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OH MY GOSH they are so young in the picture at the bottom of the post… which means this is a LONG belated post but at the same time I squeeeee at the adorableness… so that makes it all cool, right???

Another day another dino another herbivore from the Cretaceous period. The Struthiosaurus is an armoured dinosaur that was the smallest of the ankylosaurs (found to date). Found in Europe it is quite the impressive prey… well armoured, and low to the ground… not an easy target.

Out of the book

Our video included an image of our dinosaur but was not overly educational otherwise.

Annnnddd the link list:

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In the plains of Asia during the Jurassic period you could find roaming the earth a rather large herbivore called the Shunosaurus. Found specifically in China, it is the only known saurapod with a club on the end of its tail (probably used for defense). A number of skeletons have been recovered of this dinosaur, making it one of the best known of its species.

And now for the videos! First of all is the “live action” fight between our Shunosaurus and two Sinraptors. Quite the chase!

The second one is from the Inedine Dinosaur Show with his piece on our Chinese herbivore.

And now for our link list!

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    Long neck and tail


I have to admit to a certain amount of laziness even when faced with my beloved blog… thus a couple of the pages on here are rather out of date! I will remedy that! But I figure I will try point form for the links for a bit! Especially since the Nothronychus (a Cretaceous period herbivore from New Mexico) has quite a few links of interest to share! But first… the videos for this rather unique, possibly FEATHERED sort of hodge podge of a dinosaur. It seems to be caught mid evolving… with the body of a carnivore but the neck, head and diet of a herbivore!!!

First, I’m a Dinosaur… and then the other videos are on the BBC page HERE and How Stuff Works HERE.

And now for our links. This is a rather interesting dinosaur for its look and the potential to show how a dinosaur type could go from meat to plants… what a change!! Almost like a giraffe in looks but with the predator portions that keep it safe as it feeds!!

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