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Rescheduling a Weekend

So the key to being a happy (or at least happier) part of this family is being flexible. Granted we only have ONE WEEK left with our pass (sigh) but this weekend we decided to keep everyone at home to get better, and to reschedule our visit with the den Otters. Better safe than sorry with their newborn and all. So this week we are going to make a trip to the zoo to see our favourite animals AND go to the conservatory for one last flower drawing session. We may actually reapply for our pass if our finished tax sheets come in time. With our later move date it is much more reasonable. I think we are ALL just thankful we got sick LAST week and not this one with Trinity’s party on Saturday (is she ever excited – she has asked for a PINK KITTY party).

Today even our outing to the Dollarama got postponed as it seems KEN gets the dubious honour of being the last one sick. Thankfully no where near as sick as I was. BUT it has meant a very sedate at home day for everyone which the kids were less than enthused about. We are going out tomorrow to the dollar store which has everyone excited. In the meantime the big boys put on their winter gear to go and enjoy the (finally) melting snow.

So much snow still!

And then back into the house to play “zoo” with Echo… which seemed to consist of putting the lion toy on Echo’s head and telling her to “look for it”… apparently it was not the end of the world, though she was not smiling away she was at least not crying either… well until they got bored and ditched her.

Echo as part of the zoo?

And alone again

So nothing exciting for our weekend BUT everyone seems to be feeling better which is a big thing. Now to make this week count as we are now counting down the final days to Miss Trinity’s third birthday party!!

Echo and Gavin

Photo Results FINALLY

A little late BUT I have the “winner” out of the photos of the twins – Photo E with Photo C coming in second! So, once we are moved in and settled I will be printing out my 8X10s and creating my traditional photo wall! Thanks everyone!



Today was most definitely an off day for all of the kids. We had a VERY exciting weekend as can be read about here and here. The result of so much go go go is 4 very worn out and slightly sick kids and a cranky baby. Lots of pj time… and a bit of fun with the new math game my mom sent home with us.

Math Game (Gavin left)

My livingroom is STILL a sea of flattened boxes, BUT last night I made great movement in my most hated room – the kitchen. We are now down to a minimum of glassware. Trinity’s room is DONE DONE DONE… all I need to do is save a small box for all her dresser bits and bobs (gotta love toys in buckets). The twins have been in charge of the toys downstairs, I send a box down with them every night or so which they bring up filled that I then weed through and close and label. The goal is to be down to a few buckets of toys like Legos, Lincoln Logs and the like and then have them make up clubhouses out of the boxes their couches came in to keep them busy until we move!

The response to two of the rentals up for the 1st of April finally came back as filled… BUT Ken has a bunch more we are waiting to hear back from. So still keep the fingers crossed for us!

The request for school today has been, as has been the norm, MATH MATH MATH. My mom sent us home with some more workbooks which included a couple math ones. So Gavin, who is finished his shorter book, gets a new one and Zander has something to work towards.  In  fact, he FINISHED his mini math book today!!!

New workbook

Zander and his completion

Oh that peek at my project. I have not gotten as much done today as I would have liked though I stayed up late to work on it AND have found snatches of time during the day.

Another portion

So not a busy and productive day BUT tomorrow we are going to try and get back going again. Everyone seemed better by tonight AND I have still managed a bit more packing. Just another night or so and I will be out of boxes again I think… which means I will get our livingroom back and all but frustrating as I REALLY just want enough boxes to finish the packing… and a place to move into, but Ken is still VERY optimistic.

Spending quality time with Petite Sheepette

Friends, Flowers and a Fat Sheep

What couple of days. Yesterday was an amazing post day for us – first the excitement of registered letters courtesy of our vehicle insurance, then a LARGE and HEAVY parcel from my brother and sister in law. There was two sets of single bedding (the twins are ecstatic!)…

Thank you Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie!

As well as 2 sleeping bags (Trinity nabbed the Toy Story one as it had a pink pig) and a snowsuit for Emanuel. This was all doled out after I snuck out the birthday presents for Trinity.

Sleeping bag!

Then in the evening we had tons of company – Ted, Kristen and Fydo were in the city and came by with boxes AND Karyn and Fat Sheep and THEIR mountain of boxes. I officially have half a livingroom of boxes… flattened and calling out to me. BUT I can only do so many before I have to wait for Ken to move them out of the main passageways and rooms.

Fat Sheep and boxes

We stayed up late and watched Despicable Me…. VERY funny. I will definitely watch it again I think.

Then today we made a trip with Fat Sheep in hand to the Conservatory. You can read all about HER version of the experience on her blog.

Fat Sheep and Echo with daffodils

Mommy and Me

My favourite picture

Making faces with Aunty Karyn

I am hoping to go back later next week, I would love to take some more images of all 5 kids as this time Gavin kept making odd faces.

My 5 babies

We did our usual drawing time though I goofed and only brought 3 sheets so the twins only got a small piece of paper. Which is fine, they will be put up on their spring poster on Monday but as soon as we got home I cut up MORE paper and put it in our bag.

Finished pictures

Karyn and I got some time out just the two of us to run a few errands and then come home to a house in chaos. Sadly the boxes in the livingroom combined with the excitement of FAT SHEEP has the kids in a tizzy. EARLY BEDTIME for the win! We have plans to head to my mom’s early tomorrow to get back before the evening.

Chris and Chris also stopped by with the wedding invitations. I am in charge of dropping off a few local ones here to save on postage. We have been doing a lot of over the phone and internet planning (She Chris and I) to get better organized now. A lot has been done but still, so much to do! It is exciting though, things are starting to take shape.

Our invitation

I did get some work done on the gift I am making for my sister’s wedding. I can show a small portion of it, this is the portion that includes some blending filament. It is very subtle and I hope will have the impact I am wanting once it is all done!

Not a good picture to show the shimmer but as much as I can show you all

Tonight I am going to divide my time between stitching and finishing off the bows I have been putting together. I keep starting new projects and not completing the ones staring me in the face. I am HOPING tomorrow once I get home from my mom’s I can get the photos I ordered put in the pages I pre-made, but those boxes are screaming at me to fill them! Ken doesn’t think that it is enough boxes for everything but I am sure it will make a HUGE dent on what I need to get done. I am hoping to finish up all of the spare bits and bobs in Trinity’s room so that all that is left is the toys she plays with and her hairthings on her dresser, and get the two main downstairs closets emptied out. Anything I can do to “shut down” a portion of the house is what I want to do.

So with so much snow and so many frustrated kids (they just want spring PLEASE Mommy) I am hoping that packing as much clutter as possible will help things along. Fat Sheep is here two weeks so I am looking forward to seeing what adventures we can have with her! So be sure to check back here AND on her personal blog.

Little sweety