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Spotless Murder… a Book Review

Sometimes all you have time for is a quick novella. And that was what I had this past afternoon… an hour of free time between kids and the YMCA trip. So I picked up a freebie and started reading. Spotless Murder is the third book in the Sophia O’Malley Cozy Mysteru series by Natalie Woodley and Angela Arganoff. I have not read the previous two books but the beginning of the story cleared up enough that I really felt like I was not missing out on a huge plot twist or something. (This was a one day freebie on Amazon)

This book is definitely a shorter read. Your prospective is not limited to a main character as the story scoots along showing all of them equally. You do learn a bit about the three main ones – Sophia who runs a business called the Travelling Organizer where she does just that, her new employee Mattie (though you don’t learn too much about her) and a character new to the series – Paul who works for the chain that employed the ladies and sent them to Hawaii for their newest murder mystery. 

The end of the book includes some Hawaiian recipes and some travel and organization tips. The murder itself is interesting, the solution rather intriguing and the pace a nice quick trot on through. I don’t try to solve these myself so cannot speak to that, but I really enjoyed following along as the characters work with law officials to solve the case. 

Add to the mystery, the organization, the exotic setting just a touch of romance, a little nostalgia and a sweet goodbye to a love now gone and you have a novella to pick up and enjoy in a single sitting. I would totally rec commend this contemporary cozy for a quiet hour. And once my book budget goes up from, well, zero… I may just read and review the previous books! 28481637

License to Date… a Book Review

I was lucky enough to be alerted by the author of a free copy of Susan Hatler’s License to Date. I have enjoyed multiple books by this author, all short romances. You can find my reviews by typing Susan Hatler into my search bar on the right. And License to Date does not disappoint. This contemporary romance is humourous and fast paced.

Kaitlin is unlucky in love. So to heal a broken heart she has focused on fixing up her new home. How better to do so than with the help of her friends? It is in attempting to coerce  them into assisting with the repainting that Kaitlin enters into a hard bargain – five dates in five days!! On the first of what Kaitlin figured would be whirlwind dates of no consequence she meets the bar tender at a local hotel… Paul and the bargain becomes all the more difficult… and all the more exciting!

I love a good romance coupled with humour. And as usual, this sixth book in the Better Date Than Never series is a giggle and a half. In fact, I would suggest ANY of Susan Hatler’s short romances. A perfect snowed in afternoon read in front of the fire! licensed to date


A Tale of 3 Witches… a Book Review

A Tale of 3 Witches by Christiana Miller and Barbra Annino is a short story combination of their Toad Witch and Stacy Justice series. I have reviewed two of Barbra Annino’s Stacy Justice series… Opal Fire and Bloodstone. The Toad witch series is new to me and where the story starts with young mom Mara and her roommate Gus. With a ghostly Aunt Tillie and her ghost toad, her darling baby and the complicated back story (not really touched on in this short but … I am intrigued all the same) father of the child Paul we get off to a great start.

Samhain (Halloween) is on its way and a terrible trouble has been foretold. What is a witch to do but head to Amethyst, Illinois and the B&B Geraghty Girls Guest House. I don’t want to go too far into the story but I have to say, even without knowledge previous to this for one of the paranormal series I had a great afternoon reading this one! And now want to find the first in Christiana Miller’s series and dive right in! So watch for future reviews on BOTH of these authors as I get my hands on their works!

For now, check out A Tale of 3 Witches!!!

A Tale of 3 Witches