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Her Mad Hatter… a Book Review

NOTE: a more mature content book!

With one, really one and a half, explicit sexual scenes in this paranormal-fantasy romance Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall is a little out of my usual realm of romantic stories. BUT before you write it off for a chapter and a few pages towards the end I am actually suggesting this as a good fantasy ADULT read. With more than a taste of Wonderland and the Mad Hatter our Alice Hu is in for an adventure. This Hawaiian born cupcake baker has been infatuated with the story of the original Alice and since the age of 13 and her dramatic recovery from brain cancer, in love with the Mad Hatter (even more so after the new Johnny Depp). 

With a fairy godmother who is in charge of the “naughty” boys of the fantasy realm ( the bad 5 in fact who include the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and Hook of all people!) there are romances to be started. After all, who is more interesting than a bad boy? Given a year to match up her 5 boys Danika has her work cut out for her, but the chance meeting of Alice has her focused on the Mad Hatter. 

Alice Hu is the great-granddaughter of another Alice Hu, one she resembles almost perfectly… though she cannot like her. She is not like other women, infatuated with a story… in love with a character and a survivor of an extreme form of cancer. Found by Danika she is given 3 days in Wonderland to be the woman the Mad Hatter needs. 

Now there are a few twists and some amazing images to imagine. I don’t want to give away too much but would suggest that you pick up this book as long as you can handle the sexual content… the main character is very frank about how she feels and that is definitely something you have to be ok with. I personally am going to check out book #2 Gerard’s Beauty. Though I will probably do the same as I did with this book and gloss over the scenes containing sexual activity.

Her Mad Hatter

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Book Review

Time for another review… this time a manga series of 3 (ok first portion… there are supposed to be 3 mini series within the series). Karyn picked them up on her trip to Victoria with her mom to whale watch. The art is gorgeous and the storyline twisted and convoluted and full of mystery but interesting all the same. Alice in the Country of Hearts

Based on the novel Alice in Wonderland (obviously) you meet Alice Liddell in the real world. In a rather unorthodox way she falls down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. And there the story truly begins. Some characters are loosely based on the original characters… like the Cheshire cat, Mad Hatter, the Red Queen… and characters unique to the story like Ace and the ClockMaker. In a world where everyone is meant to fall in love with Alice (though this seems not to be limited to romantic love) and some people are much more important than others… well things can get wild and exciting. 

So if you are not adverse to some violence and don’t mind some confusing twist and turns and some amazing manga style art… check this out! I am hoping to get my hands on the continuing volumes. I especially love how they limit the impact of the violence. I am not huge on majorly graphic images BUT be warned there IS quite a bit of violence. 

The three books!