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And So We Say Good-Bye…


Plans are always fluid with our family, have you noticed? Our original plan was to leave for what we currently consider homebase on Friday but in fine tradition of my visits that last at least overnight… EXTENSION! Instead of packing up to go home I sorted through all our stuff and repacked and then made plans to see Holly and Jimmie AGAIN! 

Cousin time

We made sure to go over after Jimmie was done his Friday half day at school so that Trinity and he could spend more cousin time bonding. Oh and so Aunty could do Trinity’s hair. We didn’t get a chance to see my brother this time as he was working during the day. So we girls had to make do! 

So cute

We had to make a 7-11 run which is only a block or two from their home and then onward to the park. Talk about a fun time, even Echo got in on the fun once Kathy convinced her to step onto the rocks. Slides and swings and cousins… oh my!






Walking back to the townhouse required hand holding and careful watching for cars… well for the most part! 


Let’t not forget our final special treat out with Kathy!! Boston Pizza!!!

Gotta colour



And that brought us back to Kathy’s and a relaxing evening, laundry and finishing the planning for Saturday. Which was our second visit with Esther. She came and got us lock stock and barrel and took us back to her place for the day. The new plan… spend the day at Esther’s while Karyn returns from her trip to see the Orca… then head in Karyn’s car back to HER apartment for an overnighter… all VERY doable. 

Gotta get in some pj quiet time

We stayed until after supper (made by the amazing Echo) and then had to once again pack up another car. This time we were smart and bagged up a smaller bag of overnight stuff. That way we only had to bring up a smaller amount of necessities for our final overnight at Karyn’s. Thankfully I had left my playpen at her apartment so mom’s could stay in the car. 

So my last day in the city was full of relaxation…


With Aunty

Girly time and special moments. It was hard to head back to one step closer to reality. But then again, can’t stay away forever… and I did have a birthday to celebrate… Hello Sunday! Welcome to 33! 

Say good bye to two BLACK cats...

Only to say hello to one WHITE one