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And Back to Recount Our Advent Adventure

Wow backtracking big time now! Sorry!! But gotta share the Advent themed wonderful that was our days up to our second Christmas in Minnesota.

December 14-19

Another weekend begins in Advent. The 14th was the day before our Christmas program (you can see pictures from that HERE). So it was also our final practice. It went pretty well and it was Emanuel’s good behaviour at this practice that earned him the part of Joesph in the end of the program!

We survived practice and the weather was nice enough for the big kids to head outside for a bit.101_5572

We have had some VERY cold days. Echo chose to stay in and snuggle with Fat Sheep… or as she now call it – Sheep Fat.101_5574

Even better… another batch of boxes came from Gammie with most of the last of the Christmas goodies and included were some books that were in the box  for right now… not only Christmas themed BUT also a book read by Gammie (recorded) for us to listen to! Loved it!! 101_5613

101_5575Of course Sunday was the Christmas program (mentioned above). Baba had a game to go to (football) so it was our 7 plus Nana. I think it went well. Just WATCHING wore out Echo.101_5592

And I think we  turned out quite handsome with the 4 plus myself in black and Echo in white!! Photo op!101_5590

Monday was right back to reading and Christmas fun. We were spoiled when Grandma visited months ago, she brought us a couple CANADIAN Christmas books that we have enjoyed and illustrated a page for after reading. Porcupine in a Pine Tree had a little toy porcupine that came with it.101_5593

Of course we had to journal about the program. This was the first program Trinity has ever REALLY been a part of.101_5594

On Tuesday we read a more religious Christmas book.101_5595

And Emanuel made up a favourite off of Art for Kids from last year… make your own 3D paper reindeer.101_5596

Oh, and one more artistic rendering with the help of Art for Kids by the boys.101_5597

We moved into movies on Wednesday. I am glad we now own many of the traditional Christmas classics… Rudolf, Frosty, Polar Express… of course the twins had to announce at great length that they HAVE seen all of these… well, YES, but that is what makes them part of our Advent tradition sillies! 101_5605

101_5606101_5607Echo and Emanuel brought out the Nativity scene. I can’t remember if we bought these before or after Trinity was born but they are still a family favourite! 101_5609

Thursday was full of card making…101_5612

And storytelling…101_5610

101_5611Emanuel rounded off the evening with his Tiger Cub Scout Christmas party… in full outfit! He had so much fun and renewed his interest in doing even more. 101_5614

And we are well into the week!

Gotta craft a little too right?

Gotta craft a little too right?


And So it Goes

December 7-8

With the Candy Cane unit being so short Friday turned into the perfect day to watch a family Christmas favourite – Polar Express! In fact, Emanuel sat through it TWICE! I found a great site with worksheets that I could print out for the kids to use. You can take at peek at those HERE. I love this movie and would totally suggest that EVERYONE make it a part of their Christmas celebrations!!

We HAD TO celebrate our completion of our candy cane unit of course! 


Of course, if you are in need of ideas… head over to Activity Village… SERIOUSLY!

Emanuel and his Advent Calendar

Christmas themed!

I have to share some more Art for Kids inspired art! Seriously their instructions are inspired! I have a reindeer one to do this coming week… so be sure to check back for that!

Santa and his elf by Gavin

Oh and a snowman

We also strung together paper chains… such a simple but fun craft to do!


Oh and don’t forget the Lego Santa thanks to Emanuel!

From scratch

We also worked on our Christmas carols… it is so cute to watch them work together!

Sing along

Ken and I took some time in the evening and ran out to do some VERY necessary Christmas themed shopping… had to get some more yarn for projects and start finishing off the bits of shopping for the kids. Leaving the kids to hang with Nana, Baba and their cousins.

Kids at the table

If you are interested in Candy Cane resources HERE is one with some recipes and all. Activity Village has a selection of Candy Cane related crafts HERE.

Saturday went slowly, Echo had a rough night the night before and Trinity and Emanuel woke up with slight fevers… of course with a busy Sunday planned with the Novaks we wanted to take it as easy as possible. Though Trinity, Ken and I did run out to buy new shoes (dress) for Trinity and a new shirt (fancy) for me. Kohl’s with a nice sale going on.

That left the rest of the day to work on the gifts for Sunday…

Echo in the pilfered shoes

What a Day

It was definitely an interesting morning! I woke up to relatively quiet and somewhat well behaved kids after sleeping past 9 (yay)… and then a quick glance at my laptop left ANOTHER smile on my face – a PACKAGE! From the UK! Something very special for Emanuel that we simply could NOT find here in Canada and were so sad we had not picked up years ago when it WAS available (here’s a hint – it has to do with Pocoyo but is NOT Pocoyo himself!). 


Then I sat down to do my usual run through on the internet and remembered I had entered into a bunch of draws in a wonderful 12 day series set up by a friend of my mom’s… well I won one days back that I am gifting as I can’t use it myself BUT TODAY… today I won something I have never done before… an hour long drive in a a fancy limo!!!!! AAAAAAAH! So guess what Ken gets as part of his Christmas presents? We are going to set up a date, get sitters for 4 of 5 (probably) and go from there. I think we have to do it in the city but that is not impossible! I have sent in my info and am waiting on all the info but WOW! This was run by an amazing woman and her company Premiere Event Management. Seriously talented lady who worked hard to create a terrific 12 days of draws! My mom and Mike each won something as well!

We have been hard at work cleaning up for our Sunday party… And chasing Echo away from the areas we cleaned! We rearranged the baby toy area, swept everything, shook out our rug… etc etc.

Christmas Baby

We made Santa collagestoday from yesterday’s Advent day. Lots of glue and mess and fun! 


Today’s craft was a gingerbread man themed craft. We substituted coloured glue with anything they wanted in our craft mess and they went nuts! 

Creating gingerbread men

All done

The boys spent a large portion of their day outside. It was practically warm out! Their fort is making some amazing progress. 


We had to show off the Polar Express lapbooks that are now completed as well! 


And now for today’s video!