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18 Years…

What does that span of time make you think of? Perhaps the length of a marriage, the first years of life from kid to adult, your total years of education – grades 1 through university. A long lived friendship. This week it marks the end of the time spent with a very unique and memorable cat for a very dear friend. IMG_0016

Ludere was a lion in a pussy cat body. He was totally and utterly committed to the woman in his life. So much so that you were always aware that Karyn was HIS human, he only occasionally deigned to allow other lessor beings to touch the cloud like fluff that was his amazing coat of white fur. Quickly followed up by a decisive swipe of a well armed paw.

In fact, that was pretty much a game between Ludere (otherwise known as Dere, or hell cat, or he who should not have back turned on, oh or pretty white fluffy danger kitty) and Ken.  Dere would lay down with his soft underbelly exposed, all sweet and fluffy, allow for a minute or 5 (always random) of lovely petting only to, without ANY warning, lash out claws extended. To add in some more fun, this would sometimes be combined with a little bit of “friendly” gnawing on the extended hand. 

My personal experience with Dere and petting were always with the supervision of Karyn. Usually with her distracting him with her affection so I could sneak in a quick pass over his back. I swear he could count hands, because that was always followed up with an intense stare and the knowledge that he could get me if he wanted… but he didn’t, not right now… but that was his choice, not mine. 

Ludere has been a fixture in all of our lives for as long as we have known Karyn. He is the stuff of legends, has been for years – like when he almost literally scared the pee out of our friend Sean. Or his relaxation (be it momentarily) around Esther – something that did have to be seen to be believed. 

Dere has been a fascination for our kids since the first time they were CAREFULLY introduced to him with the warning to – not touch the pretty kitty, just look. They have followed him around from a distance, tossed toys… from a distance… put food in his dish… from a distance… I sense a pattern! But, this has not decreased their fascination or love for him. Every FaceTime Trinity has had with Karyn has included a wish to see and or hear about him. Pictures have been drawn of the majestic white kitty, stories have been repeated about his intense stare and – that time I got to pet him while Aunty Karyn held him (down, possibly… not that they noticed that part). Dere is family. Like a cranky but beloved uncle that you just want to be around, but possibly does not want you around, because he REALLY doesn’t like kids (or is it people, well anyone but Karyn – really – we are merely tolerated and lucky to be in his presence).

So now, 18 years after Karyn brought home her adorable and slightly belligerent ball of fluff, we are saying good bye. Ludere will never be forgotten, his lengthy life has been full of anecdotes and adventure. He was a cat of action, except when he wasn’t (after all, cat = sleep a lot). He was a one lady man. He was amazingly photogenic, though I personally feel 90% of those photos perfectly capture his wish to take over the world by force and remove all excess humans – but only if someone were to do the work for him, because he IS a cat after all. 

Ludere leaves behind his beloved human – Karyn, his cohabiting kitten – Loki, and an extended family of admirers including his god daughter by proxy – Trinity. I think we will be talking of his feline exploits for years to come. Thank you Karyn for bringing home that tiny kitten with a huge personality way back in college. IMG_0017



An Amazing Canada Day Weekend

Canada Day in our new home… what a GREAT day it was for us all! Lots of company, good food, adventure and sunshine. Add to that a whole bunch of lovely pictures to share (yup the camera made it through it… pretty much ok, YAY) and I am one happy lady.

So let’s start with the very earliest… well late Thursday night Sean came over on his way to his folks (we now live in-between them and him) to spend some of the long weekend with us. He got here around the time Echo has her late night nursing so got in some baby cuddle time before we all headed off to bed.

In the morning the kids woke up to DOUBLE the excitement –  Canada Day breakfast AND Uncle Sean. Well we woke up and sent Daddy and Sean off to the grocery store as even though there is a 24 hour grocery here in town Ken opted to wait til the morning to get the items we were short for breakfast. So I took our 5 mini Canadians out to the PICTURE TREE for their first group picture there. As well as some inside the house. Luckily the morning was chill enough that Echo’s ensemble worked just fine, well for the photos!

On the couch

Under the tree

Adorable from the side

We went somewhat Canadian with pancakes and SYRUP (maple of course) and bacon and tater tots. While I am not sure how CANADIAN tater tots are I have many a fond memory regarding them and family meals growing up. MMMM yum!


After a more brunch of a breakfast due to the time the guys got back from the store, I sent the kids willing outside. This did double duty – it got some of the wiggles out AND gave Echo time to nap. While they played outside I got in some of the mowing.

Look Sun!

Ken built the last of their playset.

Helping Daddy

Around 1 we coordinated with the den Otter family and met up at the Historical Fort Normandeau. It is a bit of a drive with a weird windy road at the end to get there but the kids LOVED it. Definitely not as extensive as Heritage Park (Calgary) or Fort Edmonton Park (Edmonton of course) but more than enough for our kids coupled with the excitement of seeing Isabella and Alexander again after a month+ absence. There was lots of running…

Up the hill

Some teepee enjoyment…

In the teepee

And all keeping FAR FROM the river which is high right now and rushing quickly by!

Sean and Ken at the lake

This was all BEFORE entering the interpretive centre and model fort. So I took a moment with Trinity (and Echo in the stroller out of sight under her netting) and took a picture by a wagon.

3 girls, 2 visible

The interpretive centre was rather small but there was enough to bore the kids (not a HUGE surprise), and allow Ken and Sean some reading time. Of course the children pushed right on out the door to the mini fort.

As one of the kids said - "look, old stuff!"

There wasn’t too much to examine, some guard turrets…

For guarding

A room set up to mimic the fort conditions…

A peek around


Alan sizing up the chickens

ALMOST all of the kids

After all that excitement it was time to bundle everyone back up and head to the house. Ken then left to get Fydo (and pay rent of course) while the kids played outside. Once fun was had outside we brought them in for watermelon and chocolate cookies! On the floor to save on cleaning, and then it was back to playing.


We had the den Otters, Sean, Fydo AND Kristen all here for a potluck bbq supper! It was so much fun! And a great way to top our day.


One of the choice food items – bacon covered perogies. They were… bacony!

Prepping perogies

Done and on their way to being eaten

We even got some pictures of the babies together. Izaac is the top percentile and Echo the bottom so they are extremes on either end for their individual ages (he is 4 months) and too cute! Echo was so interested in him. She just keep trying to touch him and “talk” to him. (note the change in outfits – she was too warm in her Canadian outfit so we moved her onto an American theme)

Sitting together


After the den Otter family headed home things started to slow down and bedtime came around for the kids, that left the remaining adults up to spend a LOOONG (too long in comparison to the amount of time the game is SUPPOSED to take!) game of Talisman together in lou of fireworks (and the over zealous mosquitoes). It was great fun even though it went on and on and on and on…


Poor Trinity woke up with morning with some swollen bug bites I am keeping a close eye on. We sprayed her all over with bug spray but she always seems to get bitten and those bites always swell and go red a little. The one on her ankle especially is swollen. So we had her sit quietly and have a nice soak in the tub and by tonight it was less swollen but WOW. Poor thing. So we are going to hunt down a lotion that my sister-in-law uses on my nephew!

We had a special visitor today! Karyn is (temporarily) back in the country! She got home LATE last night from New Orleans (with an adventure of a flight path back!!!). So this morning she came over to bring special gifts…

Welcome back

Signed copy!

To visit… and to get in some baby snuggle time.


We went out, with Echo, to the nearest mall for our traditional poutine (something that we can share with Echo no less!) and stopped in at Payless and Walmart to check out shoes for the August wedding. I may have found a pair that will work and be REusable AND under 20.00 but I have to take Ken and get his final opinion. He tends to be pretty good at sussing out shoes that won’t kill my feet after Karyn and I narrow down the asthetic portion! YAY!


So with that we spent some time at Karyn’s apartment where I got my birthday present – a new cartridge for the Cricut – one to make ROBOTS! I forgot it at her house but since I don’t have MY Cricut yet anyway it is no biggy. Once she gets back from Alaska I will have to go over and make a few robots. But in the meantime I got to see all the goodies she brought back from her trip while Echo explored the apartment and then made a direct route right over to the one thing that facinated her the most – Ludere!! He was a little perterbed that his minor hiss and backing up a little did not imediately stop her. But we managed without incident. I even snuck in a quick pet but he caught on and hissed without even looking that it was ME!

Chasing the not so wild kitty

A worn out Karyn headed back home soon after the kids went to their beds which left me and Ken to enjoy a relatively quiet evening. More XXXholic as Ken found me the Kei series and Ken work – since he has US and Canadian contracts which means no totally free day off over the weekend on either side regardless.

Tomorrow the plan is to meet up with Kristen and Fydo again and go out and find some sort of park to play in and then in the evening out with Karyn and Lauralee (but that should be just me and maybe Echo).

I just love the matching looks on their faces in this one!

Tiny Sheep and Trinity - don't worry Karyn is with Echo in the back. You can check out Tiny Sheep's adventure's on Fat Sheep's blog...link below.

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