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Well we are still averaging a dinosaur or prehistoric animal a week. Dinosaur Train HERE has become an amazing resource for finding those interesting creatures we have yet to cover. I have to say, I love how vocabulary building the world of the prehistoric is… all of the kids are rather clear (minus Echo) on what carnivore is and quick to describe what features differentiate between close species.

The Mosasaur was an interesting one. Again we found it on our Dinosaur Train list. Their site has a great section dedicated to going through each of the dinosaurs covered on the show in some detail. Their field guide HERE. You will have to look through them to find our specific dinosaur of the day!

We had a few links of interest all about this aquatic carnivore. This lizard was a top ocean predator which were thought to have evolved from snake like lizards that left the land and returned to the ocean…

Here are those promised links!

  • Prehistoric-Wildlife.com HERE
  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
  • Dinosaurs.About.com HERE
  • EnchantedLearning HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • FossilGuy HERE
  • BBC science site HERE
  • State Historical Site of North Dakota HERE
  • A not so educational video from the show Primeval HERE
  • A colouring page from Education.com HERE

Adventuring on a Grand Scale

July 18-19

And here is where I come through on my promise… Wednesday did not only mark the celebration of my nephew’s birthday BUT it is also the beginning of our biggest adventure yet as a family. We are officially on our way south to Minnesota for a 2 year or so stint as permanent residents in the United States of America! Yup, you read that right, we have left the familiarity of Alberta for Ken’s home state of Minnesota. 

This is not a decision we came to lightly or with little thought but after another month of disappointment in the rental search (seriously HUGE places turning us down on the basis of it being “too small” for our family… yah right), a sudden contract issue (no fault of Ken’s or the supervisor but the world happens) and the feeling really that this is the direction we should take led to our finally making the move. The plan was swift to implement as it has been a backup plan since Ken first moved up here and we definitely didn’t tarry. Thus the run to the passport office, the garage sale and downsizing… all the clues were there right?

We started out for the states right from Drumheller after our final good byes at the party. The plan was to drive on through with naps when needed and did we ever! We made AMAZING time. And since we had the iPad that can pick up any and all free Wifi we did periodic check ins from every place we could via Facebook. A good thing as  well before the border our cell stopped working (payfor does not like changing areas of service). As my Aunty Becky joked – the kids must have figured that the drive down to Minnesota simply came down to a string of fast food restaurants! 

Some beautiful Alberta scenery

We did have one scare Wednesday night, a deer decided to attempt suicide using our van as the vehicle of choice. It actually was across the highway when we saw it and started to slow and then decided to turn back around and run AT us! Thankfully we got away with just a dent in our sliding door and a rather adrenaline pumped Kenny. 

Poor van

After Saskatchewan at night and Manitoba in the wee hours of the morning it was the border crossing. It was our simplest border crossing yet with next to no questions and only one car ahead of us! What a relief. I always feel anxiety at border crossings, I swear Ken eggs them on subconsciously. 

Saskatchewan rest stop

Note the van is PARKED

After that it was North Dakota with a hilariously WRONG Canadian bacon related sign…

What, so now we are all pirates??? eh???

A Minnesota rest stop all full of sun, heat and HUMIDITY

And then onto Minnesota and our end destination – Nana and Baba’s and our next two years in sight. We were welcomed by Nana and Baba and our niece Gabriella and nephew Zachary…

Gabriella and Trinity

So starts a brand new page in our life… Minnesota and all the ups and downs that go with it. Note the sad lack of slurpees… but I WILL survive!!! And to end this epic trip… a few of our location marking pictures…

Sunset in Saskatchewan

My last slurpee from Macs in Winnipeg…

Our first meal in the states… Arby’s for lunch