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Oh Canada…

How we miss you! And how the boys asked so politely to do a FULL unit on you. And with that… time to share our resources!!! It is mostly a book like, but I figured… time to get this puppy posted. Remember to research interesting topics… I would suggest the following:

  • Inukshuks
  • First Nations
  • Beavers
  • Dinosaurs
  • RCMP
  • Kermode Bear
  • The “new” Territories
  • Canada Geese
  • Poutine
  • Maple Syrup

The list goes on! Good luck and enjoy.. eh.


BOOKS (and there are a few!)


  • Families of Canada from the Families of the World series. The link is to the 2015 version. We had the 2005 one from the library.

USEFUL SITES (quick links to their Canada resources… good luck!)

  • Kidzone HERE
  • SuperTeacher Worksheets HERE
  • Today I Found Out (on the flag) HERE
  • FactSlides.com HERE
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Freebie HERE
  • EasyScienceForKids worksheet HERE
  • ISLCollective has some worksheets HERE

Of course we used Activity Village for resources and did lots of colouring. Education.com has a bit, HERE is my collection. It is well worth it to do a search on dinosaurs found in Canada. We used to live near the Royal Tyrrell Museum which is an amazing dinosaur museum with some very new finds. Do check out their site HERE. Macleans also has a 10 coolest dinosaurs article to get you started HERE. Check out Global’s piece on a new dinosaur find HERE.

It is really past time for me to post this! So I am glad to get it up. I am sure we will cover our homeland once again in 2017. With it being a landmark year (150) I will try to find some interesting ways to learn even more about Canada in all her glory. Wish me luck!20160629_190711

Can I Have More Days Like These Please?

July 21-24

After such a wonderful package coming in the mail from Gammie, is it any wonder that life right now is like a daily fashion show? The girls are loving their new pieces…101_3682

Limping or not Ken is loving his time with the kids in the playset HE built!101_3690

And then the kids brought our their little kits they bought at Lakshore (2.00 a piece!) to get  their dig on. Zander loves the gems and the other two boys are in love with digging their own dinosaur bones.101_3691

101_3693101_3711We had some mad growth with our beans and some spare time in the evening with Ken not playing soccer it was time to pot our beans. We kept our best of the littles’ beans in a pot on the table in the kitchen (remember the sunflower attempt?) and the rest in a large pot in the front yard.101_3700

The most excitement was truly in the watering!101_3704

101_3707Back to our half days with some fun in the sun thrown in. Funny how focused the kids can get with the help of a 2.00 toy!

Zander recording his findings.

Zander recording his findings.

On Tuesday it was time to learn about FRANCE thanks to Little Passports. I added in two books – Around the World, Let’s Visit France by Susie Brooks and France by Liz Sonneborn for Emanuel to look through for fun and of course went to Activity Village (link on right) for printable book marks and a map.101_3717

101_3718We had time for fun in the sun, both art and bringing out the bubble maker for another go with the homemade bubbles (interesting but NOT the same as their brand… yet).101_3719


With the next day just a morning of learning.101_3739

101_3740All in all a successful few days! Summer in Minnesota is certainly treating us well!101_3735