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Mall of American Overflow

Again too many pictures for the original entry! Enjoy!

My family at the mall.. together having fun yay!

I thought this was a beautiful and creative use of paper

This giant Peep actually changed colour as well!

A very big girl Lego!

Miss Echo at the Lego store

This Sanrio store was really just a Hello Kitty and friends store! Not that the girls were complaining.

Someday I want to go back and get this one, or (if you can believe it) the one bigger! I was too scared to go in and see how much it cost!

Huge AND made out of Legos!

Back to the Week

And Easter is over… we are back with the Chris’ and hopefully this is our week of completions… Lots of calls to be made that is for sure! Sadly I didn’t get around to blogging Easter Monday… a combination of travel, frustration with some situations and of course the worry over my sister in law’s health (add to that her being out comic con babysitter for the boys at the end of the month and…). She is still in the hospital of course and her mom flew into Alberta (from Texas) tonight. Thank goodness! I am on call if they need more help later but it looks good. Once surgery is done recovery is supposed to be relatively short. 

Our Monday was a rather nice day. We woke up at Grandma’s, had breakfast, played outside… enjoyed the morning… I finally got a chance to try on the classic lolita dress I bought last year to have mom examine it. All we had to do was alter the elastic around the arms and I am in business… of course all the accessories I have amassed so far are in storage BUT I have the dress and a crinoline I have plans for altering to be more… poofy. 


Outside fun

And of course cute baby

We had lunch, tidied up, said good bye to Gypsy and it was time to head back to Chris and Chris’ and return their van. The kids were rather unimpressed as they were sure we should have stuck around longer (mom and Mike had to head to the city and left before us so they were hoping we would stay until the grandparents returned). If we can sort out our van purchasing the hope is to head back to visit in the near future. 

Don't forget Gypsy...

And the binky she ate

Do not forget the great peeps experiment that the menfolk here HAD to try… apparently putting a marshmallow peep in the microwave is considered scientific to grown men! I have to admit it WAS funny.

After microwave and before microwave

Of course, we are still in a holding pattern on the van AND the rental… first proper business day after the long weekend… BUT our homeschooling board was open so today I was able to not only get my PO number BUT also get to Staples and pick up our very own iPad 3! Funding covered our iPad and extended Apple warranty but I am going to have to save up (or get for my birthday in June hint hint) a cover. VERY exciting. 

iPad in all it's glory

I also got a couple packages of special markers, a phonics hands on sort of thing AND a bucket of craft supplies. So hopefully that will help with the boredom somewhat. 

Today we made use of what we have around us for our one school activity. I took the inside cardboard piece from one of the seasonal boxes of chocolates shaped like a bunny and we used that as a template to make some simple Easter books. The twins wrote some of the stuff they did for Easter, Emanuel made some lovely pictures and Trinity did her own thing. We used stickers mom had for the eggs that were left over and there you go! Something fun and pretty. AND something they can show the facilitator. 

Making Bunny Books

We are still progressing but I am keeping it rather low key. I look forward to returning to our things and our own space so that we can jump into our homeschooling more fully and with more mess and bother. 

With Storytime too

I have been working on bows lately. I have some I completed tonight but the ones from a few days back I have pictures of… I am trying to use different colour combinations and play around with things more. It keeps my mind occupied and is helping me create a stock pile for a craft sale I have agreed to be a part of in June. A friend back where my mom lives is doing a charity drive and wanted me to sell my crafts. I give them a door prize and 10% of my sales! I have asked some other crafty friends to join in and hope we can fill a table and maybe even sell some things! 

Pretty in purple

I combined two patterns with matching colours on this one

Lots of red

Gotta use that Halloween ribbon

In fact, today after work Karyn made the drive out to school me in iPads and to visit with the kids AND to drop me off some socks without mates that Victoria was able to spare! Random socks are the best!



Miss Karyn and Echo

A pro with the iPad (this is Karyn's white one)

Well tomorrow will hopefully continue our positive trend… I am going to do my very best to help it along! But for now I have bows to finish, an iPad to learn and Apps to find! 

Don't forget ECHO'S grandma sandals!