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Fairy Tale Flirts 2

Hot on the heels of Fairy Tale Flirts is the sequel by Lisa Scott – Fairy Tale Flirts 2. 5 fun, contemporary romance short stories all based on aspects of different traditional fairy tales. This series uses Hansel and Gretal, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Rumplestiltskin as the beginning point of these sweet bites sized romances all based at the Neverland Island midway. A second common theme is the mention of an obscure figure known as the Woodsman who has terrorized multiple characters at the midway who all came from the adorably named Goose Valley.

A midway is the perfect location for interesting and varied romances and comedic interludes… be it the sexy chocolate shop (adults only), the mermaid water show or the girl with the longest hair viewing. Everyone seems to be in need of a little romance and has personal mysteries to clear up. All of these short stories could be read alone but read best in order (and honestly soon after reading the first installment).

My favourite of the 5 stories has to be the Rapunzel story. A girl so in need of love and freedom finds her prince. What more can we ask for? The reasoning behind her being captive and her history was rather creative and I loved her knight in shining armour.

Once again there is a series of stories all connected by a common thread. There is romance, humour and a touch of fairy tale glamour to enjoy. I have reviewed and would suggest many of Lisa Scott’s books… you can find my reviews if you look for Lisa Scott book review in my search engine to the right. I truly enjoyed Fairy Tale Flirts 2. Again bite sized romance you can take in parts or a whole. Perfect!9781301802647.225x225-75

The Willowdale Romance Short Story Collection

Unlike other anthologies by Lisa Scott, the first in the Willowdale collection is only 3 stories long. In The Willowdale Romance books we follow the romances of 3 young women who become friends in the first story. Tonya from New York is first, a hairdresser and a catalyst, Jeanne the chef and Kate the local girl are friends in need of love. However, like her other romances… each is a short story, complete (for the most part) standing solo… except for the final that ties everything together. There is a common thread to be found in these, of course as I mentioned above, and the usual humour mixed in with romance.

Willowdale is a southern small town complete with a barber shop of dubious quality, gossiping biddies, and a couple of dishy brothers. The ending of the trio of stories is very different and no less entertaining than Lisa Scott’s other stories. Very unexpected! I loved this series of stories almost specifically for the ending. The characters are fun and well fleshed out. There is history both shared and not and a touch of wry humour when it comes love.

Contemporary romance in quicker nibbles, the Willowdale series is a wonderful afternoon read. I, as always can recommend Lisa Scott’s books whole heartedly. You can find my other reviews by typing Lisa Scott book reviews in the search engine on the right of my page. Romance with an ending I certainly did NOT see coming… be sure to check out The Willowdale collection for some contemporary fun that is neither overly graphic nor completely angsty.2940016111100_p0_v2_s260x420

Holiday Flirts!

With Halloween fast approaching the first in the anothology Holiday Flirts! by Lisa Scott was right on track. This Halloween themed piece was a lovely read about a divorcee who was trying to figure out how to get back on her feet and maybe fall in love. A great start to a  holiday themed series. Of course, as with all the anthologies by Lisa Scott, there are common threads tying each story together ending with a final romance that draws back everyone from the previous couplings. 

Focused around Halloween, Christmas and New Years, these contemporary romances are light hearted and fun. Each couple has its issues, each person their failings and worries but in the end it is all about finding love. And best of all, each is a short chapter long (but complete) story about their search for romance. So you can sit and read one or all depending on your mood and time frame. 

All of Lisa Scott’s short romantic stories are a treat and Holiday Flirts! Does not disappoint. At this point I have reviewed multiple anthologies by her. You can hunt down my reviews by searching Lisa Scott Book Reviews in my browser top right or skip me all together and go right to her official page HERE. If you want a touch of whimsy, some seasonal fun and a good romance or 5… Holiday Flirts! Is the perfect choice! 02HolidayFlirtsCollection