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Renaissance Festival 2016

Woo jumping forward and then hopping back and then going back even FURTHER! So I posted October, now it is time to check back at our yearly date to the festival. In 2016 we not only went with Ravyn and Shandai (as has become tradition), but we ALSO brought along Sean and Ted who were down on a visit from Canada. This was Sean’s second time (he and Ken had a short visit the previous year to the festival) and Ted’s first. I think we gave them a good experience… everything from jousting to beer to random sights seen. And Shandai and I snuck away for some girls only time shopping.20160904_150720_hdr

This year we went as simple┬átravelers… no fancy lady corsets for us this year (thank goodness). In fact, this is a costume I may re-do for the next year. Not so “correct” but much more comfortable. Though I will probably add some colour. We shall see.20160904_101028

And Ken showed his knees… thanks to a loaned kilt.1473003625279

We had lovely food.img_20160904_222219

AND I got my hair braided.20160904_132049


I actually managed to keep the braids nice for over a week! (Image below is NOT a full week later)img_20160905_103313

Less photos than usual… but no less fun… and MERMAIDS!!20160904_143340



Music and fire!20160904_153954


Just so much fun!fb_img_1473028791706




St. Mark’s VBS

July 14-17

Monday the 14th was the first day of our VBS at our own church. We did make sure to go over on the 13th after all the other fun stuff and help set up.101_8542

The whole experience was pretty amazing. We had a Monday through Thursday program of half days. 9am to noon. One thing it DID show us is that we really do enjoy our flexible beginnings in our mornings. Our homeschool day starts BETWEEN 8:30 and 9… depending on our eating schedule and if we all have a late evening.101_8548 101_8550

The kids were broken up into 4 groups and we had kids in each one. I was in charge of following along with the littlest ones. Ages 3-5… lots of adorable energy. By day 4 they were rather fed up with the routine. I think it was really the little guys’ limit at that point. It was nice though, while the twins were together it was fun for the other 3 to spread their wings a little. And since Echo was only MOSTLY potty trained I really had to be there anyway.101_8552 101_8657

We had various stations… science, craft, storytime, music, snack and games. I was the only one who was attached to an age group and not a station. Each day there was the same rotation for each group so it was nice and consistent.101_8553 101_8599 101_8609 101_8651 101_8652

There was lots of creativity… snacks were themed as well and the pastor was there to open 3 of the 4 days. We had one day with no water due to road work but we managed! And the science teacher brought owl pellets for the big kids to dissect (just like we had seen on Dirty Jobs… the boys were so excited!).101_8607 101_8598 101_8604 101_8600

So here are the pictures… I tried to get a bit of everything and everyone. So much fun!!!!101_8547 101_8545 101_8560 101_8557 101_8559 101_8608 101_8647 101_8610 101_8668 101_8654 101_8656 101_8660 101_8661 101_8665 101_8669