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Festivities in Picture Form

Ok so Christmas + camera + Lisa = well scroll down!

Christmas presents!!!!!

Gotta get me that bunny out of there!

Ken and one of his gifts

Free the accessories FASTER Baba!

Kids and paper EVERYWHERE (Gavin in hat made by Aunty Kat)

Baba opening his gift from Nana

Nana opening our gift to them

Emanuel’s new bug set

Beanbag chairs!!

Look there are MORE presents!

Pretty in red and black

Second round of presents

Faith opening her birthday present

Note the name on the Santa bags

Bird’s eye view

Out from behind the camera for a moment

Such happy kids

Enjoying their special books from Joe and Faith


LEGOS! (Gavin)

Uncle Joe and the puzzle ball

Opening presents with Aunty Judy

Emanuel and his remote control truck

Relaxing for a second

Gotta love a rocking moose

Talking with Grandma up in Canada

Poor Robbie worn out

Gavin taking his turn with Grandma

Another of my gifts… a sweet message in a bottle

The Many Faces of Christmas Eve

Of course being a major day for us, our first in Minnesota there are lots of pictures to share… so enjoy a glimpse at our celebrations here in the USA! 

Little Darling

Ready for the gifts!

The littles

My sweet peas

On the iPad with Nana waiting on company

Checking out Nana’s rather impressive nesting dolls

DINNER! Left to right – T.J., Paul, Melissa and Colleen

Snuggles with my girls

Melissa attempting to give her uncle bunny ears in the picture


With our girls

Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas from our Vintage story book (apparently the sled was green in the illustrations which we were told was WRONG!). Thank you again Josephine!

All of the kids in their new pj’s… yes, Echo is VERY tired (Note the twins’ match their Halloween costumes… so Zander is the Batman)

Look Santa can come now!

Christmas Eve in Minnesota


Has officially come and gone and was, I figure, a success… the kids are well toyed, family has been celebrated with by the end of the week we will be back to the Reinsch-Johnson normal!

Ready to party

Goofy excited kids

Let’s start with the Mandyke side of the family (Ken’s mom) and Christmas Eve… A rather traditional Ukrainian dinner with perogies, potato soup and gunk (no one seems to remember the “real” name for that one) oh and OUR traditional Chocolate Candy Cane cake only made into cupcakes and iced with cream cheese icing instead of cool whip.

The table

Sitting down to supper – with T.J.


Ken’s uncle Paul, aunt Colleen and cousins Melissa and T.J. all came for supper and visiting… and presents for the kids! The twins each got their own ant farm, I am not sure who is more excited… them or Ken!!! Emanuel got a bowling set and Miss Trinity a drawing one with those dry erase crayons. When we first purchased that product over a year ago in Canada I was unimpressed… they were REALLY hard to erase… now over a year later they are much better. Though you do still need to work a little at the erasing.

Gavin and the bowling set

Echo got a bag full of BALLS! Which of course created the catalyst for a massive ball explosion. There was also a SILLY STRING WAR! Do you know, I have never seen silly string in person before? Just on tv… it is much less… wet than I expected. The guys went all out on that one… but I think Nana won with her sneak attack on T.J.

Silly string monster

There was lots of visiting and reminiscing. T.J. is in grade 8 and on the VARSITY wrestling team (I am told this is a big accomplishment), I do believe tentative plans were being made for some of the family to go see some of his competitions. I know our nephew Zachary has just started wrestling so I am sure he would enjoy and probably learn something from going to some of the events.


Trinity and Emanuel went out and spread their reindeer food before dinner. (Remember their making it HERE?)

Feeding the deer

After saying good bye to family it was time to get in the Christmas pj’s and get those Santa cookies and milk out and ready. Though I am kicking myself, I forgot all about setting up our Advent set (the Little People one)… When we were digging out the table decorations and such Nana found a special plate and mug for Santa so we had a great set up with all the stockings in a row. Of course we had our yearly complaining by Ken about how PLAIN his stocking is. I really need to sit down and find a suitable stocking pattern and get one done up for him as well!


Ready for Santa

With our Canadian Christmas set up in the basement – gifts mailed in from friends and family, the presents from Ken and myself to the kids and the Santa gifts WE had a hand in and of course the ones to each other we were rather good to go. There were packages from Canada, Texas AND South Carolina under there, quite the full and pretty tree!

Ready for the kids