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Random Art and Crafts… From Days Gone By

Last modified in 2013… goodness! Well here goes… unedited but posted!


I am not sure if I have shared these or not but they are worth revisiting. Art for Kids has been so helpful, and I just love the art that has resulted from our stumbling upon this site.

Gavin and Zander’s Scarecrows

Gavin’s colourful turkey


Zander’s creative combo of Turkeys AND Aliens

We also have our moments of pure independent creation… anything to get them attempting to use that imagination!

Emanuel’s panda and bamboo scene

And of course some of my own work… craft wise…

A little bag

Crowns for two Canadian Princesses

And of course the list of sites the patterns came from!

  • bags from CrochetSpot HERE
  • princess crowns from Stitch11 HERE
Gavin's 2 page story written solely by him.

Gavin’s 2 page story written solely by him.

Tracing paper is so lovely...

Tracing paper is so lovely…

Gavin is really getting into the drawing himself…

From Walker Sculptural Garden

From Walker Sculptural Garden

Sunday Sunday

October 21

Sometimes with being the parents of 5 the best gift we can be given is the one of TIME! Especially time without all of the kids. This is something we have been sorely lacking with our extensive sitter/family/friend base left up in Canada. Sunday was a terrific gift to Ken and myself as Nana and Baba decided it was THE DAY to take the 4 bigger kids out to the Minnesota zoo! So from rather early in the morning until supper time we were playing solo with just our baby girl! 

Miss Echo with her duckies

So what do the parents of 5 do when they do not have the bulk of the children… well… nap… duh! And after said nap we packed up our littlest minion and headed out to leisurely window shop and peruse the bits and bobs in a few different stores. Jo-Ann’s is much more enjoyable when there are two adults and only one set of little grasping fingers, though I think she touched ALL the yarn in the store at least once! We had Christmas present ideas to discuss and colours to look at and think about. With the crochet ideas and patterns I have gotten with my subscription to Crochet Spot I am constantly thinking of gift ideas to make. I absolutely love that Ken is willing to be involved in discussions about yarn and colour combinations! 

We stopped by the mall nearby to see the carousal horses in the main area and walk around the upper level so Echo could look down through the glass and talk away about the people and things on the ground floor. And really that was that for being out and about. We returned home and since it was a lovely and WARM fall day Echo and I headed outside… so that she could watch Pocoyo on the iPad in the front yard??? She is so her father’s daughter.

Silly baby

Out with Daddy

Of course our relaxing day was not to last as the rest of the family DID have to come home. Full of stories and with faces painted and some crafts to do during the week in hand. I think we ALL had a blast in our own way… and Echo was even slightly excited to see her brothers and sister again! Enjoy the zoo pictures!


Seriously a SEAHORSE!

Walking along


Painted faces

A magnificent scarecrow

Checking out the animals