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Happy Halloween

So this year we had FIVE homemade costumes… I don’t think we have ever had so many to make! Ken and I each had some part in an aspect of each costume. Be it crochet or sewing. I think they turned out rather well and all were done the day BEFORE Halloween!!!IMAG1136

We did a costume try on on Friday in the backyard with out amazing leaves. I was so pleased to see that everything fit well and that the kids were all happy with their costumes.IMAG1146

We have a tiny witch…DSCN1264


A triceratops…DSCN1269

An ice wizard…DSCN1272

And a fire wizard…DSCN1274

Ken even made the staffs from the limbs of trees Baba cut down last month.

The hats were all made from the witch’s pattern on crochetspot.com. I have a toddler version up for sale on my Etsy store if anyone is interested HERE.IMAG1138

I used another crochetspot.com pattern for Trinity’s flowers. We sewed those to a fabric headband and then tied ribbons to the back which were braided into her hair.IMAG1140

Ken was 100% in charge of the cloaks! Didn’t he do a great job?IMAG1144

For our resident dinosaur I found a great pattern for a Triceratops hat thanks to Ida Rott HERE. And then Ken made the tail and the gloves with claws. (his overalls outfit thing and Trinity’s dress were lucky Goodwill finds as was Echo’s broom)IMAG1143

I, myself even gave dressing up a go and went as a gamer girl… Ken had to have a photograph… the shirt said Do Not Disturb I am Playing Video Games… I think he just wanted a visual record of the fact I was actually wearing jeans and socks. Men.IMG_20151101_000444

We did our yearly traditional trick or treat with the Novaks and then hang out after. This year we came early and had pizza. The kids had a blast and we came home with WAY TOO MUCH candy!

Jacob and Echo

Jacob and Echo

IMG_2876IMAG1181We did not do a full on Halloween unit this year… what with the printer being mean and refusing to allow the ink to last (we think there may be a leak… devastating for a homeschool family…) and the busy busy life we have had I simply did not have the time. However, we did do some great print outs from Activity Village HERE, and read some amazing books… oh and watched a couple films! So I will share that info below!

Free hot chocolate!

Free hot chocolate!



  • Halloween by Natalie M. Rosinsky HERE
  • Halloween by Mari C. Schuh HERE
  • Halloween and the Day of the Dead Traditions Around the World by Joan Axelrod-Contrada HERE
  • The Story of Halloween by Carol Greene HERE
  • John Pig’s Halloween by Jan L. Waldron HERE
  • Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson HERE
  • Trick or Treat, It’s Halloween by Linda Lowery and Richard Keep HERE
  • H is for Haunted House by Tanya Lee Stone HERE
  • Skeleton Shake by Liz Conrad HERE
  • Halloween Is… by Gail Gibbons HERE

Gavin chose to do a quick fact list on Mummies so he used to following two books for that:

  • Ancient Egyptian People by Sarah McNeill HERE
  • Mummies & Their Mysteries by Charlotte Wilcox HERE
Echo and Zombie Alex

Echo and Zombie Alex


Kids with their Halloween treats from Gammie and their popsicle stick and yarn spider webs

Kids with their Halloween treats from Gammie and their popsicle stick and yarn spider webs




Plans Change and Pumpkins Are Carved

I am starting to think this entire week is just  too close to Halloween for concentration levels. So today was a bit of a fun day instead of trying to do even the Halloween themed worksheets… Not that I am complaining! There was less fighting today and the kids chose activities that were fun and somewhat educational at the very least. 

The little ones went back to their Pumpkin graphing game with their own rules, which went well until Zander got involved and said someone HAD TO win… oops! So next time we go back to the “everyone wins” rules. 

Dice game

We brought out one of the foam kits my mom found for us and the kids all made foam animal puppets. Lots of fun! 


We finally got out in the front yard with Fat Sheep and our Halloween photo props from Education.com. You can find the actual pages here and here. In fact you can find my entire Halloween collection here. I have tried all the ones in the list and will be going through and rating and commenting this weekend. 

So much sun!

The twins spent a nice amount of time outside creating their own little clubhouse out of the cardboard in the shed that was later put away (with much complaining after they spread it all over the back lawn). 

Temporary clubhouse

We baked cupcakes to celebrate Halloween and pumpkin carving. We used a box mix but our favourite Fluffy Seven-Minute frostingwent on top. Ken coloured it orange. They were topped with our little hand coloured decorations. 


Pumpkin carving was great fun… well mainly for the adults. Gavin was willing to get his hands dirty and Zander did some cutting but it really was all grown up action on these ones. The results were rather amazing though!

Kristen and Fydo working on theirs

Sorta kinda helping Daddy

Ours is the far right - don't you love how Kristen and Fydo's match theme?

I took some time this afternoon and took pictures of Zander in the one costume that is NOT handmade – he chose a knight this year when the ones at Superstore were on for 40% off… it fits really well for a bought costume and he is VERY happy. Echo and I spent a little time in the sun with him while he posed and showed off his “almost like a real sword” sword. I am so glad that each of the kids so far is happy. That just leaves Gavin and his lemur tail (tomorrow morning) and Echo and her dress… in the mail ONE city away!!! 

Our mighty knight

Add to that the creation of some adorable penguins out of felt and a design Ken and I came up with and we have still managed to have a pretty productive day. I am planning on putting two of them up on Etsy for 5.00 plus shipping each and see if any interest occurs!! Who knows, and they are quick and easy to make so I can make a bunch and then wait and see. 

Penguin Felties!

Our plans for the weekend going into Halloween have changed. Canadian Tire has not yet gotten our vehicle in for the needed repair. So it is not worth risking stranding to get out to my mom’s and back again. This is a great disappointment to us all as I was to go to a fashion show with mom on Friday and then trick or treating with the family as well. Luckily some local friends and a dear cousin swooped in and helped me make a back up plan last weekend so we are now in the middle of ensuring it is still a memorable weekend. I really do appreciate how much people are willing to work around and with me with the limping van and the house full of kids! Makes me feel much less like a lump on a log or a burden and more like a social being!! 

But now it is time to get back to the penguins, start the tidying for our weekend AND enjoy the fact that this evening we had some time with a lovely couple, carved pumpkins AND had the whole family involved! 

Fat Sheep and Echo

Cuddling with Kristen

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