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A Very August August

Whatever that means… Echo turned 7 in August. And summer continued to happen.

The twins did the Splash and Dash at the YMCA. This was the last year they could register and the first I had heard of it. It was just a fun thing and they did enjoy it. I think this year Ken will do a fun run with them. The other three with the rest of the clubY kids who were there were around to cheer them on.IMG_20170819_110223_762

IMG_20170819_110341_865We spent a lot of time at the YMCA in August. Lots of walking in the sunshine to do what we could do there. Zander chose to do schoolwork over club as he really does get bored. They are so quickly aging out of the program really.IMG_20170826_104211_498



It was quite the trick to get this daycare art with its paint home!

It was quite the trick to get this daycare art with its paint home!

Don’t forget karate!IMG_20170803_200105_644

We did try to see the total (well mostly here) solar eclipse. We went so far as to make viewing boxes… but weather conspired against us. So we went from an eclipse viewing to playing in the warm rain! Not a bad trade off!IMG_20170820_151832_817

With our viewing boxes early in the morning when we could see some clear sky.

With our viewing boxes early in the morning when we could see some clear sky.

So much for that!

So much for that!

How we had to watch it

How we had to watch it



Our revised rain party

Our revised rain party

Of course we worked on getting used to our newest member of the family. She is so fun to photograph (if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would be well aware of this already!).IMG_20170831_223650_062







20170811_215055Emanuel took a week off the family and went to a camp with his friend Aidan. It was so odd to only have 4 kids!FB_IMG_1502383358796



FB_IMG_1502383435268We made as many beach trips as we could on our sunny free days. Sometimes including friends like the Schwartz boys and their mom Renee.20170831_164222




20170831_162838We went to a neighborhood community event hosted by friends we made at the YMCA who were also instrumental in getting me off my butt and into the R.I.P.P.E.D. classes!

Bike parade

Bike parade


IMG_5417Had school in our classroom AND in the sunroom.20170830_120440


20170830_083640We did our part and sent some of our useful items to the YMCA collection for the YMCA in Houston after the hurricanes. It was so amazing to be part of a very successful drive where the two YMCAs worked together to fulfill a requested need.20170829_115520

Miss Echo lost her first teeth!IMG_20170814_211141_146

And I sewed up a storm.IMG_20170830_214228_949




A purse!

A purse!

We visited the Pixar exhibit at the science museum with out homeschool buds.

Echo and Nate

Echo and Nate






IMG_20170812_145904_049Ken and I visited the local soda shop.IMG-20170825-WA0006


And visited with Cousin Robbie. As well as baby Karissia when we were over at the Novaks. You will remember pictures of her baby shower HERE (her mom is Sophia).IMG-20170812-WA0002




We had lovely fancy ice cream out at a place near the Novak’s as well.20170826_141647


20170826_141636Snuck in some Canadian pride time at Canada Days in Little Canada. Though it was less exciting than we expected.IMG_20170806_122755_026

It was a great month in retrospect. I love that these moments flash back into my mind as I look at the pictures. I hope you enjoy them too! 20170831_162848











Half a Day Is Enough for Our Summer

July 15-16

Thus another week starts… AND we are back to our summer half days, for all 4 of the 5 who are schooling. That is one of our bigger changes, the moving of Trinity from just walking in and out of schooling into being a part of planning and portions that are consecutive and repeated.

First things first, time to check on the budding beans… one week later and there had been some growth in both cups thankfully!101_3554

We had some journaling time (Trinity had to get Gavin to help her draw the pictures on her new t-shirt from Nana and Baba).101_3555

And some story time…101_3556

And of course made our poster (finally! OOPS!) for the month of July! I do love seeing what they associate each month with.

I love that also to be included in what  you see in July is EMANUEL!

I love that also to be included in what you see in July is EMANUEL!

We had the added excitement of a lost front tooth! I figure it adds to the total adorable package that is Emanuel!!!101_3558

In fact, we were on a half day roll! I love when they all find a spot in the room and really focus on their learning!101_3559

101_3560Trinity even had a completion! She and Emanuel have the added goal of getting all their “on the go” workbooks completed before the fall so we can bring out a whole new set at a new and higher level!101_3561

This completed playset is an absolute joy, as I have mentioned in the days prior to this. Though with Echo and adult really does have to be out with her to supervise.101_3562

101_3568And after Echo’s went to nap we got out our paints and our Home Depot unpainted crafts and the kids got down to it. I prefer painting outside… easier clean and the fresh air is nice too!101_3581

101_3584With a Wild Kratts to watch… we now know much more about the hummingbird! (I think the kids are angling for feeders when we move)101_3585

We lucked out in the evening, while on the playset a bunny came through the yard – lucky for the kids… not so lucky for our gardens! Though they do not seem overly interested in the onion garden.101_3588