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Congratulations are in Order!!!

While I don’t have a picture yet I have a reason for this short little blog entry!!!! Miss Lily was born today at 9:58 in the morning weighing in at a delicate (for what she was expected to be) 8lbs 14oz. Mommy and Baby are doing SUPER well… I get to go and have a visit tomorrow so tonight I am working on tidying and such and ensuring our welcome baby present is ready to be given. I am much the proud aunty here… Miss Lily is Echo’s first American God Sister as Bree and Scott are Echo’s godparents. I look forward to photographing and spoiling Miss Lily rotten… Mr. Quinn is now a big brother as well! Isn’t life exciting!!!!

So congrats to Scott and Bree and I promise there will be many pictures and mentions of baby cuteness to come! My very first American baby… since Anthony is now all grown up!

A Very Merry Canadian Christmas

Is  what I am told our loved ones had this year! And I lucked out, friends and family were willing to share their pictures!

My brother, my nephew and my Uncle together after Christmas building toys… thanks Holly!

The Bleau kids ready to open their presents on Christmas Day… So cute, thanks Sharon!

Jeff, Sean, Tedd and Darryl on New Years! Good memories of times like this! Thanks Sharon!

Though not pictured, Karyn sent me this picture from her time in Saskatchewan… this is her mom, her sister inlaw and her nephews!!! Oh and a puppy!

And a close up of the puppy, thanks Karyn

The parents to be Kristen and Fydo! Baby is due imminently

Not a picture but equally cool! Here is the video of Ted’s very own Christmas tree… very cool!

I really missed my time with our oldest god daughter and her family. Emanuel was also rather sad to not get his usual hugs and quality time with his god mommy. But I lucked out, the den Otters have a wonderful picture to share with us here! We miss you all so much!

Alex, Isabella and Izaac, thanks for the amazing picture Xinny!

It was super busy this Christmas for our other god daughter Anna… not only does she have a new baby sister but they also moved over the holiday. So here is the picture Ada was able to find for me. So cute! She is just 2 months older than Echo.

Miss Anna, thanks Ada

And of course we must include some images from the She Chris and He Chris Christmas. With Mae as well! You will remember them especially from their wedding!

Note the owl couple! I gave that to them last year

Miss Mae

The puppy

I want to thank everyone who send in their pictures! I am hoping to do this for other major holidays so PLEASE save those Easter pictures as well! 


Well, today’s dinosaurs is NOT a dinosaur! The Plesiosaur is actually a flippered marine reptile. Its name actually means near lizard. This massive creature had 4 flippers and a long neck and are from the Mesozoic era. They were found in the oceans around Europe. The current majority believes that they were NOT able to move their necks like a swan. There is a debate going as to whether or not the Plesiosaur birthed its young or laid eggs like turtles. A lot of its possible habits and behaviour have been compared to turtles actually. There is a terrific video about a possibly pregnant Plesiosaur!

Now for our links for our NOT dinosaur of the day… There is an actual Plesiosaur Directory HERE. KidsDigDinos.com has a great point form set up with question as usual, though it states that the Plesiosaur lays eggs like a turtle HERE. Dinosaur Facts has a whole fact sheet HERE. Wild-Facts actually states that if the Plesiosaur held its neck up like a lot of images show it doing it would TIP OVER! Gotta love gravity, check that out HERE. The BBC has a great image and a paragraph about our lizard HERE. The OMG-facts site also states that the Plesiosaur births LIVE young HERE… I personally love the onesie on the baby! The K12 site has a great student project page HERE. EnchantedLearning has their page HERE. There are some terrific skeletal pictures on OceansofKansas HERE. Don’t forget about Wiki HERE!

You have to watch our second video on their site HERE. And our colouring page of the day can be found HERE. I hope these links will help you along your way with learning about this NOT dinosaur! 

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