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Where in the World Did March Go?

Ok, Sometime this week I HAVE TO put up the old dinosaur blog posts that are languishing in drafts un-loved and alone. So be sure to check back for some BELATED dino fun! Anyway…

March 27-31

March 30th – Happy Birthday Little Brother!

The twins are really excited about coming up with new questions and then working together to answer them all. We use Ken’s netbook and hunker down and go one by one. It is hilarious as we find answers, sometimes follow links to further information. Some of the questions are an adventure for me too… things like Why are snails slow? Who created the first superhero? Are there more meat eaters or plant eaters on the planet?101_6576

We moved on from Google to working on our hunting skills with the I Spy game!101_6577

And best of all – a lengthy Skype call to Aunty Holly and Cousin Jimmie. Jimmie was on break from school so he had lots to show and the time to do it.101_6578

We ended the week with some creative endeavors. Gavin made some rather interesting cookies out of Play Doh. Trinity made up a cupcake.101_6582

101_6583The kids all did reflection journals. Working our way through Dirty Jobs episode by episode has been great fun!101_6579

We also started a new book for family reading time – Treasure Island. The kids are quite put out with me. I am reading it WITH them so they have TONS of questions I simply CANNOT answer. This is not a classic I have read! I think we will either read Little House in the Big Woods or Charlotte’s Web next (Gavin is quite worried about me reading the second one as he says… I do not like spiders so I shouldn’t have to read it.). For this story we are doing a pictorial summary of each chapter. Drawing out main points and the like. Something all ages can be involved in!101_6580

On the last weekend of March we had errands to run and quiet at home time to enjoy. I lucked out and in a walk through Walmart looking at Easter stuff we found FAKE eggs to dye. We plan on still making the real eggs with Nana but the fake ones could be saved and used year after year!101_6588

Trinity and I worked on ANOTHER special page in her scrapbook. After all Ken had ditched us for a guys’ only night over at Chris Schwartz after errands so it was time to be rather low key.101_6585

We tried something I saw on Facebook – making string eggs and found that we REALLY need to use the small water balloon balloons. (back onto the shopping list they went).101_6587

The kids just sat back and enjoyed the day with me.101_6586

On Sunday Ken got home in time to take them out to Sunday School.101_6589

Definitely a stay at home sort of day after that with a fort to build and music to make.101_6590

101_6591AND being the 30th a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my younger brother James! So we had a looooong lovely call. I miss the heck out of him and his family!!!

We ended March with a relatively quiet day at school.101_6593

And Ken and Emanuel running off to Scouts. I am so glad we decided to put him in this. He and Ken are enjoying it a lot. It is time to work on the extra stuff at home as well to get him I think what is called Arrow Points. luckily a lot of it is stuff we do at home through school. I just have to have us sit down and do some of this stuff we have done over the years again!101_6620

There goes March… did you blink and miss it too????101_6584

A Touch of Warmth

March 8-12

Another weekend, another series of visits. Saturday afternoon/evening Ken and the boys went to a sleepover at Joe and Faithe’s. Total boy time. That left Echo, Trinity and myself to dinner and a rather quiet evening of a movie and popcorn.101_6440

Oh and dress up!!101_6437

We have some fairy hackers coming along it seems.101_6438

Trinity and I even took some time to start her Hello Kitty scrapbook.101_6439

And at bedtime we called Daddy to say good night.101_6441

With our ride gone overnight there was no Sunday school for us. Just some quiet play time before we had to get ready to go out.101_6442

101_6444Ken and the boys picked us up around lunchtime so we could head over to Aunty Judy and Uncle Jim’s for a visit. And to return their now fixed computer. Robbie and Jessica were there also, along with all sorts of puppies, a kitty, ducks… fish… and so forth.101_6445

We had pizza for lunch and hung out until almost dinner time. It was a great visit on a beautiful day.101_6446

101_6447101_6449101_6453Monday was the last session for the ¬†twins’ first set of swimming lessons. With all the weather delays we actually went almost a month late. So the next session that we decided to schedule all 3 boys into gives us only one week grace to get Emanuel’s swim gear ready. They are all very excited to get to it. The twins have a little more work to move out of the beginners group to advanced beginners. But they are learning and loving it. Which is all we can ask!

Trinity was so excited… she completed her first addition AND subtraction book! With minimum tears and fuss no less!101_6454

With all the visiting and excitement we had gotten behind on our Art for Kids (HERE) drawing instructions so we had an art session using a variety of the newest ones.101_6455

We had penpal letters to illustrate…101_6458

And India to learn all about… a light lesson as sadly EVERYONE was getting sick.101_6459

101_6460Oh and I have to share our follow up on Paul Bunyan! Quite the interesting legend and a perfect chance to discuss how a story can be real or really cannot. I used two library books:

  • Paul Bunyan by Steven Kellogg
  • The Story of Paul Bunyan by Barbara Emberley

We had three worksheets from Education.com:

  • Tell Fact From Fiction HERE
  • Coloring Page HERE
  • Write a mixed up fairy tale HERE

We are finally seeing some spring like weather… Perfect opportunity to go out in our light clothes and scrape some of the muck off the driveway. Now let’s not get too excited about this sudden warmth… it IS Minnesota and spring is not something winter allows easily here!101_6461

101_6465Ken and I got around (finally) to assembling a long forgotten shelf and organizing our school stuff even further. Organization is always a calming influence on my soul I swear! And now with some labels thanks to my Christmas present from Ken I even have some spiffy LAMINATED labels for three of our section. The kids were impressed by the fact that they could now SEE some favourite games and puzzles on the bottom row and keep better track of their workbooks.

Pre labels

Pre labels

I am loving the bigger boys helping the little kids. Their reading skills have smoothed out enough that at time they will VOLUNTEER to read the other two their workbook assignments!!101_6470

Ken and Trinity did our grocery shopping for the day on Wednesday… and Trinity made sure to come back with a special treat just for me! So sweet!101_6471

We finally got around to decorating our Valentines Day folder. It is also more full than expected! But everyone had a blast colouring hearts and messages on our folder.101_6472

Of course Echo had to bring out our 100 day markers and draw us up something nice. I think the past 100 school day have had their rough patches but were honestly very nice!101_6473

We are forging right on through the weeks with school mixed with fun! March is certainly following February’s lead!101_6468

Today in Retrospect

Yesterday we finally saw a concrete and tangible benefit to Ken’s medical leave of absence, Leisure passes for the whole family! With our difficult circumstances we qualified for a year of this pass… so now we can go to the zoo, fort, conservatory, pools, etc. as often as we want! So the plan for tomorrow is to head off to the conservatory with Trinity dressed to impress and take her birthday photos in an atmosphere where she does NOT have to sit nicely! So out comes the last of her fancy dresses in this size range and hopefully she will be in the mood to explore and smile.

Tuesday was an at home day for the family. With wonderful weather once again the twins chose to spend their time not spent working on their fire station lapbooks outside in the sunshine. Lots of creative play and sharing for once.

Some number practice before heading outside (Zander)

We are already having to start bringing up our fans from the basement to cool the house down. So even though we are glad to have the sunshine and send the kids out I have a nasty suspicion that being pregnant in summer is going to a first time experience I am NOT going to want to repeat. After all in Alberta air conditioning is NOT the norm for all homes… we are much more concerned with our furnaces for the lengthy cold period.

Beyond the conservatory tomorrow’s plan is to head to the produce store and then have a fruit salad lunch before sending the little ones off for nap. Midweek means we HAVE TO get working on the brown sugar cake for Trinity as well as figuring out food. With the lovely weather and a free Sunday evening the next day we are going to take our left over meat and have friends over for a bbq in the backyard. I figure each person/family/couple could bring over some meat and a side dish or drink and we could put out our new umbrella and the pool Ken is to hunt down by tomorrow and enjoy!

We did rake the backyard and run the sprinkler for a while today… more tonight as this place is tinder dry. Tomorrow Ken will rake the front and again run the sprinkler a little in the evening. At least I am finally starting to see some tulips in the front yard that the owner had planted there years before she left.

Sprinkler! (Gavin red)

Tonight was Emanuel’s special daddy time… they played his Thomas the Tank Engine game, and he won! (Ken said he didn’t even have to cheat really Emanuel did that well!) Tomorrow it is Zander’s choice… IF they behave!

Game time with Daddy

I finished Trinity’s birthday tutu and am VERY happy with it… all sweet and soft colours and plenty of poof. I do believe I am in love with making them again!!

Blue and pink

And of course – today’s scrapbooking:

Mom's Wedding