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Sorry no picture with this ancient dino post. BUT as I did last year, this year is the year to catch up. So posting the dinosaurs it is. Enjoy this Australian dinosaur post. I promise December VERY soon!

What a name – Diamantinasaurus Matildae, known more commonly in Australia as Matilda. This Cretaceous period sauropod is still mostly unknown. Only portions of its skeleton have been recovered to date. It is possibly the biggest sauropod in Australia. In comparison to the other large Titanosaurs, Matilda is actually on the small side. It is considered to be stocky and round with an almost bow legged appearance.

We had one video from LatrobeUniAustralia called Australian Dinosaur – Diamantinasaurus.

The link list is relatively short but definitely interesting…

  • Australian Age of Dinosaurs HERE
  • Australian Museum HERE
  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Prehistoric Wildlife HERE
  • Dinopedia HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • There is a rather fanciful picture HERE that I have to share just due to its beauty by Sauropod Vertebrae Picture of the Week
  • And our colouring page… from the Disillusioned Taxonomist HERE

Roald Dahl an Extended Unit Study

Sorry everyone I am not going to link the movies and books… I am rather sure it can all be googled and the Christmas season has me rushed! BUT! Roald Dahl… READ HIS BOOKS!

Roald Dahl’s birthday is celebrated on September 13th. He is best known for his books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda which have been made into movies. We chose to start reading his books on the 13th of September and then go from there. We managed to find quite the selection of books to enjoy as a family:

  • Matilda
  • The Twits
  • The BFG
  • George’s Marvelous Medicine
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Charlie and the Glass Elevator
  • James and the Giant Peach
  • The Minpins

Our main resource for printables was Activity Village. Lots of colouring pages and even some fun worksheets for a nice portion of our books.

For a more in depth activity I also found this site HERE. They had classroom plans for portions of the different books. Some we skipped and some we leisurely enjoyed. This unit quickly went from a celebration of a birthday week to as long as we can find books to read.

For the kids, while they listened to my reading I had them doodle portions of the book. It was so much fun to see what they picked out as interesting. They all had a different method and style to their pages (though at times Trinity was SUPER resistant to doing a doodle).

There were multiple movies to watch beyond just the original first come to mind ones:

  • Matilda
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • The BFG
  • James and the Giant Peach

I came up with some additional activities to go with our books and movies. For The BFG I had the kids write their very own dream labels, and then compare the book to the movie. For Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we did various levels of comparison depending on the ability of the kids – a movie review, comparing the book to the movie, comparing the movies. It was interesting to see who liked what. The same for Matilda. The realization that movies are not identical to books came very quickly to the kids!

Of course we had to do a short insect study for four of the insects included in James and the Giant Peach… We had ladybug, silkworm, glow worm and spider (we went with Black Widow) chosen out of the list (funny how there is no silkworm in the movie). I got some pretty good links:

  • Ladybug had all our questions answered with National Geographic Kids HERE.
  • I found the silkworm highly interesting. Did you know there are none in the wild and that we have domesticated them so much that the moth that results cannot fly??? EnchantedLearning HERE and Itchy Fish facts for kids HERE.
  • Black Widow spider was our distinct spider of choice and we went again with National Geographic Kids HERE.
  • Glow worm was a little rough, but we went with the Encyclopedia of New Zealand HERE and A-z Animals HERE.

Roald Dahl’s books are a blast for our whole family. I am so glad we decided to make them a family experience. Even Echo is in on the listen and has her minutes for the BookIt Pizza Hut reading club counted during the time. One of these days I will take pictures of the binder and share it in another post! We really did have fun with this author’s work. IMG_2844a