to not get his usual hugs and quality time with his god mommy. But I lucked out, the den Otters have a wonderful picture to share with us here! We miss you all so much!

Alex, Isabella and Izaac, thanks for the amazing picture Xinny!

It was super busy this Christmas for our other god daughter Anna… not only does she have a new baby sister but they also moved over the holiday. So here is the picture Ada was able to find for me. So cute! She is just 2 months older than Echo.

Miss Anna, thanks Ada

And of course we must include some images from the She Chris and He Chris Christmas. With Mae as well! You will remember them especially from their wedding!

Note the owl couple! I gave that to them last year

Miss Mae

The puppy

I want to thank everyone who send in their pictures! I am hoping to do this for other major holidays so PLEASE save those Easter pictures as well!