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A Long Awaited Recounting…

Ok so NOT as long awaited as DECEMBER… which I WILL cover BEFORE this December comes about… I hope! But I figured before I shared my Mom and Step-dad’s visit I REALLY should cover Karyn and Lauralee’s. The intrepid duo drove from Red Deer, Alberta all the way down to the Grand Canyon and back again. With a stop off of a week at our house in sunny Minnesota – in the summer – when Karyn is NEVER here (for some reason MOST of her visits occur in the middle of winter… who goes from ALBERTA to MINNESOTA in the winter? Well one of the most amazing aunties ever of course!).IMG_20160626_184755

20160624_123857We made sure to show them a little bit of the state – our favourite beach of course.20160626_113159

IMG_20160626_133829IMG_20160626_113417IMG_20160626_131226IMG_20160626_131133Karyn and I ducked out for our usual extensive Mall of America shopping – sadly one of my favourite stores is gone now BUT we did manage to find some hidden gems, spend a little cash and walk ourselves into the ground. SO – good day!

Did NOT purchase

Did NOT purchase



We 3 adults joined Ken for an adult lunch. And some MORE shopping (poor Lauralee).

On my birthday (June 24th) the ladies watched our kids so we could go out for a lovely dinner.

First flowers that are REAL since our wedding!

First flowers that are REAL since our wedding!

IMG_20160624_221625Karyn drove us to the YMCA a few times and spoiled us horribly. So workouts and playing did not falter. Seriously, this has to be the healthiest summer EVER for this family – 2 miles either way, lots to do while there. ALL GOOD!20160627_190504

Karyn brought us a marvelous car full of gear. Canadian stuff, stuff from her childhood. Which put Trinity right over the moon. (the shirts she brought for us are in our Canada Day pictures on the post for Canada Day of course.)

We checked out the Como Zoo – because really when we did a comparison the animals at the pay zoo were not enough to make the donation only zoo less impressive. PLUS they had BUTTERFLIES!!!!IMG_8884

IMG_8888IMG_889920160628_121836IMG_893520160628_122136Trinity snuck off with her god mommy and Lauralee for ice cream and Mommy snuck off with Karyn and Lauralee for frozen yogurt. So there was even some sneaking around! 

It was a wonderful visit, and as usual, not long enough. But then again, I doubt there could be a visit that we would feel was “long enough.” I am just so grateful they added us to their pilgrimage south. Now enjoy the rest of our pictures! I couldn’t resist adding more!IMG_8892











A Zoo Filled Overflow

We totally took way too many photos at Como… but with Karyn there and TWO cameras… who can blame us??

Japanese Garden!IMG_4110 IMG_4111 101_9453 101_9454 101_9456 101_9457 101_9459 IMG_4113

The bonsai were beautiful too.101_9440 101_9441 101_9444


So many wonderful animals! Tortoise and big cats and all! IMG_4134 IMG_4173 101_9495 101_9492 101_9489


So many critters!IMG_4180 IMG_4182 101_9466

And so many happy kids!101_9439 101_9437 101_9463 photo 1

Of  course I snuck the above picture in from the day before! this zoo trip was well worth the multiple attempts.IMG_4100 101_9514

ZOO… I Mean What Else Needs to be Said?

June 25-26

We started our Tuesday with the rather fun activity of making paper fans… we took rectangular pieces of white paper (in hindsight cardstock may have been a better choice) and drew Independence Day themed pictures… fireworks, flags, etc. We then used an accordion fold and stapled it at the base. Another idea out of one of our books. But something I remembered making as a child myself! Fun!!101_2774

Serious designers

Serious designers

July 4th themed!

July 4th themed!

We had a Lego magazine come in the mail (we have a couple of their free subscriptions). This was geared at the younger group so the 3 littles sat down and enjoyed it together.101_2782

Gavin was totally in the puzzle mood. We got some lovely new ones in our latest package from Gammie!101_2783

We played around with some different brands of bubble soap. Sadly still not as good as the machine’s brand!

Got some sun though

Got some sun though

There was a little time for a dino dig as well! But we kept it rather sedate as Wednesday was a day with a big plan!101_2791

THE ZOO!!! We made plans to meet up with Steven and Quinn, and then once Bree got done work and such we added in Lily and mom.101_2818

101_2826101_2846We had sun, rain and fun in the rain! It was terrific!

Drowned rats, happy but drowned

Drowned rats, happy but drowned

Sunning Sea Lion... be sure to check our zoo overflow HERE.

Sunning Sea Lion… be sure to check our zoo overflow HERE.


Ken got to relive a bit of his childhood and made a plastic mold in one of the machines they have around the zoo. We made a gorilla. The plan is to get a different one each visit.101_2847

101_2848101_2879I am just so pleased… Ken’s anniversary present got here as well! A special t-shirt based on a saying I saw on a Grumpy Cat picture off Facebook. He was well pleased!!!101_2881

Where I got the saying from... Grumpy Cat

Where I got the saying from… Grumpy Cat