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Sedentary Sunday…

July 29

Even the most entertaining of plans can be thrown up in the air and lost to the wind… Ken woke up rather sick this not so Sunny Sunday morning. Instead he woke up long enough to take medication and crawl back up into bed. Trinity is on the recovery (she has been sick) and Gavin took his turn with the cold. 

With Daddy napping it was time to hang in the basement

Anyway, plans awry… we were SUPPOSED to have a day of park and beach and picnic with the Novaks but with a sick Ken… no can do. It also was raining in the morning, another sign not going would be best. But still… sad sad Lisa and kids. Especially Zander who wanted to go right over to his godparents’ place and play. 

I am so glad he has found such a love for the family. I honestly wanted to head my way over there too. We are keeping our plans tentative and flexible as Ken still needs to return north to collect the bulk of our things. I do miss my clothes and the precious items we were able to keep when we downsized. Logistics and all that!

Time spent in the sunshine PRE park

So instead we had an abbreviated trip to what is known (by the kids and their cousins) as Rainbow Park. This time it was just myself and Baba as the adults as that is all that will fit in our van with all 5 kids. It was a bit too hot for an ailing Gavin but everyone contrived to have some fun. 

Gavin and Emanuel taking advantage of some dinosaur themed shade

Balance beam

Zander being bendy

Other than that it was a very sedate day for the relatively high pace we have been taking this week. It should pick up in the next few days though. Ken and I still have things to do to set roots down… we tried the county office about homeschooling earlier in the week, but the person in charge of that has not been hired yet??? But it is a start… they have our name and number after all… and Ken is sending out those resumes. So we are moving and shaking and I am sure eventually it will all be a cemented plan… maybe? 

A little water to cool us down

Settling into a New Groove

July 25-26

We are lucky as we know both of Quinn’s parents so on Wednesday we got to have ANOTHER playdate with him. This time with his daddy Steven along to visit with the adults. Ken and I both went to University with him (Ken two different schools, one in Canada and one in the US). So our friendship goes way back. In fact, we played the same text only game together. Anyway… before that, while waiting Trinity spent her time blowing bubbles and supervising her Baba’s bug killing. 


Proud catch

Now Quinn and Emanuel have bonded most strongly over Thomas the train so I am sure you can imagine where they went right off the bat! Quinn tells us that we must come to his house and see HIS trains.

Bonding over Thomas

For Ken and Steven it was just like old times. We were able to sit and chat about everything and nothing while they played with their electronics and seriously relaxed. Just what both of them needed I think! 

Boys and their electronic toys

Further relaxing in the basement

We had lunch together – sandwiches, and then there was MORE time to play – this time heading outside to run as fast as little legs can go! 

Sandwiches together

Fun in the sun

I am so glad that Quinn has gotten along so quickly with our crew. It is great to add another sociable soul to our family unit.

Quinn and his Daddy

Thursday was a day for getting things done. Ken his job searching and such and the kids SCHOOL WORK! Actually we have been working on a little each day this week and it has gone… better… Once the boys truly realized that less whining means it all goes faster… for the most part we have trucked right through the little I have them doing (Farmer Boy and then their review books for the previous year). My hands are still rather tied until I either go shopping or get the rest of our things from up north. 

Drawing pictures for mailings… gotta get those stamps!

Echo on her own

We have spent a little time each day going to garage sales, checking prices at places like Target and Walmart. So far no boys’ toys but some unusual finds for myself…

The movie is one I just watched with Sharon recently!!

Don’t forget a nearby now dubbed Rainbow Park. 


Baby in park

I am hoping to have better luck later but in the meantime we have enjoyed our finds and the kids are settling in more and more!!

Dolly chair is just her size