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Our Cousin Time Is Ticking Away

July 21-26

The days in July are ticking away as is the kids’ time with their cousins before they make the move to Florida. So when we have the chance and they are over school is set aside in favour of play. But the week STARTED with half days.101_8775

Trinity finished her booklets about her July 4th experience and the 4 days of VBS (she did a page for each day)… sorry about the fuzzy pictures. We had a drawing and then a couple sentences that talked about her experience or what she learned.101_8774

The girls have been working together a lot lately. AND Miss Echo made her first real go at using scissors… it was… interesting!101_8777

Of course we took advantage of our recorded Wild Kratts episode. The same on Tuesday.101_8778 101_8781

Tuesday was a backwards day with pool and tent trailer in the sunshine THEN school.101_8779

101_8780 101_8784Wednesday was a day of worn out toddler… but there was a silver lining – Baba snuggles. She seemed to have caught a slight bug.101_8782 101_8790

The weather is definitely holding lately. With the whispers of another cold winter I am chucking these guys out NOW to enjoy all the sunshine and run out the excess energy! Clothed or not!101_8788

Thursday was another of our limited time only cousin get togethers. It is so weird to be on the opposite side of the visit in Minnesota! We have tried to tell the kids to take advantage of their time with Gabbi and Zachary. And I think they did a decent job. Of course we had school in the morning before Nana and Baba returned with the cousins.101_8792

Then it was out into the yard… the tent trailer was finishing airing out before heading over to Joe and Faithe’s for them to stay in as they finish their cleaning out of their house for the big move.101_8793

And the backyard garden was just screaming for us to come and pick and poke around.101_8794 101_8800

Don’t forget the pool! We inherited new water guns that were not slated to head to Florida for the kids to play with as well.101_8801 101_8802 101_8804

The next day it was breakfast all together made by Baba, of course. Followed by a very special tea party with REAL tea hosted by Miss Gabriella.

101_8807 101_8808

Chicken noodle supper rounded off the meals (a common cousin request).101_8810

So much cousin fun.101_8809 101_8811

Saturday the cousins went home and we made do just as us. Inside and outside we made Saturday count WITHOUT electronics.101_8812 101_8814

BUT that night… BONFIRE and just for Ken and myself! Shandai (my bestfriend from Canada who moved here blah blah blah) had moved into her new rental with her boyfriend Ravyn (super nice guy). We left our kids with Chris Schwartz until Nana and Baba could get home and had a blast… booze, food and a bonfire… oh and two snuggly kitties. Not only did we have a blast but Ken got in a nap. With the cats!101_8820 101_8821

I have to admit… I have not drank so much in ages but it was so much fun! We were out past 3 am I think!!IMG_20140727_160759

I was finally able to gift my housewarming present… when I was growing up my mom always took spider plant cuttings potted when someone moved into a new house. I can never remember what plants are cat safe AND am not able to keep many plants right now so I figured why not make some to gift!! I also made some to sell. I have plastic pots for those. For Shandai’s I used tiny clay pots and saucers I purchased at Walmart.10550947_787427734633114_8366123615101905016_n

So we have been busy and made good use of our days…101_8796And our evenings. Mid week Ken and I snuck away and went to Chris and Renee’s KIDS FREE to drink, have a bonfire and hang out.FB_IMG_1406245679635 20140724_213524

Minnehaha and More Sunshine

June 3-5

We had some very exciting moments when the mail called for Echo to get a pair of scissors… one look at her smile and those child safety scissors in her hand and I sent Trinity and her long and seemingly TEMPTING hair in the opposite direction. Together we were somewhat successful.101_7744

101_7745With 4 scooters in the house and the hunt for a 5th ongoing the kids are really working together to share and teach EVERYONE how to ride them. I think we lucked out with the 3 wheel version I found Echo at a garage sale. Definitely a confidence builder for her so far!101_7749

We continued our week with a walk first thing in the morning to the nearest park. It was quite the walk, we had to avoid the usual walking path and bridge with all the rainfall… too many bugs and the water levels everywhere are so high it seemed smarter to walk the roads there. We spooked a bunny… they are all over the place this spring…101_7750

101_7752And then we played our hearts out at the park. It is so nice to go and have Echo able to handle herself pretty much solo now!101_7756

101_7757101_7760Super exciting… we managed to assemble our Texas binder! You can find our resource page HERE. I did not link all the books we used but have listed titles and authors. I am always amazed when we go to assemble at the actual AMOUNT of stuff we have completed to put into our books. This will definitely not be our only time visiting Texas as a topic but we certainly enjoyed our first experience.101_7774

We also had a run to the mall on Wednesday… errands coupled with education about water tables…101_7762

101_7763AND geocaching in the sunshine!! Ok maybe more playing in the sunshine but we did find at least one!

So much nature!

So much nature!

101_7765101_7767101_7769101_7770Echo decided to round off our day with officially starting our Canada overview. After all what is July 1st but CANADA DAY!101_7777

The weather so far has been so accommodating that on Thursday we were finally able to go to the rather well known Minnehaha Falls. The water level was SUPER high so we did not do the whole circuit. But we saw some amazing vantage points.101_7782

101_7788Got to enjoy the beautiful green everywhere while we Geocached…101_7795

101_7794And even dipped our feet CAREFULLY in the water. The current was amazingly strong all over the place and a portion of the river where you could normally wade rather far in really wasn’t overly safe.101_7807

But it was gorgeous!101_7781

101_7778101_7789After all that sunshine it was back home for another journal completed! Well done Trinity!101_7817

I love looking back at these days and portions of weeks and seeing just how much enjoyment we are taking from all aspects of our days! This is going to be a summer to remember.101_7812