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Out in the Fall Colours

October 28-30… well most of the 30th

Well the week OF Halloween begins now! And the excitement level is HIGH! The last 3 costumes were ordered on the weekend from Amazon so the big wait for Tuesday to come and them to appear has begun.101_4935

Our original plan was to head over to the gas station that Nana used to do the accounting at for a field trip. But an appendix bursting combined with a mechanic’s holiday (pre planned) had them too understaffed to facilitate our visit. So instead we headed to the nearest nature center which just happens to only be closed on MONDAY’S… oops. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the nature outside of the main building. Paths, a lake, a special area all about bald eagles… it was all there for the experiencing. Although a bit chilly!101_4938



101_4940101_4942I think getting into nature and enjoying the world around us can really bring home how special where we are now is.101_4943

101_4945That evening Ken, Baba and Emanuel had a special mission… to let Emanuel experience his very first session of Tiger Cub Scouts. He loved it! We are tentatively joining the troop that the Novak boys are a part of. Fingers crossed this is something he will really embrace and enjoy.101_4968

We had the last of the Halloween costumes make there way here by mid morning and that wiped all other thoughts out of everyone’s mind… so of course we stopped EVERYTHING and had a fashion show. I am especially proud of Trinity’s costume. Here dress was one of this summer’s super garage sale finds, at a size 8 it was mere dollars and will suit her when she grows into it. I made the crown with Ken’s help from these instructions HERE. We did not cover the paper with anything but I did add (with the help of double sided tape) hand crocheted lace to spiffy it up.101_4972

Echo’s costume was a hand-me-down. Trinity wore this same costume back when she was 2! We got her basket for a steal from Michaels and then plundered her drawers for the skirt, leggings and shirt.101_4976

101_4979The 3 boys all decided on ninjas of varying styles and colours.101_4981

101_4983101_4994101_4992We  took the initiative and finally finished our milk jug ghosts. This simple idea was something I came across randomly on Facebook. You just take a regular milk jug, clean it out and decorate one side with a Sharpie. We cut a hole in the back, filled it with some sand to stabilize and then placed a little light in each one (one of those fake candles that flickers). Very cute!101_4996

101_5000I had more early Christmas presents show up from Gammie to stow away and in them was an amazing Halloween treat – a HUGE rice krispie… brick really. Perfect for lunch on Halloween!101_5001

And with that we were ready (well as much as we can be) for Halloween and all it entails! And now for the massive but colourful nature reserve overflow! 101_4946









My Precious Family

September 27-29

After an amazing day out as a family it was back to the same old same old… Egypt…101_4686

101_4687Making block flowers…101_4689

101_4691Watching Wild Kratts…



With the added surprise of mega blocks from Gammie… these were SKYLANDERS themed! So the boys were doubly excited! (The girls got Halloween outfits they will try on later in the month).

We had our Saturday fall  to pieces with work for Ken (plan wise) and with a day that was not as sunny as we had hoped we had to make do with inside fun… colouring books…101_4693

Games together…101_4696

Of course that didn’t stop us from our Sunday School session. Ken and the kids went and had a blast learning more and more about our faith. And Echo and I had a nice visit together, doing laundry… hanging out and enjoying the quiet together. Then it was off to McDonald’s with 4 special cone coupons….. Ice cream is truly affordable when only one needs to be paid for!101_4697With an afternoon of garden checking…101_4700

And building…101_4702

And a lucky find at Michaels for Echo’s costume…101_4698

Ken and I ended the weekend with good geeky tv AND Chinese take out! Delicious! 101_4703

Countdown to Party Day

August 16-17

After our adventurous evening NO ONE was complaining when I suggested we end our school week at home in the backyard! Trinity has said she would love another walk, just NOT to McDonalds! But we did it and I am VERY proud of it!

Emanuel finished his subtraction book… we are covering some of the basics one at a time… next is addition then onto the beginning reading sounds. I know he KNOWS most of this but we are really starting his schooling shortly and I feel it is important to review and get him in the right frame of mind. I am lax in Kindergarten generally to learn by play but I do want more of an organized gr. 1 so it can be a bit of a shock!!101_4183

Of course we still had time to enjoy nature!

Drawing it, talking about it and sitting in the sun!

Drawing it, talking about it and sitting in the sun!

I also need to show off the amazing penguins Gavin assembled using a kit we got at Michaels that really had TOUGH instructions. He stuck with it and they are TERRIFIC!101_4185

Saturday was our final prep day before Echo’s big party. So of course we ran off to Lakeshore to do the weekly craft! I checked, they go year round… so when we have the vehicle free (trust me, importing a 10+ yr old vehicle has been a royal PAIN) and the day we head over.101_4186

I picked up some marvelous little dictionaries for each of the boys. I want to relieve some of the stress of writing so they can check and see if they can find the spelling 0n those words they are unsure of in these, and record new ones as well!101_4195

This had us near JoAnn’s so I was able to get supplies for two of my Christmas presents, and head over to the nearby mall to pick up free Victoria’s Secret panties (I do so love a good coupon!). Echo takes instant possession of any and all bags lately! Especially ones that are pretty with ribbons!101_4187

What to do after errands and crafts with sunshine? PICNIC and PARK! We thought ahead and remembered the soccer ball this time!101_4188

101_4190101_4191All in all a fun way to work our way up to Echo’s 3rd birthday party!101_4194