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Two Months Into 2014 and Under Our Belt

February 26-28

We have, in the past, done full out units on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. This year we decided to really just enjoy some worksheets and books. There is something amazing about first of all sharing these books I remember from my childhood with the kids but ALSO watch the twins read these stories to their siblings themselves. Quite the tongue twisters at times but Gavin toughed it out and bit by bit read through an entire book.101_6338

In the middle of a week we have to find some interesting activities to add to our routine. The girls went the tent route.101_6340

101_6344And the boys decided to give a Lego boardgame I found online HERE a try. I love this one, it uses reading, creativity and math skills to create an activity all the kids can enjoy.101_6341

101_6345We have found ways to make EVERY day enjoyable really… everything from tents to games to climbing on Daddy when he is on a break.101_6346

And then back to reading.101_6347

We took everyone out to run errands… Miss Echo was VERY pleased with her 1.00 sun hat from Target. Quite the find!101_6348

And that brings us to March! As I look back at February I see a flexing sort of learning. We have looked at Valentines Day, discussed China in amazing depth… talked about the Olympics and continued with our swimming and had a blast with Scouts. Ken is healthier than ever and our decision to stop expanding our family is one we have fully embraced. How blessed are with to have 2 months of 2014 with so many wonderful and positive things! Now to continue the trend!!

Baby in a suitcase???

Baby in a suitcase???