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Moments in March

March is a special month – within the span of a week my brother AND my father have their birthdays. I will warn  you now… March was photo heavy!! And VERY delayed… but better late than forgetting all about the blog and giving up on it… right?

Our trend of almost every evening at the YMCA has continued. I think we are really taking full advantage of our membership right now.20170304_105422






IMG_20170309_233608_012Ken and I spent more than a few weekends with an evening at the indoor soccer games.IMG_20170304_220904_230




IMG_20170318_223622_583Some of those nights Aidan and Alex joined our kids to avoid having to go watch.20170304_230525

20170315_092320We spent some fun time with the Schwartz family.IMG_20170308_123745_874

Of course there was plenty of school going on.

Decorating chalk eggs

Decorating chalk eggs


Gavin on left

Gavin on left







20170317_093842We had a tiny bit of snow to enjoy.20170313_120454

We had a bit of a fashion show month.

Thank you Aunty Heather!

Thank you Aunty Heather!


Don't ask, but that IS a cat on the hat.

Don’t ask, but that IS a cat on the hat.

This is one of my shirts from when I visited my sister at college before Trinity was even born!

This is one of my shirts from when I visited my sister at college before Trinity was even born!

IMG_20170310_212741_776The completions in class just keep on coming.IMG_20170303_105736_964



IMG_20170306_100028_671And I found time for some baking.20170321_160654

Don’t forget about St. Patrick’s Day!

Zander far left... oldest to youngest in their pinch free green.

Zander far left… oldest to youngest in their pinch free green.

Setting the leprechaun trap

Setting the leprechaun trap

Quite the gold this year!

Quite the gold this year!

Fancy themed table

Fancy themed table

Themed lunch!

Themed lunch!

Or our monthly Pizza Hut.20170321_181551

The sunroom has finally warmed, with the help of the new portable fireplace and a tidy room we have really been enjoying the space.20170328_193612


IMG_20170328_192042_567We finished up a redecorate on Emanuel’s room!20170304_184808

We also put up improved clothing rods for the girls!20170314_205905

I got in lots of crocheting time.IMG_20170330_151244_082


Hats for all of us girls

Hats for all of us girls

And found a yarn that reminded me of a famous painting.IMG_20170313_233313_656

Snuck in a cross stitch pattern – a birthday gift for my mom!20170328_151542

And after making them at Cluby, Trinity helped me make some knotted blankets for our sunroom chairs.IMG_20170308_102121

Spent some time at church.IMG_20170326_110250_423

It was great to spend time with friends who are family.20170304_201128


Shandai and Ravyn's kitty!!! Well, one of!

Shandai and Ravyn’s kitty!!! Well, one of!

Anthony and Chloe

Anthony and Chloe

20170310_230211And just straight out family! 

Cousin Robbie!

Cousin Robbie!

Ken and I snuck out for our own time together too.IMG_20170313_143009_660

IMG_20170308_215536_014All while we played and learned and kept ourselves busy!IMG_20170302_114620_790





Creativity in the mind of Echo.

Creativity in the mind of Echo.


Spot the squirrel

Spot the squirrel

And THIS is Spring in Minnesota??

NOTE this is being posted on the 15th and I just want to send out a prayer to all those involved in the bombings in Boston. The world we live in is such an amazing and at times scary place…

April 9-11

Some days are special days and some days we MAKE special… today after a successful (with only a few glitches) morning I put the girls to nap and let the boys Minecraft it up with minimum fuss for once!

Working together

Of course first we had to learn all about penguins… our second book for the day was National Geographic Science Readers: Penguins by Anne Schreiber. Penguins really are one of the most interesting birds. And today we found out WHY they are black on their backs (to hide them from predators from above) and white on their stomachs (to make them hard to spot when fishing!).

Our informational brochure type thing

We had a video covering the career and death of Captain Cook… apparently there is no clear answer as to WHY he was murdered… killed… whatever… Thanks to Crash Course World History. A little over their heads but enjoyable all the same.

Gavin and Emanuel assembled an ice box off of our Mr. Popper’s Penguins lapbook.

It is hard to see but Emanuel made the penguin (he is pro) and Gavin cut out the ice cubes.

We also had a phone call from Grandma on her trip down Route 66… assembly line phone call!

Pass that phone!

And since apparently winter is not willing to let go… we had snow themed pages in our brand new nature journals.

Back to snow

For some unknown reason this is the window of choice!

The middle of the week was definitely not a sunny spring day… however that did not stop us from learning even more about penguins. This time we made clay ones to go into our tiny refrigerator with the clay food.

Penguins on parade

We had a fun second story in the form of the book Little Penguin The Emperor of Antartica by Jonathon London. This time instead of reflecting on the story itself the 3 boys worked together to create their own little story.

Penguin Book

We made fingerprint pneguins…


Then the boys snuck off on me to do Lincoln Logs…

A little city…

With our Mr. Popper’s Penguins the boys re-enacted a phone call in our chapter… too cute!


The boys went and played with the neighbours. In the process of learning the proper catch and throwing techniques Gavin’s cheek got in the way! He was just fine about it though.


Thursday marked a rather massive amount of spring snow… so of course the twins had to go out and play in it for a while.

Super sticky snow

Our second book of the day was by an author we really enjoy – Antoinette Portis (Not a Box) called A Penguin Story. This time the 3 boys (Trinity refused) drew their own adorable penguins and we stapled that together to be a mini book.

Adorable penguins

Here is how our weather ENDED on these 3 says of SPRING…


We did a Wild Kratts that was appropriate for our theme if only because these are animals that are MISTAKENLY showed with Penguins – Polar Bears and the Walrus are NORTH Pole critters… the Penguins SOUTH of the equator!

Such art!

So our 3 days have been filled with Penguin learning and snow… I think the kids don’t believe me that it is spring anymore!!!

We DO have some birds though!

Saying Good Bye

January 20-21

It was hard to do it but on the 20th Ken and I had to make the drive to send Karyn back to Canada. I don’t think Trinity really understood what that meant. She really was thinking Karyn would just be back soon.

Missing Aunty Karyn

After dropping off Karyn really the rest of the day was resting and sleeping for yours truly. We stayed up late the night before (of course). It is so unreal, saying good bye again with no set date to visit each other again. BUT the visit was amazing and that is what counts!

Relaxing with Daddy

TV time

Monday had a slow start due to the ending of our visit. BUT we got our feet under us and worked our buns off to do our best with our school work. What to start with? Well… Art for Kids has always been an inspiration for us! This time we had THREE pictures to draw… the roses from before, an adorable penguin and a spider! Zander did all 3 on one page and then wrote a story with me about the picture (I will share that in another entry eventually I am sure). 

Gavin with two of 3

His spider on a rather amazing web

The three in one

The Lincoln Logs (I know, so classically AMERICAN) appeared on the floor for some intense family building, from instructions… but with some alteration of the roof! We had to liquidate ours when we moved so having a Nana and Baba set to visit with is great.


We made a family favourite for lunch – pita pizzas, just using tortillas instead of our usual pita. 

Pizza time!

As a SUPER special treat to make up for the lack of Aunty Karyn I busted out some Smarties of the Canadian kind to share with everyone! YUM!


We have made a great start with our Chinese New Year… of course starting with the traditional story about the great race to the Jade Emperor. My main resource for this year’s festivities is Activity Village. It is the year of the SNAKE! I have already contacted Xinny to get the characters to use for it and am looking forward to a couple snake crafts as well as our usual library books, colouring pages and time together talking about China! This year we are going much more stories and together time and less the country itself. 

Proudly coloured… with markers!

So life is trundling along with our new countdown to seeing Ted and Sean!!! After all these visits are done we are going to be one mopey family!

Pretty in plaid