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Happy Easter All!

Our Easter was more of an Easter weekend. Just chock full of fun and activity. So much so that we were burned out and exhausted for school on Monday!DSCF6166

On Saturday all my hard work of stuffing Easter eggs was put to good use. We spent the morning at the YMCA. Well, some of us did. The door on the van was left ajar and the battery dead. So in between Ken smoking Sunday’s ham at the Schwartz’s (thanks so much for the loan of your smoker) I took Gavin, Echo and Trinity to the YMCA. Gavin and Trinity for club and Echo for swimming with Mommy.

Once the van was jumped and filled back up with kit and kids we headed off to visit our very amazing homeschool friends. Aimee had set up a rather amazing egg hunt all over their woodsy yard.20170415_142522





IMG_20170415_211756_985We played, watched a movie, ate wonderful food and snacked happily while we visited. It is such an easy situation on all adults involved as the kids really do entertain themselves. Aimee and I even ducked out to Walmart to pick up a few things.

That had us home in the evening and into bed so that we could be fresh and pressed for Easter service. Trinity even had her first communion! Everyone clapped for her when they were told before service.20170416_115017

IMG_20170416_122008_696The girls had their usual fancy hats and new dresses. I think we all cleaned up rather nicely.20170416_091740

We had Easter baskets and goodies from the Easter Bunny to enjoy.20170415_235233



20170416_093322We did our yearly photos, of course.IMG_20170416_094743_081



Gavin, Zander

Gavin, Zander



20170416_091641After church it was back to packing up the van and heading over to the Novak’s for dinner and ANOTHER egg hunt.20170416_152444




20170416_152823We had so much fun there, as always. And it was ANOTHER day of easy supervision on the adults.20170416_165654_HDR




20170416_132743It was a wonderful way to celebrate with friends who have become family. I don’t think we could have had a better plan… well except for having the battery in the van die.20170416_150132

The Easter corner for the kids to eat in.

The Easter corner for the kids to eat in.



20170416_143035Christ is Risen

He is Risen indeed


Now, enjoy the excessive amount of festive images!!!20170416_134728














The Pickled Piper… A Book Review

‘A rather timely cozy murder mystery as we have experienced our first canning this year with produce fresh from the garden. Mary Ellen Hughes’ The Pickled Piper is the first book in “A Pickled & Preserved Mystery” series. The main character in this story is Piper who owns her own pickle store. After breaking up with her fiance who has up and decided to travel the world himself, Piper moved to Cloverdale to follow her dream and live near her Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank.

The story begins with the start of the Cloverdale Fair where Piper has her own pickle stand complete with a giant barrel of homemade pickles. Everything seems to be going well until the following morning when Piper finds a local antique store owner dead… in her pickle barrel! With a cast of interesting small town people, some store owners, others friends this book has a wonderful flow to it.

Piper is a strong character with an interesting history. With a handsome Christmas tree farmer visiting occasionally and a murderer on the loose Piper balances pickling things (and suggesting some yummy and unusual items to do so with) with running her business and working to clear the name of her employee’s boyfriend. Nate, a newcomer to the town is a musician who had a run in with the deceased in the middle of the fair is only one of many who did not get along with the rather aggressive man.

This is a great light read. The romance is light, the mystery interesting and the main character a delight. To top it off, included in the back are two pickling recipes and some pickling tips! I would definitely suggest this first in a new series for any lover of cozy mysteries! I look forward to the next book!Sparks Mary Ellen Hughes 2