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Frantic in February

February is NEVER a calm month. We start off running with birthdays – Emanuel on the 3rd, the twins on the 5th, their Nana on the 7th. Then it is right onto Valentines’ Day. Luckily this year Chinese New Year was in January, but we still seem to rush right through February year after year. As an additional plus, February marks the beginning of a membership at the Science Museum.IMG_20170223_164302_881

Of course first things first… the twins are TEENS! And lovely Emanuel 11… where did the time go? You can read a recount on these special moments HERE.20170211_215425

We spent lots of time at the YMCA, in the pool, in classes…IMG_20170226_220642_956



At club.FB_IMG_1487343739955


Trying out Yoga!FB_IMG_1487343727369

There was indoor soccer to watch – our godson Anthony.20170225_212048

20170225_210138We even managed a dinner out.IMG_20170222_173748_383

IMG_20170222_221937_396We decorated t-shirts.

By Gavin

By Gavin

Emanuel, Zander

Emanuel, Zander





IMG_20170215_143439_011There was plenty of homeschool completions to celebrate.



IMG_20170227_115828_559We even had a Flat Stanley visitor.IMG_20170208_100242_525

The choir sang.IMG_20170212_122552_350

We crafted.IMG_20170201_134858


Had dinner with the Schwartz family.IMG_20170218_225552_970

20170218_192806We even managed to start some painting around the house. First room tackled – Emanuel’s!IMG_20170218_134208_666

Enjoyed our Pizza Hut reading program reward.20170223_183716

It was a chilly, busy, love filled month. Just like February always is with this not so little family!









The Bachelor Next Door… a book review

And… back to the Love Inspired romances from the library. The Bachelor Next Door by Kathryn Springer has two very different souls battling much the same problem – an over commitment to work and success while forsaking love, faith and fun. The difference is that we come to these characters with one (Lily) well on her way to realizing her faith and priorities in a healthy manner and the other (Brendan) struggling to find any sort of balance outside of guilt and work.

Lily is helping out her friend Shelby who has contracted lymes disease and cannot take on a job at the family home of Brendan painting a number of the rooms. All of this was set up by Branden’s adopted (once foster) mother Sunni who then leaves for a cruise. This leaves the two of them in the same house during the day (offices for Branden) where interactions are unavoidable and romance and faith blossom.

This book is different from the “usual” Heartwarming Inspirational Romances in so much as there not being a child directly involved in the main interactions. Though I have noticed that the idea of foster parents or one of the main characters being adopted is quite common. In this case the 3 men Lily comes most in contact with (3 extremely handsome brothers) are all adopted and Lily herself was without a mother at a fairly young age. 

This book was a lot more faith first than some of the others, a lot of the activities they end up doing go back to the church, the main focus of the company Brandon is trying to save is a Christian message. Definitely a lovely story with lots of character growth and a nice ending that is basically wrapped up in a bow for you. 51KbJaKcmDL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Ending the Week With a Treat

November 21-22

There are days when the girls fight like cats and dogs and then there are days like Thursday where they sit down and colour together. Princess pictures out of the giant colouring books!101_5317

We had storytime together… I love just randomly grabbing a book and enjoying it with the kids! Of course we had to reflect and record what our favourite part or character was!101_5318

We also made turkey cards with Trinity and Emanuel. Relatively simple, just paint the portions of the hand different colours and slap it onto your paper. Let it dry and draw in your turkey. Trinity got creative and totally did it her way! But I think they turned out super cute!101_5332

With Christmas in our sights it was also time to start painting some special gifts. The kids wanted some of the family and friends to get their precious Home Depot crafts! So it was some serious painting going on.

Day 1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2

Emanuel had Cub Scouts and is VERY proud of his new book with its instructions to get BADGES! That just leaves fees and the shirt purchase and we are well on our way with the Novaks as our guide!101_5322

The next day we had a special long lunch break… with Daddy… OUTSIDE!101_5325

Our afternoon was a bit of a workshop. We have our Canadian package to go north to Aunty Holly so she can play Santa for us. So… time to make cards! 5 cards among the 4 kids… no hands on except glue and tape assistance, from Mommy!!! Creativity at its best!101_5327

After painting and card making what to do? Well, use the newest Art for Kids (link on right) instructions and make some pictures to give away as well!101_5328

Oh and read a Thanksgiving-ish themed book…

The Apple Doll

The Apple Doll

And then end our evening with Turbo the movie and cookies from Canada thanks to Aunty Sharon!!!!

Thank you Sharon!!

Thank you Sharon!!