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Jeff and Shawna Come to Visit

Well July was certainly a month of company. Not only did Karyn come for a visit (HERE), but so did Jeff and Shawna! We had so much fun. This was our first time meeting Shauna in person (well, everyone except Ken) which was so exciting.20180727_122230_HDR

First off… Shawna’s a wizard at doing hair… and Trinity loved it, Echo also got her hair done. 20180727_101907


We had a few planned outings. First off… the long delayed trip to Fort Snelling. So much to see on a beautiful day. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.20180727_114045























The other big trip was all the way to Wisconsin and Ren in the Glen. It was the kids’ first renaissance festival. Much more affordable than the bigger on Ken and I go to yearly, but just as much fun. Shawna did Trinity’s hair for her and I lent her one of my sari skirts.20180728_104422

Echo pulled out all the stops with her fairy wings.20180728_134134

20180728_183212We had a blast.20180728_131431







Grandpa Mike sent each of the kids some money to spend. Trust me those purchases were VERY carefully considered! I do believe we will try and go again!

Unicorn fairy!

Unicorn fairy!

The rest of our visit was spent just enjoying everyone’s company. We ate out, ate in, drank a little, went all out with a late night booze fest. It was amazing. I cannot wait until they visit again. Shawna even came to a R.I.P.P.E.D class with me!!! Talk about adventurous! Who knows, maybe before too long we can return the favour and visit them back home? Fingers crossed!




India, a Resource Project

Ok another WAAAAAAY delayed post, no images just resources. (I fib, one image of a sari skirt I splurged on for this year’s wardrobe. The colours of India are AMAZING!) I am determined to get my bum in gear and get these posts up in a more timely manner. But for today, humble pie. I should have had this up half a year ago!!! Check back tomorrow as I continue to prove to my kids that even MOM finishes EVERYTHING (within reason…) she starts! 


So we had these grand plans to do a family project on India in a timely manner, oops. But we did spend a summer and then some learning about a very distinct and colourful country and I will try and share the links, books, etc that we used. And then I took a lifetime and a half to post this post

First off. Google is your friend. We spent a lot of time searching for pictures for topics to colour. Mandalas, saris, the Taj Mahal. There are all sorts of colouring pages out there.

Since my resource list is a bit weak this time around, here is the list of topics the kids chose from. I gave them the option to pick and chose and varied the expectations of report content and length according to each child. So Trinity would do a list of facts vs. Zander having paragraphs or Echo colouring a picture.

  • Globe location
  • Government – levels, type, capital, voting rights
  • Country – independence, languages, time zones, founding, state/provinces
  • Landscape – mountains, water bodies, landmarks, position on map
  • Climate – seasons, one week of comparative weather, snow, natural disasters
  • Animals – unique to country – we chose one to do a report on
  • Plants – unique to country
  • Agriculture – most prevalent and where
  • Food – famous for
  • Symbols/emblems – flag, official symbols
  • Religions – main religions
  • Currency – what is used, exchange rate to USD, when it came into use
  • Main groups of people – who are they, caste system, poverty vs. rich numbers
  • School – minimum grade required, types
  • Inventions
  • Imports/exports/economy – what are the main ones
  • Sports – most popular
  • Holidays – major holidays
  • Music and crafts – most common, popular, make some
  • Tourism/Famous people
  • Choose a topic

Books were an important resource. Here is my short list. Libraries really are life saving

  • India by Manina Chatterjee
  • Focus on India by Bojang Brownlie
  • Taj Mahal by Linda Tagliaferro
  • India ABC’s by Marcie Aboff
  • Welcome to India by Patric Ryan
  • India by Don Nardo
  • India by Joanne Mattern
  • The Mauryan Empire and India by Ellis Roxburgh
  • India by Julie Murray
  • India by A. Kamala Dalal
  • Living in India by Chloe Perkins

For a fun activity we tried out making Henna decorations on paper hands as explained by Activity Village HERE. Education.com is always a help HERE.  Beyond the Henna activity Activity Village has a whole selection of resources HERE.IMG_20180328_150104_136