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May 2018

Just to prove that I am, at least, in the current year! Why is it so hard to keep up with this this year?? I really wish I knew.

(Zander on right)

(Zander on right)

May definitely marked warmer weather. And we embraced it. Walks around the neighborhood to play Pokémon is always a great way to get outside.IMG_20180502_163527_498


Sprinklers in the yard.20180531_145524

Neko-Chan remained undisputed fluffy cloud softest being in the house as usual.IMG_20180522_092212_873


We even caught sight of some flowers starting!20180520_134335_HDR


And I wore colours to match the spring feeling.IMG_20180525_150952_988

The YMCA was, as usual, our usual fun place to be.20180528_083827




We ventured out to see Anthony play soccer.20180505_131013






Enjoyed our first freezies of the season.IMG_20180505_184445_473

Had another visit with the fair Maevowyn. Echo’s favourite person, I swear.20180506_203333






Found a random carrot claw.IMG_20180507_212854_420

Played in the warm spring rain.IMG_20180509_143535_753

Sewed and created.20180529_154237


selfie reversed his G

selfie reversed his G

Layed down SO MUCH mulch.20180512_130433



And made a little garden.IMG_20180527_141128_480

Don’t forget about Mother’s Day… you can see the photos from that post HERE.

We even managed a family dinner out at Chipotle.20180513_183202


Spring was firmly here, sunshine, outside fun. In fact, due to work and lack of ability to travel we made our Wednesdays Walkabout Wednesdays. We even hunted for fairy doors!IMG_20180524_120946_141




Ice cream

Ice cream

A nice visit at the Schwartz’s with poutine to boot!IMG_20180526_221205_788



Saw the Lego exhibit at the Science Museum… separate post to share all the wonders we saw HERE.

A trip to a different YMCA that had a splash pad AND hot tub. Don’t worry we still love our local one best.20180530_174602





Such a busy month in retrospect!

Silly Faces of Zander

Silly Faces of Zander









Week 2 of Honest Photo Month

Welcome to the second week of my experiment… You can see the first week of photos HERE. Again, these are posted daily on Facebook and Instagram. And here we go…

DAY 820170908_102551

“It was minion’s choice. We took a family walk this morning… to the Catholic Church… to play Pokémon… all sorts of educational, right?! The girls found so many butterflies in the flowers and the boys took their bikes. We picked up some trash along the way too. Happy Friday all!!!”

Bonus image DAY 8.520170908_102023_HDR

“We have to get creative to take group shots. This was too planned out to be an HONEST PHOTO… But HONESTLY it is hard to get  a group shot.”

DAY 920170909_105522

“I assume we are great entertainment for the YMCA front desk staff. Ken has his spot where he sits… No one expects him to work out. And the twins either stay busy or get typical teenager bored. Today that degraded into some sort of slow motion tickled/wrestling match. Yup… We are the weirdos in the lobby waiting on mom to get done with her workout. Feel free to giggle.”

DAY 1020170910_103802

“We came, we saw, we headed home right after Sunday School. Funny thing… Hacking kids make for abbreviated church experience. Especially when the after service activity is creating meals for the food bank. But here you have it, photo proof that I CAN dress them up AND take them out… Sort of.”

DAY 11IMG_20170911_111904_131

“How do you do it? I couldn’t teach my kid! What do they do all day? It looks too hard… Well, it is hard. All rewarding things are. And how do I do it? Trial and error. With siding being done and sick kids we do what we can, and if that is just counting woodland creatures and colouring… Well that is a success!! Worksheet is thanks to Activity Village (link on right).”

DAY 1220170912_122237

“I debated waiting later in the day… But… They are only so carefree and young for so long. Sometimes school is taking a walk and looking for birds. In the process having a shadow puppet war… Trinity’s bunny vs something Emanuel said would nuke it… Bunny was victorious and our shadow creating skills powered up.”

DAY 1320170913_130536_HDR

“Science vs Craft… This is common with our one room classroom. On the left slightly grumpy teens who had to try and figure out the seed count of a kiwi because that was one of 3 fruit I could find with seeds for some basic science. On the right loud children helping mum fulfil her glitter craft challenge from her pen pal… Glitter slime!

Did I mention slime makes Zander want to vomit? His words…”

BONUS PICTURE20170913_130614


BONUS BONUS PICTUREIMG_20170913_140049_019

“Then this happened…”

DAY 1420170914_141627

“Welcome to my late afternoon/evening reality. Crochet, entertainment, school planning, letter writing… The kitchen table is often occupied and I do like to spread out, so the bed it is. Open door so the kids are constant, but I can leave it all out and work until I am ready to crawl into bed. Organized chaos… Ask Ken what happens when he touches something.”

And that is the second set of 7 days in a blog post! As always, suggestions welcome!

Christmas Crochet

I still haven’t gotten my Birthday post written for my boys… so instead, here is some Christmas crafting. 


Gavin and I were both at work. So I figured I would share that here.

Gavin's simple rectangular piece he sent to Grandma and Grandpa Mike for Christmas. Well done son.

Gavin’s simple rectangular piece he sent to Grandma and Grandpa Mike for Christmas. Well done son.

Olaf for Andrew Novak and a cell phone pocket for his brother Anthony.

Olaf for Andrew Novak and a cell phone pocket for his brother Anthony.

Iron Man fingerless gloves for Aidan Novak.

Iron Man fingerless gloves for Aidan Novak.

Pink Pikachu as requested for Echo.

Pink Pikachu as requested for Echo.

One of the cat hats I made for various cats.

One of the cat hats I made for various cats.

Commissioned goodies sent up to Canada.

Commissioned goodies sent up to Canada.

Now for some patterns:

The large Pikachu – HERE by Nichole’s Nerdy Knots

Olaf – HERE by ChiWei Ranck

Iron Man fingerless gloves – HERE by Tia Davis

Far back in the photo above is the Little Evil Mistress – HERE by Jennifer Chittum

All the above Pokemon are from Nichole’s Nerdy Knots as well HERE