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A Look at Our Canada Day

July 1st

Yup, nearly a month behind STILL but here we are at our personal celebration of Canada Day. Of course our day started in our red and white glory with any and all decorations I have saved or in the case of paper chains – the kids have made out for display. Thanks again to Karyn who got us some of these patriotic pieces on her trip down here last year.101_8106 101_8105 101_8111 101_8112 101_8108 101_8110

This year we had a super special addition – a full on Canadian flag thanks to Facebook friend and twin mom Cyndi! The kids were so pleased to have what they consider THEIR flag out in the front yard for the day!101_8114 101_8115

What with it NOT being a holiday here we had to make our own special adventure. And we certainly tried our best. We took all the kids out to the mall with the beloved Carousal. And the kids ALL went up to the upper level to enjoy the ride.101_8117 101_8129 101_8125 101_8122 101_8121 101_8128

As a special treat Echo and Trinity got to ride on one of the coin cars… they seemed much more amazing when I was little.101_8138 101_8139

We took some lovely pictures in front of the mall too.101_8140

Our next stop was a nature center where we had our lunch in the van.101_8143 101_8142

Then into the center for a potty break only to go out to walk and Geocache EXACTLY when it started raining! Plan change – time for dancing in the rain instead!101_8144 101_8146 101_8145 101_8149 101_8147

We made a special maple leaf wreath…101_8154

Stopped at the library where I totally caved and got books in their on going book sale. I seriously cannot resist!101_8157

That was quite the special day for 6 and a half (the kids say Ken is HALF) Canadians out of their element in Minnesota!101_8153

101_8156And now for the adorable red and white overflow!! Sorry about the excessive images but we have some VERY proud little Canadians who wanted to share!!!!20140701_101608 20140701_101730 20140701_101304 20140701_101414 20140701_101456 20140701_102353 20140701_102401 20140701_101852 20140701_102034 20140701_102121 20140701_102219 20140701_102333


Culture and Children…

For all of our Easter resources please refer to the blog entry titled “Easter Resources“.

March 20-21

CAN mix! It just takes a few extra adults and some strict corralling of the family kittens!! But first… Wednesday..

Easter learning continues with books books and more books… I just love doing a minimum of a book a day… The more I read the more they seem to want to read. Today was Piggy Bunnyby Rachel Vail.

Piggy Bunny

In honour of it being the first day of spring we WANTED to go on a walk looking for signs, but it was rather cold and snowy so instead I drew out a ground and a basic tree with a snow bank and said – MAKE IT SPRING…. did they ever!

Group project


When finished the Spring poster Emanuel took initiative and drew me his own spring landscape! What they can do with paper and markers makes this Mommy VERY proud!

Emanuel in Spring

We also filled some time with games and cooperative play! I am told that Dora version Candy Land can get positively cut throat!!!

Zander and Emanuel

To round out the creative vibe… clay creations! Note the Triceratops!!

By Emanuel

The twins’ snakes

We actually started our Thursday out in the afternoon. Ken worked into the night on Wednesday to clear up time for us to spend out getting a few errands done the next day. I had coupons… so free undies at Victoria’s Secret. We had to sit and watch the Carousel of course. Which happens to be right near the  ride. It is always fun to watch the horses go around. We even got adventurous and use up AND down escalators to get to the different levels of the mall! A first for Trinity for sure.

Watching the horses (Gavin left)

We had a run into JoAnn’s to grope the yarn… Echo really loves to touch it. And I stopped in Dollar Tree to get Nature Journals (can’t beat a dollar a piece). We are going to use them for nature walks as soon as  the snow melts. Get fit, get fresh air and get to know the nature around us!!

With a stop at a Best Buy to check for a wanted (and saved for) Skylander (no luck) it was time to head to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. It was the third Thursday of the month so a busy day (oops) and they were opening a new exhibit (we didn’t make it there). So lots going on including a place that was cutting hair for free, a band (we all agreed TOO LOUD) and lots of people.

Yes, there was a harpist in one of the handicap stalls in a bathroom!

These pieces were from Ethiopia

We went with Shandai and Emily who are both quite well versed on the exhibits to see. Ken and I a figure we want to go on a NOT the 3rd Thursday (the only late night opening) and WITHOUT the kids to take in more of the art and less of the highlights. There was so much to see and enjoy though. I have to say, taking pictures without a flash as you should in an art museum without a tripod is trying. So not as sharp as our usual photos but you get the idea and we will go back tripod in hand! And maybe play with our camera settings a little??

Such a variety of pieces, there were even a few hands on tables with interpreters.

A moment with Aunt Shandai

I wish this picture had turned out better.. this was one of the period rooms and it was DARK!!!



In the end Ken and the kids went to the family room, made friends and built things out off the toys they had there.

Building blocks

So much fun!

We have started our decorations for Easter with a pastel coloured paper chain… yes we do really love our paper chains in this family but it is such an affordable way to decorate AND work on patterns and colours and hand eye coordination.

Such pretty colours

We DID do some school work on Thursday – most notably was Gavin’s first foray into pastels thanks to Art for Kids. I love that now that his reading has improved he can navigate their archive and find the videos to watch and do on his own!


Though with our half day Friday is going to be busy with reading and drawing and all sorts of fun Easter themed stuff!!

Hard at work