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Christmas Time and I am Writing Up July

Which is like the reverse of Christmas in July… wow that silliness fell a little flat! Anyway… July.

July is another where the events are already posted, but the month still held some fun. July 1st – Canada Day and July 4th HERE.

Anoka County Fair HERE.

Cotton Candy!

Cotton Candy!

Jeff and Shauna visit HERE.

Momo and Neko-chan worked on their friendship.20180724_120352


We washed out our tie dye which I think we are starting to get the hang of.20180711_165855



We spent tons of time outside. IMG_20180710_144259_560







Trinity bashed her head open at the pool on the water slide stair railing. The YMCA was absolutely wonderful about cleaning it up and keeping her calm. And Ken and Trinity were total troopers at the hospital. 




And the girls we playdate with at the YMCA were terrific about playing games instead of swimming until her head healed up enough.20180709_184130


Our friends down the road brought her get well soon Tim Bits!20180707_104350

We even made a trip out to a local dam. It was great fun to wander around and enjoy the water, the wildlife and the people watching. Walkabout Wednesdays.20180718_184032





We also met the Novaks’ new kitten Yoshi!20180722_155824


Don’t forget the crochet… here is something with a Canadian flavour – Tiger Ice Cream Cone! IMG_20180705_171145_288

Now sit back and enjoy the furry baby pictures! 20180708_114533








Happy America Day

That is what the kids all called July 4th this year after celebrating Canada Day, after all if it is called CANADA Day in Canada… then doesn’t it make perfect sense?IMG_20160704_125240

We didn’t try nearly so hard with this national holiday since we were in the middle of the country actually celebrating it. We did still put up our paper chain (red, white and blue) and our flag banner. The kids figured the rest of the area covered the necessary flags and then some.20160704_110555

For our morning activities Ken and I left the kids at home to do something independent (see what I did there…) on the day… and we took ourselves off to the YMCA which was busier than we expected. After a good go on the treadmill it was back home to crack out some chores and then… veg.

If you can believe it I took a few hours and crocheted and relaxed on a LONG WEEKEND? The horror! Of course pictures were taken, and we had the mosquito bites to prove it! (Gavin is in the white and Zander the red)20160704_110641

20160704_11074220160704_11083720160704_110925_Burst01Our super special July 4th treat was to head over to our homeschool friends’ house for the very first time for some of the most amazing ribs ever, pie and cupcakes totally keeping with the theme. Not to mention a playdate that kept the kids pretty well occupied constantly. It is so lovely when a family meshes with yours so well that age doesn’t matter or gender among the kids they just all work it out and are happy and excited to see each other.IMAG0028

We didn’t even make it to fireworks, they ate like crazy, played non stop… we drove them home and into bed they went. It was the better choice, Echo is really not handling mosquito bites well. They seem to chase her with a runny nose and fever half the time and swelling. Not fun. So outside for fireworks in the dark after all the moisture, not a good choice.

Just amazing homemade deserts AND ribs that were to die for!

Just amazing homemade deserts AND ribs that were to die for!

IMAG0025We took our photographs and found some joy in the day. That was all I really wanted and all I could ask for. So happy Independence Day to everyone… I hope it was a grand one!



And... my ONE photo in a USA shirt!

And… my ONE photo in a USA shirt!