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Saying Good-Bye to Gabbi and Zachary

July 30-31

With 2 days until we say good bye to the cousins it was the best choice to have a final half day for the week with the kids on the 30th… And then embrace the cousin time!101_8863 101_8865

On my suggestion on the 31st we packed up EVERYONE and headed to our now favourite beach. One last dip in the lakes for the cousins before they head to the coast. Not to mention a perfect opportunity for an outing (on a budget) with all 7 kids for Nana ans Baba. Not the warm beaches of Mexico but the kids had a blast.101_8868

101_8871101_8880We packed a picnic lunch… Lots of towels and toys and made much of the day of it!101_8875 101_8877

I even got some crafting in!101_8869

Gabbi and Nana even caught a fish!!!!101_8887

With so much outside time they all settled into computers and fun inside.101_8889 101_8890

We also were able to gift Zachary and Gabbi with a very special scrapbook the kids made up for them. Each page full of memories and special messages. And that was that.101_8891 101_8852 101_8853 101_8854 101_8855 101_8856 101_8857 101_8858 101_8859 101_8860 101_8861 101_8862

Time for the kids to say good bye. Where did the month go??? I can report quite happily that after over 4 days they and their cats successfully made it to Florida in one piece! We shall certainly miss their company! But we wish them the best!101_8872 101_8874 101_8881 101_8883 101_8885

Marching Out of Winter… We Wish!

March 1-4

First Saturday of the month was also the FIRST of the month. Talk about a quick start to the third month… Home Depot of course! This time it was making a Trojan Horse piggy bank! Not the strongest piece and definitely not a family favourite but cool.101_6350

We had visitors over lunch for a play date. Last week it was the Schwartz family – Chris and Renee and their kids. This time it was the Schwartz family Matt and Fran and their twins Henry and Izzy. They are between Trinity and Echo in age and most definitely NOT identical. I was so thankful Fran was able to come. It was great to see yet another adult woman in person. Sometimes the snow and cold really does isolate you.101_6351

101_6352The next day it was Sunday School as usual. We are really seeing the benefits of a church that has Sunday School virtually every Sunday. The kids do love going to class.101_6353

Then nap time for a Mommy who still had the vestiges of a cold. While I was snoozing away the kids and Ken were doing some necessary ground work on the tools used in making their own pinewood derby cars. Familiarity breeds understanding and SAFETY! What was absolutely brilliant was that it was TRINITY who was the last one working away with the tools. Very serious business.101_6354

101_6355We also enjoyed some girly time doing up the first of I am sure MANY scrapbook pages in Trinity’s Hello Kitty scrapbook! We do love a good sticker!101_6356

101_6357And of course in order to prove she could pull her own weight Miss Echo took a go at the vacuum. What a good helper!101_6358

I would love to say March started with lovely spring weather and sprouts of green but… well more snow once again.101_6396

101_6397The twins and I did our first animal reports. We are starting with books and internet searches and then hoping to move to bibliographies and paragraph form!101_6398

We had a complicated combination of swimming lessons for the twins at 7:30 and Scouts for Mr. Emanuel at 6:30. With the distance between the two It was a whole family all evening affair. We lucked out and Darcy’s older 3 were (semi) willing to watch the girls for Aidan and Emanuel’s session. I think that was my first experience with real babysitters!!!101_6399

101_6400The next day it was back to work… we are especially working on the concept of chores and how they are a part of being a family and NOT the means to money or reward. Mommy does a lot for the family that there could be help with. So why not pitch in and let us have more time to have fun TOGETHER?101_6401

We are all about the Lego lately. With the table out for Perler beads or the Lego game the kids have gravitated to the kitchen and together play time more and more. It is nice!101_6402

But more importantly… the family also have been enjoying more baking time together. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often! Especially with Nana’s awesome mixer at our fingertips (and yes it was unplugged before Miss Echo started her tasting).101_6403

101_6406101_6409Our focus in March really has gravitated to stuff we do TOGETHER!!!101_6410