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Well we are still averaging a dinosaur or prehistoric animal a week. Dinosaur Train HERE has become an amazing resource for finding those interesting creatures we have yet to cover. I have to say, I love how vocabulary building the world of the prehistoric is… all of the kids are rather clear (minus Echo) on what carnivore is and quick to describe what features differentiate between close species.

The Mosasaur was an interesting one. Again we found it on our Dinosaur Train list. Their site has a great section dedicated to going through each of the dinosaurs covered on the show in some detail. Their field guide HERE. You will have to look through them to find our specific dinosaur of the day!

We had a few links of interest all about this aquatic carnivore. This lizard was a top ocean predator which were thought to have evolved from snake like lizards that left the land and returned to the ocean…

Here are those promised links!

  • Prehistoric-Wildlife.com HERE
  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
  • Dinosaurs.About.com HERE
  • EnchantedLearning HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • FossilGuy HERE
  • BBC science site HERE
  • State Historical Site of North Dakota HERE
  • A not so educational video from the show Primeval HERE
  • A colouring page from Education.com HERE


There dragons and then there are “real” dragons… Dracorex is a dinosaur that looks like a dragon… and the kids LOVED it! This carnivore has an amazing skull, are horns and bumps… A Cretaceous Period dinosaur this herbivore ran on two legs and is thought to be an animal that ran in herds. Found in South Dakota it was named by children with a reference to Harry Potter in the second half of its name.

Really main interest for our two intrepid dino hunters was how much it looked like a dragon!!

Our video is regarding the tv show Primeval… The Real Creatures of Primeval: Dracorex.

And now for the links:

  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Dinosphere HERE
  • Primeval Wikia HERE
  • Prehistoric Planet HERE
  • Cool Dino Facts HERE
  • Creation.com HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • And our colouring page is midway down the Everything Dinosaur page HERE

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Ever wonder who came BEFORE the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Well, wonder no longer… The Eotyrannus is early in the tyrannus family. Found on the Isle of Wight it is one of the earliest known and most raptor like in looks. The “Dawn Tyrant” is definitely a swift and fearsome predator.

We have TWO videos to share, the first from I’m a Dinosaur…

And another from the IW Council about a brand new display at the Dinosaur Isle Museum…

Quite the phenomenon at the Isle of Wight. Now for our links… Dinosaurs.about.com covers this carnivore HERE. EnchantedLearning has a fact sheet HERE. Prehistoric Wildlife has a page HERE. Apparently Primeval included this dinosaur in its series HERE. I love the image of the dinosaur on the Dino Directory page HERE. Wiki of course has their article HERE. And our colouring page is from deviantArt by an amazing artist… Zakafreakarama HERE. You can find his main artist page HERE.